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Found 20 results

  1. Alhamdulillah within few moths, i have completed 11 th order and achieving good reviews from clients. On the way to Level-1 batch in the next 15th August.
  2. Hello Everyone, After getting the Level One badge, I am facing many issues. I'm not getting any knocks or any orders. Before reaching the badge, My Gig impression was really very high. However, After getting the badge my gig impressions are going down. Can anyone explain to me what the reason for this is? I'm feeling very frasteted. Please help me to overcome these issues.
  3. Hello There, This is Hasnainshaik547, I am a new seller, I just completed all level 1 seller Requirement in August. My response time , Rating orders and earning I just completed all the Task for level 1 but i am still new seller, I already Achieve these goals to become a level one seller. please tell me what I will do I am so confused.🤔 CHECK IMAGE PLEASE AND TELL ME WHAT MISSING
  4. Hello, I heard that once you become a level one seller your gigs might start de ranking and also there will be fake offer on it and have been experiencing it how can I advoid it what can I do
  5. This is a very sad thing. People always share the story of their success, but I will share my story of failure today. I was demoted from Level One for the second time on 15th November. It's really sad!😑 However, despite my best efforts, I could not hold back. Because despite my wishes, I have contracts with some buyers who later cancel their orders for some reason. As a result, my order completion rate dropped to 64%. 😬 And because I couldn't fill it before the last 15 days, they(Fiverr) demoted me to New seller for the second time. Lol🤪 This may raise the question in the minds of many - am I currently receiving orders or not? Hmm, Originally organized this topic to share this matter tie. In fact, from my extreme experience, playing level drop in Fiverr may make you look a little inferior in the eyes of buyers. However, it does not matter if your order is received or not. Of course Honest and Hardworking people are still valued. So if in any case your level is ever demote, you should not be afraid and work honestly. The level will come back again. But if you are dishonest, you can't stay anywhere. Especially those who are new sellers should continue their work with honesty. I have a good relationship with many buyers because of my honesty in this experience and they have ordered me again and again. Remember - Honesty is the best approach, and it will lead you to success by gaining acceptance from people.
  6. Hi everyone, Hope you all are doing well. I have been on Fiverr from last 6 to 7 months and I just complete my level one seller requirements. I will achieve level one on July 15. I was wondering when I will achieve level one does it effect on sales or gig ranking. Does it effect on gig impressions? I will be more then happy if anyone will answer. And checkout my gigs and let me know if there is any way to improve my gigs. www.fiverr.com/haidergull
  7. Today something unexpected happen I have been completing orders on fiverr and lately i wasn't getting customers but whatever i was getting i was trying to do my best but today fiverr removed my level one badge stating i have been not performing very well in last 60 days i don't have any late delivery or bad rating but fiverr metrics showed my delivery rate below 90% and i lost my level one badge Is this usually happen
  8. After a long time, I got an order of $100. I am so excited. 😊😊
  9. Completed one task for reaching level one seller. Today got 20th five star ⭐ review.
  10. 🥇Congratulation on your achievement. Level-1 is one of the most important stage in Fiverr journey. To enjoy this stage you must ensure these points: Amazing gig image and video, specially the primary gig image/video. Killer sales converting gig description. Awesome work quality. Best support to your buyers. Great with repeat business opportunity. Know some facts before you know more about the adventure of the Level-1 stage. TRS is a manual process so not every people get it though they complete the requirements to be nominated for TRS (Top Rated Seller), So I'm skipping TRS part from this post. And also skipping the new seller. This post only for Level1 and level 2 comparison. Number of Level 2 sellers are double than level 1 sellers usually in Fiverr for maximum categories. When anyone search with a specific keyword in fiver, Fiver shows a list of gigs for 20 pages (sometimes 21 pages) for that specific search keyword. Each page contain 48 gig means total 960 gigs for maximum for a specific keywords. So basically ranking is actually are you listed within this 960 (maximum) or not. According to my personal opinion based on research for a year, There is always a competition in ranking and metrics within the level as well. It means competition between sellers within other same level sellers. So when you're in a specific level, your ranking will depends on how good your gig, your work, your reputation than all other sellers from that specific level. There is some quota for each level and also shuffling system to give opportunity to others. So by using that quota if you're one of the best one in active list/waiting list, you will be enlisted within this 960 gigs. It could be from page 1 to page 20 anything. That's the reason you see mixture level sellers in search result. Facts of Level 1 seller stage you should know: (Once you go best with above points) Level 1 is mostly get good at ranking and easier. as I said number of level 1 seller is about half of level 2 seller. And your first competitors are Level 1 sellers and also you are blessed with a good numbers of quota for each specific keywords you're using. So the low competition for ranking than a level 2 seller. Level 2 requirements are far ahead than level 1. $2000, 50 orders and 120 days selling seniority is the main difference than all other level. So you're getting a long way to establish yourself with low competition. With this low competition advantage you can establish your reputation, create great opportunity for repeat business with numerous buyers. This is the actual key to run smoothly when you will be promoted to the most competitive stage level 2. Pricing is not directly related to the level actually. For pricing phenomena, you can read more at You must ensure the Awesome work quality, best support to take the advantage of this stage. Generally I will suggest to be more dedicated in this stage. Good performance as a level 1 seller will be more effective in your level 2 stage. As number of level 2 sellers are higher, so there will be huge competition and also you're in a competition with newly promoted to level 2 seller and already established highly reputed level 2 sellers. So I suggest you to get yourself perfectly ready to face the challenge of Level-2 seller with a great achievement of buyer network, repeat business, work quality, best support within this level 1 ***Again repeating, this all are my personal opinion based on my personal research. I am not an official person and also, I do not guarantee that this is the facts Fiverr follow. Thank you.
  11. After a long time, I finally saw the Level-1 batch. While working so far, I have gained this experience that if you work according to the right guidelines, success will surely come. Thanks to everyone who had the overall support to come this far.
  12. It's been a few weeks after my one year anniversary on Fiverr, and I've completed over 35 orders. Recently I was qualified to become a level one seller. The secret is to deliver quality work and make sure client are 💯 satisfied. Only create Gig of services that you studied in college or you know how to do professionally. Alternatively you can take a course. It's not easy to succeed in Fiverr, nobody should lie to you. It's hardwork and dedication.
  13. As a new freelancer, I started my career on Fiverr. After 3 months I got my first order. I complete an order 5 days ago. After the order is completed, my gig's clicks and IMPRESSIONS decrease a lot. 5 days ago my impressions were 400 up. Now my impressions 92. I have a lot of depression. My Gig link : https://www.fiverr.com/share/Bm43Pz What should I do now? please help me.
  14. i was joined in fiver on may 2020. But i did not get any order so many weeks. But i didn't giv eup i wait patiantly and got first order in fiver after many weeks. now i am a level one seller. so my fiverr friends, don't give up, work hardly and smartly. you will get orders. Here is some Tips for get orders. 1) Send buyer request daily. ( don't stop sending buyer request because sending buyer request helps to improve gig impression and it leads to getting higher rank for your gig) 2) Try to active most of time. ( 24/7 if you can ) 3) Do proper SEO on gigs 4) Respond to messages as soon as possible. ( short respond time helps to get order ) please try these tips definitely you will get orders. THANK YOU
  15. Wow! Today I have promoted as Level 1 Seller. Yes, Level One is a big achievement! I hope I can continue the similar services for achieving the next level. Thanks to all sellers who are guiding and advising me during their busy working time in Fiverr. 😊 Best, zero_doshomik
  16. I recently got promoted to level-1 but my order completion is 90% and on time delivery is 91%. My question is, if one of my active order gets cancelled rn, will I get demoted?
  17. Thanks, Fiverr, I have been promoted to level one seller today. Thanks to all Fiverr forum members who inspire us.
  18. Hi Fiverr. I hope everyone is in good health and safe. I am here to seek help regarding my gigs. As a new seller my gigs were ranking and were doing great. However, now as a level 1 seller, my gigs get almost no impressions neither do they get any clicks. Can anyone please share some tips and tricks to get my gigs ranking again. Moreover, I am barely getting any orders and its actually very frustrating for me. I will be very thankful for some advices and tips. Have a great day. Thanks a lot in advance
  19. Hi dear sellers, My Problem ⚠️ I open a ticket 3 month ago because I was facing a problem to see fewer buyer request and outdated too after achieving level one. I achieved level one in just 2 months and found all my clients through buyer request. Before getting level one buyer request working normal for me. CS Behaviour CS team responded to me, there is a technical problem with your account and our tech team will respond and resolve your problem. 3 months are passed but Fiverr Tech Team not resolved my problem yet or even respond and my ticket is still open. I just lose my business and I'm thinking to "SAY NO TO Fiverr" We are working on Fiverr and providing 20% fees for Fiverr maintenance and our account too. My questions are: 1) Is there anyone, who faces the same issue or same CS behaviour? 2) Is the Fiverr CS team careless to support sellers? 3) Who handles complaints after CS failure?
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