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Found 6 results

  1. Hi i m new to fiverr , I have a confusion on how i can withdraw my income on my fiverr account , I have a net income positive and above the minimum required 20$ but it doesnt show in available for withdrawal i waited more than a week but nothing changed so how can i withdraw my income in such a case .
  2. Hi everyone! A really simple question here. I want to grow further on Fiverr, so I'm considering going for a Pro status right now. But it seems that currently I earn more than the sellers with Pro status in my niche. Most of them have only a couple of reviews and 0 orders in queue. And I've been seeing these profiles at least for half a year. So I'm kinda afraid that might not work out well for me. Any advice? 😊
  3. Hello Forum goers, I have a question with regards to payments made by donation please: Is it possible to offer this option to prospective clients, do we know ? I would like to be able to offer a service whereby a client is able to pay what they feel or what they are able to reasonably afford (if at all) but I don't seem to have found a way to facilitate this kind of 'transaction' yet. As ever your guidance is much welcome and appreciated. Thank you in advance. Kindness, Leila 💬
  4. How do you increase your income on Fiverr? Actually, I've also had a month's income that really plummeted, if I'm not mistaken it was June 2021. This was one thing that confused me before. How could that be? Last month was busy, how come the month of June was always as quiet as ever, after breaking up with a girlfriend. Anyway, I'm really confused! Usually 5-10 orders come in a day, this is only 1 at all, sometimes there are none at all. What happen? After thinking for so long, I finally released this move. What is it? ️ PROMOTION AGAIN! someone suggested actually for a paid Google ads promo etc. But here, I just want to tell you how the free promo is for NEW sellers who don't have orders. I really use social media here as a means of promotion. Remember this doesn't pay anything, maybe if you want to know about those who pay, there are more pro ones to explain. You know, we are based on experience. ️ TIPS TO INCREASE INCOME WITH SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION. 1. Facebook On Facebook, there are so many people that we can make easy targets to get closing. Easy Way: Find the Person/Group/Page that matches the Gigs we have. Example: your gigs are about NFT manufacturing services, so you can join NFT groups. But remember, don't sell hard, use subtle methods. I used to have pet gigs. Join the Animal lovers group. Can be in messenger or in the comments, I don't offer my products right away, I will first praise how cute their pets are, if they respond well, they can just inbox them. But still, don't immediately say "I HAVE GOOD THINGS HERE" No, those who are blocked, you're sorry. Just ask the news first, just repeat the praise for the pet. After he feels comfortable, then offer "Sis, I think it would be even better if I turned my pet into a cartoon. It must be really funny” Drop the portfolio, don't add too many, just enough so that he can imagine what the drawing will be. Plus, give us the Fiverr link for sale. Don't be surprised if there are many rejections, at least they click on our sales link. Impression is quite add right. and at least they know we exist and sell it. Remember Don't SPAM it's very annoying! 2. Instagram Based on my experience, how do I do free promotions on Instagram and how do I find potential buyers? Check hashtags that match gigs, For example #doglover, a post that fits the tag will appear, so don't choose TOP but choose the recent one. Why ? Because recent is a post that someone just uploaded, so it's possible that the account is still online. Do the steps above that I explain on facebook! Don't be so grumpy, ask nicely first “hey, ur pet is so cute. How are you?” Don't be like this "I'm selling pet cartoons, do you want to buy it?" Dont try it. Trust Me, they will immediately feel uncomfortable. At least we were very friendly in the beginning. 3. Pinterest On Pinterest, I'm not very detailed, I'm just making a board that contains our work and most importantly our Fiverr link must be linked to the image. Because if someone is interested in our work, they just need to click on the link. 4 Twitter Because on Twitter we can't send messages to everyone. So I'm going to make a thread about what we sell and don't forget to use hashtags about our gigs or Fiverr. And don't forget to also add a link, so people who are lazy to ask can just click on the link. ️ 5. Fiverr . Forums This can also be used for free promotions, you know. Actually Fiverr provides this also for indirect promotional events. In this Fiverr forum, you can upload your portfolio with an interesting caption and don't forget to include your selling link. Ok, that's just a few things I did, the result was that the sales prospects went up again, the following month. Alhamdulillah. Remember, don't spam, give me a break if you want to bid. And use polite and friendly language, don't be rude. Share if it's useful!
  5. Something which has puzzled me for a very long time is the difference between the amount of money I receive from Fiverr, and the amount shown in the top right corner of my Dashboard. For example, at the moment I am seeing that £554.68 is owed to me, but whenI click on 'earnings' and then 'bank transfer' I'm told it's only £509.92 I'm getting - around £45 less. Can anyone shed light on this? Given that Fiverr have already taken their 20% cut it can't be that, and I don't see how it's to do with exchange rates since the amount shown in my dashboard has already been converted from US dollars. This difference has always been present, but I've never go to the bottom of it. Can anyone help?
  6. Hey, So far my Fiverr journey went really good (wohoo!) however, I'm not sure how to declare my income from Fiverr. 😕 My company is based in EU and for my other clients, I just sent monthly invoices. Now, with Fiverr being a marketplace based in Israel, *I think* when it comes to VAT, they are taking care of it and nothing we should do on our side. My questions is how do you declare the income made through Fiverr? Do you create monthly invoices to Fiverr to have them registered in your bookkeeping or do you wait for the statement of earnings they provide once a year? Thank youuuu! 🤗
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