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Found 7 results

  1. I try to add information to my profile like Skills, Languages, Description text etc. However, I don't find where to change it. I found solutions on the forum but I can't find it. I can't find the 'Edit Description Link'
  2. Hello, I am new to Fiverr and was wondering why there is a fund pending clearance stage on my order. One of my friends informed me that it is from the buyer, and the buyer has until the pending money phase to request a refund for the order. So, is that correct? Can the buyer still request a refund during the period, and can they request a refund after the pending phase is completed? On Fiverr, I don't get the refund
  3. Recently, several sellers have asked about the SEO Gig Title. This was an option that sellers had to give their gigs a separate title for search engines. Fiverr has now removed this feature for all sellers. Here's the response from Customer Support: I thought I'd make a separate topic on this, since so many of you have been asking about it lately.
  4. until
    What You'll Learn We know that there is some confusion and rumours causing some stress to our Freelancers. This event will tackle some of the most commonly heard rumours you may have encountered as a seller on Fiverr. We want to make sure that this community shares knowledge within it so that all sellers feel like they have the support they need to further their career on Fiverr. Key Rumours we will address: Gig Search features Fiverr Features Support & Fiverr Profile Show up, find your people, and learn something new.See you there! RSVP Registration: https://events.fiverr.com/breaking-down-Fiverr-Rumours-07062022
  5. Hi Everyone, Hope all are doing great. Actually I have a question. I don't know how much important this features. Fiverr give me the opportunity. But Sadly, I don't know anything about it. So Please tell me how much important it is to get orders and bring Gig rank. Thank you☺️f
  6. Hi Everyone, Hope All are doing great. Yesterday I joined seller plus But I don't understand how to add manager? Please someone tell me the details. Thanks!
  7. Why my impression is down ? How can i improve my gig impressions & clicks ? Lost click & impression Suddenly my impressions down The above topics were created and discussed multiple times in this forum, but most of the members are still with misconceptions as "Sharing the gigs in social media / marketing gigs / Stay online 24 hrs / Sending buyer requests will increasing the gig impression. What is GiG Impression Impressions means the number of times your gig displayed to Fiverr audience. There are many reasons as below: * If your gig is displayed on the Fiverr home page or is part of featured gigs * If anyone clicked on the category page of your gig, and if your gig displayed on that page, Your gig and all other gigs on that page will get 1 impression. * If someone searches with any of your gig keyword and if your gig is a part of that search result then your gig and all other gigs found on that search result will get 1 impression. * Someone clicks on any gig and your gig is displayed in the suggested gigs section at the bottom of the page then also its possible to get 1 impression. More impressions make sure that your gig gets enough visibility around fiver and gets you higher chances of getting an order. Why new sellers are complaining as impression down ? When your gigs were new and when they were shown in the "Newest Arrivals" sections, there could be a reason for the increased impressions and views at first. When Fiverr rotates the GiGs, your GiG could have lost it's ranking position and could lost the impressions. Impressions will not stay stable and it will go up and down quite frequently. Do not worry in this case as this is out of our control. How to increase gig impressions Research and apply basic popular keywords in the title, tags and gig description. This is the only way we can follow to increase the impression as far as i know.
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