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  1. Hey, Could you please tell me how can I grow my impression and click?
  2. Hello Everyone. I hope You are well. My name is Ariyan Shihab. And I’m a new member of this amazing community. Whenever I ask a question on this platform I get a lot of valid answers. Well, now I have a list of some questions. I hope I will get some valid and responsible answers . Here is the list of questions. (Gig Rotation ) is it true ? Or just a myth? I can’t find any edit options when I upload a video for Gig to set a Thumbnail. And that’s why I used to publish my gig first and then edit my entire Gig to set the video thumbnail. Here is the screen record of my problem Loom Video link Can you please give any solution about this problem How many times should I wait to check my gig performance ( number in days ) usually if our gig doesn't perform well, basically we do two things ( a ) Edit the Gig ( b ) Delete the gig and recreate it. Now Please give me a time frame on how many days I should wait to check my gig performance before deleting it. Any article or video do you want to suggest to improve my communication skill with my buyers? Any tips for creating gig video? If you don't want to answer all of them you can answer a single one. But please Give me some solution Thank You Very much Have a good day
  3. It's been a while since I've been on Fiverr, but I'm not getting any orders, and slowly my impressions and clicks are going down 😒
  4. Please tell me which word not to use on fiverr market place. I think every seller it's need know it. 1. Pay 2. Payment 3. Outside 4. money 5. Paypal 6. Payoneer or others 7. any social media 8. Whatsapp 9. Email 10. s***e. If you know more word not use on fiverr, please share in the comments.
  5. I have published my gigs with specific niche and keyword but still it's not ranking on fiverr. It has been almost 12hrs i have published the gigs but got 00 impressions and clicks.
  6. Aoa respected senior and my fellows and specially to my sir ❤️.Hope so you all are fine . Seniors I just published this gig for one of my friend .I just published it two days ago and still just 37 impressions only zero click and no orders.Any senior just point my mistakes which helps me to improve my skill Thanks in advance.
  7. I dont know why My impression falling Down, its make My order Very quite, no one NEW buyer message Me. Its happen after I register to Be seller plus. my gigs suddenly can't use the promoted gigs feature. can anyone give me a solution? this is My account www.Fiverr.com/titansign
  8. The impression of my gig is just decreasing day by day. What can be done to increase the impression.
  9. I noticed all of my gigs suddenly dropped to 0 impression on 1st July... May I know what happen?🙃 Is it bug or something wrong with my gig? Or it just normal?
  10. Why my gig impression and click not increasing? please help me
  11. Hello guys, I've got about 30 clicks in recent 2 weeks on this gig but no orders! Yes! I'm really worried about this therefore I came here to get help from you people. Please take a look and help me improve my gig. https://www.fiverr.com/s2/5163aabd91 I'll be very grateful to you...
  12. Hello guys, I've got about 30 clicks in recent 2 weeks on this gig but no orders! Yes! I'm really worried about this therefore I came here to get help from you people. Please take a look and help me improve my gig. https://www.fiverr.com/s2/5163aabd91 I'll be very grateful to you...
  13. here take a look on my gigs that where you can see that there have lots of impression and have clicks but don't have much order. May I edit my inside info of my service description or what?
  14. Hello There, I'm brand new to Fiverr, I published my first gig but there were not any impression/clicks yet. Can you see my profile or gig? How can I grow my fiverr gigs? Waiting for your response.
  15. How do i can increase my gig impression & clicks and engagements . I know some ways like social media shearing and stays online , But is there any other way that i dont know , can someone tell me ?
  16. Hey guys, Even though I'm honestly a newbie on this platform, I think I got something that can help others (perhaps newbies too) understand this platform a bit better ...and maybe stop blaming Fiverr's staff in most of the situations. I have analyzed my gigs and noticed an interesting pattern, which proofs Frank's (the author of Fiverr 3.0 article) thesis about resilience of gigs in this new (well, not so new now) system. You see, every time I had a decrease in performance, which usually happens after one of the events, such as: Canceled order Rejecting a buyer from ordering (basically saying "I don't offer such services, please find someone else". There is always a chance of a buyer who doesn't really address what you offer, no matter how fully you describe your services) Delivering late (a lot of people noticed a slight decrease in performance after receiving a "12 hours left" notification Several revisions before the delivery - the impressions would fall down to like 50% for a couple of days, maybe a week or so, after which there would be a slight increasing vector, which would hit the max daily impressions number again. This pattern goes on and on, so it's kinda promising for those who suddenly get a decrease in statistics and wonder why is that and what to do further. Yes, bug situations on Fiverr occur from time to time, but most of the time you can see what brought you to the sales decrease, if you think about it just for a while. So yeah, I can tell that this system actually works smooth. One interesting thing, perhaps, is that my position in the search doesn't follow these patterns. I may fall down and up for (I guess) other different reasons, following a different timeline (60 and 90 day performance thesis, read "Fiverr 3.1") I'm sorry if my expressions are a bit obscure, as I still have to work on my English. In any case, I hope that clarified the whole picture and actually helped you!
  17. I am a new seller here. I need tips to increase my selling and orders. Kindly guide me about impression and click concept in gig statistics and tell me that how many times it is updated per day. I uploaded my gig at night and it has 32 impression in the morning. is my gig going good or not ? Please have a look at my gig and share the tips in order to improve it. https://www.fiverr.com/share/ylgwlb
  18. I had created some gigs on WordPress, E-commerce and Mailchimp, one & half month ago. After some days my gigs are not getting enough impressions and clicks. Now in this situation, what should I do to increase the gig impressions, clicks and get my first order??
  19. Hi, Recently I have completed several projects and got 80% 5star feedback but my gig impression and click are still getting down. I do not know what to do right now. Please advise me best ways to promote my gig and get impression again.
  20. Hi, its been a while since im on fiverr and wanted to know how many impressions and clicks are normal for a good working gig. Also how can i improve my gig so that i can gain more impressions?
  21. Which time daily updated our gig impression Clicks . Can you say which time updated according to time and country?
  22. I will get Clicks and Impression But not get any buyer messages? I don't know what's wrong with me or my services I'm not get any single message from any new client last 30 days I need to know how can I get Orders with clients Response Please Check my gig Explain How can i Improve For Better Services Please Experience Seller Try to Share your experiences With your services Improvement please help me
  23. Despite my constant and consistent promotion and gig marketing, my impression is still decreasing. What can I do
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