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Found 25 results

  1. Hello πŸ–οΈ Everyone! I started my journey from June 2021, within 01 year i unlock Level One. It's a great achievement for me. Thank You
  2. Hey fiverr community, I am level-1 seller on fiverr. Actually before few months ago i couldn't work on fiverr because my health issue, so after that my account performance get down. But from the last month i restarted my work again on fiverr as a seller, i have done lot of efforts on marketing for my gig on social media accounts for getting more buyer. Now my main concern is that today i completed a order of 5$ and buyer give my 5 start rating, But still my account dashboard showing ( N/A rating ) while today i get 5 star rating with new order and there are also mentioned there that i need 4.7 rating over the course of 60 days. There are mentioned that my account will demotion because of (N/A ) rating, but i am unable to understand why my account will demotion when i have got 5 star rating today. Kindly guide me about this issue, thanks Here is my link of screenshot. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1kyhD6KVzjRptE1k7P3fFvKXPTIDhk5IE
  3. Dear sellers , Hope all are well. I lost my level and its downed because of my less response rate as I was out of country for 20 days and was inactive in fiverr. Now I dont know how to get back my level again by improving respnse rate. Can anybody help me on this topic. my profile: mozammal
  4. Today I am very happy. All the conditions for me to be level one have just been fulfilled. I thank Fiber.πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
  5. What is your experience as a seller on Fiverr? Can you share your journey?
  6. Thank you fiverr and special thanx to all of the great Buyers who keep coming to me and trusted me on there valuable work. I hope to make my service batter and batter.
  7. Hello Fiverr community! A couple of months ago, I started my journey on Fiverr as a Freelance Writer. I chose this niche of technical writing as I have a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering with research work. Besides, I have been providing services other than technical areas as well. Apart from handsome earnings, such an amazing experience of working on Fiverr assisted me in exploring state-of-the-art developments and capabilities in the ever-changing era of advancement and technology. Today, I'm happy to share that I've been promoted to Level 1. All the hardwork I'd done finally paid off, Alhamdulillah! Please feel free to reach out to me in case of any guidance! Regards, M Aftab Ahmed fiverr.com/maftabahmed (Fiverr Profile)
  8. Hi Everybody! I have just received Level One as a retailer! Thanks to hard work, contacts with clients to make them 100% satisfied (I even have a few regular customers) I have achieved my little success! Only through hard work and non-stop learning can you be successful! I am very happy! lol
  9. πŸ™ Thanks to everyone who helped me to reach this achievement ❀️
  10. I got level one in just 2 months of active work. Was not easy part, but manage everything in a short time. Hope will achieve next target soon. Thank you Fiverr!
  11. Happy Freelancing! Thank you fiverr, Now I'm level 2 seller and this success come up only 140 days. Thanks sherminakter
  12. I am a level one seller who’s primary sales come from resume writing. I also offer blog content and PowerPoint creation and design. I am very interested in taking on a role in social media management. I was wondering if Fiverr’s algorithm would hurt my social media management gigs because I am so heavily focused on resume writing as of right now. I want to add another hustle. Should I go to another platform or does it really matter that I can offer a variety of services?
  13. Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah Almighty and the prayers of all, I got the Level 1 badge in Fiverr today. Everyone will pray for me. Thanks, everyone.
  14. Hello everyone, Today I'm sharing my level one achievement. My account age is only 2.5 months. But I complete the level one requirement. Every day I share my gig on social media platforms and post some topics on the Fiverr forum. Every day try to share your gig on different social media platforms a minimum of 50 times. Because If you share then your gig impression increase every day. If your impression increases. Then your gig ranks daily and increases click and you get more and more orders. My success gig marketing, and 24 hrs online and quick response client messages. Thanks Shermin
  15. I became a level 1 seller in fiverr 4 months ago. No click, impressions since the level was reached. Today I have not received any order from any new buyer for 4 months. I have received 4/5 orders from the old buyer in these 4 months. What should I do now? Please help. Advance thanks. This is my profile. https://www.fiverr.com/andrewpopseo
  16. Im got level one seller badge after 3 years (2018 NOV. - 2021 Thanks all fiverr people.......
  17. After a long time, I finally saw the Level-1 batch. While working so far, I have gained this experience that if you work according to the right guidelines, success will surely come. Thanks to everyone who had the overall support to come this far.
  18. I was just curious as to how long it took you people to earn the first Badge, "Level One"? It was 62 days for me ! 😊 Let's see how many of you out there beating this record πŸ˜…
  19. Now I'm level one seller.
  20. Has anyone upgraded to levels 1,2 today? I'm still waiting for mine. It's 4:27 pm now.
  21. Am I eligible for seller level 1 badge? And at what time Fiverr up grades all sellers? I want to attach a screenshot but am unable to do that.
  22. Hi, hope you all are doing great - How To Rank Fiverr GIG - 1. Find low competition keyword if you're new seller (But also see that others getting orders on this keyword) For example, I have found " LOGO DESIGN " keyword 2. After finding keyword, write the keyword you have found (LOGO DESIGN) on notepad 3. Search the keyword (LOGO DESIGN) on Fiverr and open 6 to 7 gigs 4. Collect the most 5 to 6 used keyword in these gigs and also write those keywords on the notepad 5. Now create your gig and use main keyword ( LOGO DESIGN ) in the title. ( You can add more 1 or 2 keyword in the title ) 6. Now use these keywords in tags and description ( Don't spam these keywords in the description ) 7. If you are level one or two seller and getting orders on your other gigs, then create custom offer on your new gig when client want to order. 8. Also share the new gig on social media platforms to get traffic I hope this will help you a lot and you will get more order. If you feel any mistake and have you any question tell me πŸ™‚
  23. Help me to find how many gigs one can create in level one as per fiverr statement they mentioed upto 10 gigs , i have create 13 gigs is it allowed or any bugs . Please share latest update?
  24. I recently got promoted to level-1 but my order completion is 90% and on time delivery is 91%. My question is, if one of my active order gets cancelled rn, will I get demoted?
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