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  1. Hello experts, I was getting sales on my profile quite well before I moved on to offline businesses and after almost 6 months now I want to continue my Fiverr once again with full concern. but I am not getting any good results of impressions or clicks like before (also no order after coming back till now). I changed 2 gigs and created a new one (also edited keywords and description to get my rank back) but still, I'm not getting my expected result please can you suggest to me some good information about how can I get my gig rank again. Thanks in advance.
  2. GIG CLICKS AND IMPRESSION getting down....?? help tell me what to do
  3. Hello. Its been a few weeks, my gig impressions are going down. Also, I havent been receiving much inquiries or orders like I did in the previous months. Is it just me or someone else is also facing this issue? I even checked. My gig is still ranked on the first page. Previously my impressions used to be around 23k or at least above 15k. But now even being on the first page its around 7k. Not rising. This has really got me worried. If anyone has faced a similar issue please let me know. Thank you
  4. I'm new in fiverr. About six months passed. No offer get. And still I'm waiting for getting new order. https://www.fiverr.com/s2/8803bd58f9 Please see my gig and suggest me which part i can improve my gig?
  5. Hey my friends, I have some GIGS on Fiverr, the GIGS sold for me very well, the reviews are all 5 stars with almost 200 reviews, one of the GIGAS was chosen as"Fiverr Choice", and suddenly one day Fiverr decided to drop me to the second page in the leading keywords for no reason, my impressions are hurt by almost 90% off And they have no answers to give me, I tried to do research on my best keywords, I tried to change a main image and even add a video, but everything keeps faltering, anyone encountered a similar problem and found some solution? thank you! 😣
  6. Clicks and impressions going down massively. What should I do?
  7. Hello, my gig was getting impressions and i was selling good. But since a client cancelled 2 orders I havent been getting any impressions. I also searched for my gig with a filter of the country, language etc but didnt find my gig at all. Is it becuase of the order completion rating?
  8. Hi Fiverr Community, I was wondering, does fiverr SEO actually work to increase the impression. I've watched many youtube videos about it. There where tonnes of tips and tricks on youtube. Does following that, actually work. Or is it a waste of time?
  9. Hello every body! I hope you're doing great... I'm successful outside Fiverr due to the quality work I offer... but I have some trouble here appearing in search I guess. please check my gig and tell me if you see anything wrong and needs to be changed or optimized here is a shortcut to my gig: My Fiverr Gig. thank you so much, Imad.
  10. I have two gigs on fiverr. I have been having a limit on one of my gigs for 2 orders maximum. And got hired from both gigs at the same time, one order each. And day before yesterday I removed the limitation and still saw no rise in my impressions. Hope someone can help me out.
  11. Hey guys, have you ever wondered what a good clicks/impressions ratio could be? Mine is roughly 2% and I'm not sure if it's good or not. This ratio is important because it shows you how well your Gig performs in search listings: the lower this ratio, the less attractive your Gig preview (thumbnail/title/pricing) is. What is your clicks/impressions ratio?
  12. Hi, I am Kamrul Hasan. It's been 23 days I have created my Fiverr account. So far I have published four gigs but the impressions are not good enough. What I want to know is ... 1. What are the good estimated number of impressions do new sellers get ? 2. How do I improve impressions ?
  13. Hi everyone, I am a new seller on fiverr. I create my account eight month ago, but I am not get order. Please give me suggestion, how can I create a beautiful gig, get more Impression, click and order? And how can I send Impressive buyer request? Please check My profile. Thanks sakibhosenraia3
  14. I am new to Fiverr. Today my gig impression was 383 and it's my highest ever. But I get only 1 click. My average impression is 90 per a day but I get 1 click per a week (My idea). I want to know about my situation. How is it? Because I don't know it's too much bad situation or quite good. If you tell here about your average impression and click (from your idea), may be it helps some new seller like me. I know gig impression and click depends on various matter but still we can find a answer.
  15. I am a new seller having 700+ impressions and 13 clicks and one completed orde. But I'm not getting more orders. why?
  16. I have some Tips and Tricks for the New Freelancers on fiverr which I wanted to share with you. 1- Stay active and respond to inbox queries as soon as you can. 2- Send daily buyer requests and keep an eye out every hour. 3- Try to understand what your buyer needs before confirming, do not agree to a task you are unable to do it or if it's not worth the money. 4- You have to offer lower rates in start compared to your competitors but don't go below the market price, always know your worth. 5- Try to develop your skills watch YouTube tutorials and see if there is room for improvement. 6- Try to create gigs of your specific skill, you can create 7 gigs but if you're good in a particular skill then try to focus on that skill and gig at start. 7- Never ever copy anyone other than tags, you can pick out some good gigs and check their common tags that will give you some idea of your title and description as well but never copy anyone else's gig images or any other material. 8- Offer sample work if you get a bulk order but never deliver any sample without your fiverr watermark. Never Lose Hope!
  17. I am new seller in Fiverr. I have created a gig 7 days ago. But I am receiving very low impressions. There is no clicks.Please suggest me. Here is my gig link. Can you tell me what is the wrong with it,please?https://www.fiverr.com/s2/a5c202403f https://www.fiverr.com/s2/a5c202403f
  18. hi, all of forum member. recently i am not getting enough response and impressions and click is getting down. can anyone help me out how can i improve my gigs?
  19. my gig link https://www.fiverr.com/farhadsabuj/create-raster-to-vector-tracing-logo-vectorize-vector-line-drawing
  20. My gig impressions decrease day by day. Uploaded my first gig 10 days ago. Even though I didn't get any orders.
  21. Hello there, I am a new seller on Fiverr and have been here for about 30 days. I've prepared 6 gigs so far which have received a good number of impressions. However, the thing which has now started worrying me is that there have been not a single "click" on any of the gigs (screenshot attached). I did my best to optimise SEO of every gig but despite that there is no improvement. Any suggestion/help would be highly appreciated.
  22. Okay, so here's the situation. I was promoting my gig on Facebook for some-time around the beginning. And back then I used to get around 20/30 impressions per day. I stopped doing that after few weeks because I felt it wasn't really exposing my gig to the potential buyers. But since I stopped, I've been getting only 0-2 impression on my gig each day. At this point. I'm not sure whether to start promoting again. Can anyone suggest how to get more impressions from actual buyers? I've already exhausted approaches like staying on 24/7, promoting on social media, sending buyer requests etc without any result. Do they actually work? If not what else. N.B. I've been on Fiverr for 1.5 months, still awaiting my first order.
  23. I am a new seller and already got 2 orders within my first week. The second week the clicks and impressions went up. Somethin like +100 a day. I needed to go on vacation for the last week, and I heared that vacation mode is bad, and you should do it another way. So I wrote in all my gig descriptions that I am on vacation, and changed the delivery time up to 10 days. Yesterday I put out the text which said I am on vacation and changed the delivery time back to 2/3 days. But my gig impressions and clicks are still going down (since I changend the delivery time, but thats what I expected). Is there something I can do?
  24. This get me confused 🤔 Are my impressions those that click on my Gigs? How do I get impressions without being clicked?
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