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Found 15 results

  1. Hello there! Below is the attached graph of my only gig :- Also I published a gig on the 3rd of January 2023, which now has been paused! Is it the creation of new gig which affected the impression rate of the previous one?
  2. Hi I just got an order on my 1st gig does that order improve the statics in the new second gig or it only matters in the 1st gig not the second
  3. Is it normal to gig that impression up-down day by day?
  4. Hello Everyone, I was a bit confused about the fact that my gig is ranking on first for the most of my main keywords but still I'm not getting much impressions. recently about 5 months ago when i was ranking on the first page i was getting like 10K Impressions but now I'm not getting any impressions and orders as well. Kindly guide me about this. Thanks
  5. Hello, I have a gig and on this gig, I have 6 reviews but one buyer gave 1 and 3 ratings on two orders. And since then my gig impression has stacked around 30 and clicks around 1 per day. But before that my impression was 250 at least per day. Now I want to delete this gig and republish. Will it be good for my profile and will the reviews be gone from my profile? I want to ask for experts' opinions and suggestions about my decision. Thanks
  6. It's been a year all my gig's impressions started to score very low. Now I'm barely getting 1 impression for all my gigs. There is no any violations have occurred so far. Can anyone tell me what has happened and how do i fix this? Thanks.
  7. Hi, All of a sudden zero impression in all my gigs, impression were normal yesterday too but today all zero. First time I faced that problem, What's wrong there? thanks.
  8. Hello everyone, I published my gig one month ago, but the gig impression is very poor! 20-30 impressions & no click per day, is it good or bad position for gig? can i delete this now & publish same gig again? What are the best solutions? I've 3 gigs in my profile, every gig is in the same situation! Another thing is, all gigs are active showing appears in search result.
  9. Hello folks, I am new fiverr seller under Logo Design category. I am not getting proper impressions or clicks. May be due to this, I have not got any orders yet. Can anyone please look into my profile/gigs and genuinely suggest any changes? Your help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance Take care :)
  10. I'm a new seller offering Photoshop services. Would you please give me tips and advice on how to get more impressions and clicks?
  11. Hello There! This is hasnainshk547. I am facing a problem. I just made another gig and did not get impressions. Not showing on different pages. I also checked Fiverrlytics to search my gig rank, and Fiverrlytics - Your Fiverr Assistance is down, not showing results. I just want to clarify how to rank them and get many impressions and clicks+ if I get visitors, so there was a chance to get an order. 🙂
  12. Two months ago, I was so happy; my mind danced happily and I thought I would be a level one seller soon. Because all gig impressions are going up and nearly got 500-1k impressions daily and a good amount of clicks and start to get an order. All of my clients were happy and I got 5★ from them. But suddenly, all gig impressions are going down rapidly; there are nearly zero. I needed to edit keywords, images or professional title for gig SEO. After doing those edits, my result is still the same. Can any expert tell me, please, what is the processional way to do Fiverr SEO ( inside or outside of Fiverr) I need the help, trust me.
  13. Actually for a long time I have noticed that the impression of my gig's are decreasing. I can't stay online from my laptop because of my busy schedule. So, I only stay online from the phone. What is the reason for losing the impression? Do I need to be online on PC or laptop to increase the impression?
  14. *Please do read my full post before commenting or suggesting something* Hi, I have been a Fiverr Seller since June 2020 and had great success, I achieved level 1 and level 2 within 180 days. My customer feedback has always been superb as well as my response time. My all indicators throughout the journey have remained within the threshold. Back in October 2021, I got 2 orders canceled and my first (1-star) feedback, and ever since all of my gigs generally and my best selling gig especially have stopped working (Minimal to no impressions). I have gotten expert services to get the content updated along with keywords etc., have shared the gig on social media, and have done everything but there is no success at all. I haven't received a single order organically on my gig since October. All the orders which I have received are of repeat customers or a few via social media. The promoted gigs option is also disabled. Is there any remedy or should I stop bothering as it's been 5 months now? My niche is Resume Writing and HR consulting. Here is my profile link: https://www.fiverr.com/asad_piracha86? Best Regards, Asad
  15. Hi everyone!! Does anybody have any idea or experience about the impression rising rate for a newly created gig? To explain further -- typically how much time it takes to see gig impression rising? Does anybody have any idea on what factors the gig impression depends? I have created a new gig and immediately after creation it shows 0 impression. Does our gig page gets indexed on google? Can it appear in google search for any keywords? Any help is highly appreciated. and thanks in advance as always.👍
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