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Found 6 results

  1. I have established my Gig 2 weeks ago. My impressions are 60, 0 click and 0 orders. What should i do now? what kind of steps will be beneficial for orders?
  2. Hello there, If some one can tell us, "how to work with a clients' website development project as a beginner." It'll really appreciate. Thank you!
  3. British accent sounds very much fancy and delicious. The American accent can be pronounced very quickly.
  4. CAN YOU PLEASE ENSURE A CUSTOMER SERVICE REP OR SUPERVISOR ACTUALLY READS THIS COMMENT IN FULL & PROPERLY FIXES THE ISSUE? I'M TIRED OF GETTING RESPONSES THAT DON'T EVEN APPLY. So I signed up for my account via the GOOGLE LOGIN OPTION. It skipped through the next page like an error and chose a random username for me. I did not like the username. I decided to change my email and disable the account. I went to rejoin the site with GOOGLE LOGIN OPTION and it just kept saying that my account was disabled. They've reopened my account and I made sure I changed the email on the account. I did as I had thought. Correctly. But every time I try to log in using the GMAIL LOGIN OPTION or try to rejoin the website using the GOOGLE LOGIN OPTION it says either the account has been disabled or it logs me into the account with the changed email and username I do not desire. I've talked to Fiverr Customer Support about 6 times about this via email and they completely disregard what I am saying. Your customer service refuses to read what I have said in full and they give me the proper fix. So I've decided to come here to get my issue fixed. You can view an example of the failed attempts at service via one of my ticket numbers that I'll provide here. >>> #6795576 My goal, in the end, is to disable this old account from my email via the GOOGLE JOIN/LOGIN OPTION so that I can actually create a proper account with the desired username. I still have yet to understand why it never gave me the option to choose my own username. CAN YOU PLEASE ENSURE A CUSTOMER SERVICE REP OR SUPERVISOR ACTUALLY READS THIS COMMENT IN FULL & PROPERLY FIXES THE ISSUE? I'M TIRED OF GETTING RESPONSES THAT DON'T EVEN APPLY. FYI I emailed "Frederico of Customer Support" (via this ticket number listed) the forum post and link so if it's ignored we will know who is to blame. I have gone through my emails and have decided to list the failed attempts with screenshots. Those will be posted next, to the forum. Please just fix the error. I'm tired of waiting. I've been waiting and conversing back and forth. Your customer service doesn't seem to respect my time though I have respected them thus far in spite of multiple errors and their obvious lack of reading the actual full email. It's insulting. I hope you don't treat all your patrons this way.
  5. Hello everyone. I have been working on Fiverr for over a year. Thankfully, I have been doing pretty well and reached Level 2 very quickly. But I've always had a feeling that I'm undervaluing my skills and aptitude. I started Fiverr as a part-time hobby but now I want to stretch this work to a valuable source of income. I used to sell SEO servicies, but now I want to expand my work by providing WordPress services side by side. But now for the question. I want to do well in WordPress. I've seen the saturated market on Fiverr, and to do good, I will have to master WordPress and provide services better and more unique than most sellers out there to beat the competition. That is why I want expert's opinions on how I can master WordPress. I'm completely aware that that will require a lot of time and practice, similar to all skills out there, and I am up for the challenge. What I need from you is guidance. What is there to learn out there for WordPress? I followed a YouTube video on how to make a simple website. I bought domain and hosting and started working on a portfolio website. It's just for practice so it isn't really good, with a lot of content copy pasted/picked up from random places, but yeah, I'm working on it. (www.shmdtalha.com). Other than the separate pages I have to make for each service, I am stuck. I used Elementor to make it and I'm stuck because I don't understand what else to do and learn. I'm confused xD Secondly, if you go to this page https://shmdtalha.com/fiverr-gig-seo/ and to the "Extra Services" block, zoom in and out. I'll share a picture of the problem. It is probably like that because I added text on a fixed background picture. What is the proper way of making blocks like that? Is Elemntor a bad choice for that? Should I be using another tool? Second question is what programming languages are necessary to learn and what languages should I learn for my own betterment. I do not have a background in Computer Science as a subject, but I am ready to learn any programming language it needs. I know that I'll have to work on HTML, CSS, SQL and PHP. What I need is full control of my website. I want to make elegant, and powerful websites. I don't want to reuse and recycle templates. I want to do professional work. If you can guide me onto how I can learn WordPress from scratch, I will be extremely gratfeul.
  6. I'm a new on Fiverr. please suggest me, How to create my gigs ranking
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