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Found 8 results

  1. I did delivery my order and he want revision after that he tell me please wait 1 day i will send you some materials and you will do with this materials for revision work. what should I do now?
  2. Hello, I have the following challenge and would like to hear if someone else has been in similar situation or what advices you guys might give me. Couple of months ago I found the perfect artist here on fiverr to do the ilustrations for my children book. We agreed she will draw the illustrations in two steps. She delivered the first half with a month delay, but she delivered and i really liked her drawings. She was supposed to finish the second part in October 2021. Unfortunatelly she doesn’t reply my messages anymore and doesnt give me a feedback on how long this delay might continue. I am unwilling to cancel because i have already invested and have 7pages done. But I also am unsure if she is ever going to deliver the rest, especially because i write to ask for status and get no reply. what shall i do? Shall i cancel and start the whole process with another artist from scratch? is there a better solution? thanks in advance for any advices
  3. Greetings People ! I hope you are having a great time. Last night I made a delivery, the deadline for my project was 3:55 AM and same is the time of my delivery. I am wondering why the clock is still running? Here is an image of the Order page, where it says that order is delivered. However, in the second image you can see that the clock is still running. This second screenshot is from the inbox. When the client accepts my delivery, will my order be considered late? Or in second case if he opens a revision request, what are the odds that I will face? I am not sure how same orders behaves differently in inbox and on the order page.
  4. One buyer place the order and there is some font missing when I messaged her she didn't reply on time and I have just 2 days to complete and I received late order reminder 😒 I search on Google and I got just 4 fonts 4 are paid...after my struggle and work hard I just submit my order because buyer didn't reply and when I submitted she replied and told me that you can extend your time😒 I don't want to extend because I already waist 4 days I have another work too I want to complete my order as soon as but again buyer didn't respond 😠 what's the behaviour I am not here to waist my time in just one order I spent 4.5 days just because of buyer she didn't sent me exact details and told me to extend delivery time what is this??
  5. bondo2yt


    Hey I am kind of new to fiverr and I got a few orders the last couple weeks but I forgot about an order and delivered it late but less than an hour I have done 31 orders before that all of them 5 stars on time will this affect my 5 star or even the deliver on time percentage?
  6. Hi, I delivered the order on time, but it says 1h 56m late. What is that supposed to mean? PS: the buyer didn't accept it yet.
  7. Hello, I delivered my work on time. After this, I went to bed, and before the delivery time expired, the customer requested revisions, but the time expired. Since I didn't know what to do, I sent a request through the resolution center to extend my delivery time, but when I realized it wouldn't help, I canceled the request. After I deliver my work, will it affect my delivery-time? Order is marked as "Rejected"
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