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  1. Hi everyone ! Hope that you all are passing so busy time with the pressure of new orders as well and some of them getting batch today and yesterday. From the last one year after the GIG PROMOTE option used, I have not received a single message from new client as well not a single order from new client. But back to then I usually received at least a new knock every day, but these are a dream for now. However, in this year 2022 I hope that everything will be fine, but still not. 5 months have been passed, but the situation is still same . I need a permanent solution. Sometimes gig is not showing in the search, or sometimes it shows the 20th page . Impression (below 100 or 150) and click (0 or 1/2) are so poor . Contacting with Fiverr stuff's is not a solution as I have done this before, and they said it will fix automatically, but you know the result. Is there anyone who faced this before and right now have a good position and getting orders ? Can you guys give me a little piece of suggestions what should I do at this moment to bring everything normal ? Thank you so much in advance. Rahman
  2. I have been uploading gigs for 6 days But my gig impressor is less than what I would do now
  3. Hi, I am new on Fiverr, I made my account on this march 2022. I am a logo designer on Fiverr. I want to become a successful seller. Please tell, What is Fiverr "SEO TITLE"? How would its work? How can I write a creative SEO title? I hope my Fiverr friends help me:) Ramadan Mubarak.
  4. Hello I am new seller in Fiverr .So that I didn`t know how to sell more gig there. Thanks Best Regards snajnin52
  5. Hi Im Taif Khan Imran! Welcome To My Profile Im an passionate Graphic Designer and a Creative Thinker I Have Been Working At Fiverr For The Last 5 Years and Have Successfully Created Real Estate Minimalist Food Beauty Restaurant World Brand Logos and Worked For Flyers VIP Business Card Banners Designs and Adobe illustrator and Adobe Photoshop Fiverr Internal Communication Etc Exclusively Premium Simple Latest Line Art Typography Brand Logo Design is Here to Blow You Away You are in The Right Place and Contact me of Any Time Provide Perfect Quality Service and Design Thanks
  6. Greetings Fiverr's Sellers, - - - - - - - - - - Buyer Cancelled the Order (Unprofessional and Unpleasant) I have been so much disappointed today as got a Cancellation on my recent order. I have on fiverr since May 2017 and never happen such at least. The returning buyer come to me ask to design a logo and share a design he loves. I put his design in mind a drawn the logo as per my promising service's. Suddenly ask for change performed exactly he wants. Still, he come to say would like to cancels the order i want exact replica of the design i shared with railroad only instead of that road. I get back and draw five different connect put all my efforts and ask him to let me order with which design he loves the most. He studently reading but haven't respond a day after that come to cancelled the order. I wasted my week and ask him to meets or arrange meeting we can talk. He was biased my cancelled the order via Fiverr Customer Support. This is unreal happen the order value was even 200 USD which is good in enough value. How could i get justice if i latterly work hard on that order looking forward to hear from anyone had such experience. Ossama Mehmood 샘 | Fiverr Specialized Graphic Designer
  7. Please help me to get order https://www.fiverr.com/share/xA2AWB
  8. rajib820782


    © rajib820782

  9. Hello I'm new to Fiverr but I don't have any orders. Is there a tick on my gig and gig image?
  10. Hello, everyone how are you? hope you are all well. I am new here and everyone will pray for me. Thank you
  11. 27th order completed successfully with best feedback from Clint. Please visit my gigs and I will appreciate your suggestions. Thanks! MY GIGs: https://www.fiverr.com/bayjidiphone
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