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Found 11 results

  1. So, I earned my Level 1 badge 45+ days ago! At first! I thought I was new; that's why Fiverr is not giving me buyer requests. But it's very strange that I'm still not seeing buyer requests after so many days and with level seniority. Fiverr does show me buyer requests, but they disappear like for a new seller! Can someone enlighten me here on why it is like this? Some new policy?
  2. I Successfully achieve level one budge in just 4 months. Thank god for giving me this great opportunity.
  3. Hello! I have a general query about the level one seller. I have completed 13 orders. Among them, there are 11 reviews with 5 stars. But I don't know why my rating isn't checked green mark. I have attached a screenshot of my analytics. Could anyone explain it to me?
  4. Hello Fiverr community! A couple of months ago, I started my journey on Fiverr as a Freelance Writer. I chose this niche of technical writing as I have a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering with research work. Besides, I have been providing services other than technical areas as well. Apart from handsome earnings, such an amazing experience of working on Fiverr assisted me in exploring state-of-the-art developments and capabilities in the ever-changing era of advancement and technology. Today, I'm happy to share that I've been promoted to Level 1. All the hardwork I'd done finally paid off, Alhamdulillah! Please feel free to reach out to me in case of any guidance! Regards, M Aftab Ahmed fiverr.com/maftabahmed (Fiverr Profile)
  5. Hi everyone, Hope you all are doing well.! So I have started selling on fiverr about 1.5 years back and since then I have completed almost 11 orders. I am not getting the work as i expected inspite of providing very quality work. I guess sometimes i am being too honest with buyer so they tend to pay me less. I would like everyone's suggestion on how i can get more work and get paid according to quality of work. Any suggestion, feedback would be really appreciated. Thank you, 🙂
  6. After 60 days of my first ever Fiverr experience I successfully reached the Level One seller! I'm sure Level Two will be my next 2-month achievement 😉
  7. Hi, I want to share one experience about Fiverr. Recently, I cover 13 orders with 5-Start and got level-one. But I'm few confused about that, why I didn't get the verification notice from fiverr? You are facing similar issues at the moment?
  8. Today I have fulfilled the Level One condition. 😇 On September 15, 2021, will I be a level one seller??
  9. I got Level One Seller Badge on my profile. I am very happy to work on Fiverr. Thanks everyone.
  10. Hi there, I am new On Level ONE seller and I want your valuable suggasutions for the compitative marketing. Now my gigs are deranked and I need help. Waiting for your response. Thanks
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