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Found 10 results

  1. Well I've created this topic to talk about a couple of things about Photo Editing from the buyers perspective when you hire someone and probably you want your picture to be printed later. It can be helpful to avoid misunderstandings with your preferred print studio. Always try to send a .TIFF or at least JPEG Baseline Standard (Maximum Quality). The con about a .JPEG it is already a compressed file so it probably lost a bit of information so when it is going to be edited. And please do not send a .PNG file The best deal before send us a file is check it have at least 100 DPI (dots per inch) / (Ctrl + Alt + I in Photoshop) and let's say more than at least 10 inch on size on each side (It is going to depend of the proportions of the image) It happened to me in my recent job, the people want an image to be printed (i.e 8 x 10) but the proportions is different (probably it could fit better with i.e 8 x 12) so we have to crop it, or at least we would have to add a white border to maintain the same proportions. If you have an old photo, always try to scan at 300 DPI and output the file at least 2x or 3x the original size. Your print studio should know that or at least let them know it haha. Be careful to not send a thumbnail, sometimes happen when you send an email with a photo from your Iphone. Always choose original size. If I remember more tips, for sure I will be posting on this forum. Hope this tips could help you with your future sellers. Have a good day.
  2. Please let me know which is the perfect size for gig images in 2022.
  3. Plz Tell me Perfect Gig Resulation ? 😏
  4. Very sorry to say so like that. I'm very upset. Ever since the gig edit option is coming. After editing the gig, my gig lost its rank. It used to be on the first page, but now it can't be seen on any page. How can I get my gig rank back? Please help me guys!! 😥
  5. Hi dear everyone!🙂 How are you all? Hopefully, all of you are fine. Anyway, Here I'm Joy. Nowadays, I'm very confused about Fiverr gig image size. When searching on google I found the result Fiverr gig image size 550*370PX but Fiverr new update is a little bit difarent. Now I want to know is the best resolution for the new gig image size? Thank you 💖
  6. 1100*740px there are many sellers that use a different kind of image size like 550*370. but this all is not showing perfectly on the tablet devices But 1100 * 740 is perfect for all devices. I use this size and I got good results.
  7. I Had Used My Gig Image 1100*740 And Another 2200*1800 ( 2x & 3x Of Minimum Size ) To Get A High Pixel Image. My Image Haven't Got Cut From Any Side. Is This Fine Or I Had Made A Mistake ?
  8. Hey, fellow seller, What's the best size for fiverr gig cover image? So that it is responsive both in mobile and desktop.
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