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Found 16 results

  1. Hi i am using fiverr since 2014 , i deactivated my very first id after getting not a good review from a buyer, after that i restarted fiverr in 2020 , i got an account verification notification from fiverr with a 15 days deadline i tried so many time to verify myself but the link to verify my identity redirected me to the same verify your identity page, i tried it from different devices , tried to contact with customer support but didn't got any solid way to fix this issue.. help in need.. thanks and regards Sher.
  2. As per my government ID I only have one name. So, while making account on Fiverr, a last name was required. So, to fill that field I typed a name in it. Now, Fiverr is asking me to verify my Identity. So, all I want to ask is will there be any problem for me...??
  3. Hey everyone, I need serious assistance rn for my problem. I am a seller on fiverr since 2019. I have been doing good on fiverr. But like a couple of months ago, fiverr asked me to verify my id. I couldn't do that at that time, also i didn't know i was so to verify my id within 15 days. After 15 days, i got a message stating: "your account is restricted, since you didn't verify your identity." I immediately went to verify it since there was an option that you can still verify yourself. I gave them a picture of my ID card and clicked a photo of mine for verification. And it's been a month, no reply from fiverr. I have my balance in my account. But my seller profile is not showing. They have restricted it. It’s totally unbelievable. It's disastrous for sellers like us. I have built good relations with my clients on fiverr. I was delivering them projects daily. And now, I am disappeared and they have absolutely no clue where am I. And the most disappointing of all, there's no way to communicate to fiverr support, to register your complain as a seller. I have to post my problem here on this forum. Kindly if someone can help, please do. It's frustrating and depressing at the same time.
  4. My Fiverr Account Temporary Restricted For ID Verification Attempts. So, I already tell Fiverr Support. So how many days Wait for next chance? My account can recover again?
  5. At the top of the page on my Fiverr account, there is a message that says " Please take a moment to verify your ID within 5 days to continue offering and buying services on Fiverr". This should have been easy for me to do, but when I made it to the screen to take a photo of my ID, none of the buttons on the screen even give me access to the camera.
  6. Hi, I'm sorry if it's already been discussed somewhere on the forum. I've tried to search for this topic but couldn't find it. Anyway, I just received a request today to verify my ID; I've accepted it, followed the instructions, and thankfully didn't encounter any trouble. But it was so sudden and so in a long time since I created my account more than 5 months ago (but I only created my first gig almost 3 months ago). So it makes me wonder, does it only apply to sellers? Or to all Fiverr users (including the Buyers)? Thanks in advance
  7. I am on fiverr from July. got few orders and completed them. but still now I didn't receive the verify option. I am not being able to withdraw my money also. how can i get my id verified?
  8. Hi Fiverr Community Yesterday I got a Notification from Fiverr related to ID Verification, I entered My ID Card Front and Headshot Selfie with Proper Light, but Fiverr is unable to Verify my ID and In result Fiverr temporarily disabled my account I have tried to Communicate Fiverr Support but Still the issue is remained Is Anyone Knows how to resolve this Issue Best Regards Hamza
  9. When Fiverr asks for identity verification & How to do it? I saw lots of users they can't verify their identity and I have a concern about it. When I will be asked for it then how I will pass out. Looking forward for the perfect answer from experts. Regards
  10. My friend's Fiverr seller account required ID verification. ID images and selfie photograph also were sent, But not verified still. That incident was reported also Fiverr customer center. But, not response yet. If you have any idea to verify it. (This user is Sri Lankan and National ID is old)
  11. Hi, I tried to verify my id but when i submit (my license and the photo), within seconds fiverr reply back to me with a message "your id verification is failed". How can this happen? Did they check it manually or is it automatic procedure? And it says that my photos are not clear. I captured the photos as i can using my phone. I am very disappointed due to this. Is there any way to verify my id on fiverr?
  12. Got a link, opened ID verification page, took a photo of my document and after a few seconds it returns to the same page ignoring my input :(
  13. Can anyone please let me what ID's Fiverr accepts for citizens of Kenya or where I can find this information? This is because I do not have a passport and only have a National ID.
  14. Hi there, I’m going to try to make this as short as possible, let me talk facts first: 7th May: I write my first ticket saying that I sent my ID verification 2 days ago and I had heard it usually took less time to validate. I was worried that my account could be suspended, and that I would lose my clients. I had started only a month ago and I had made just under 1000$ in the past 15 days. So I wrote my first ticket on this day to ask for help in advance (keep in mind Fiverr gives you 14 days to verify your ID and I still had 12 days left, I was asking for help in good time) 8th May: 11 days left until suspension. I get an email from Milos in CS (Customer Service) explaining how to verify my ID. I tell him that I have already completed the procedure, but the verification hasn’t come back yet. I offer my phone number and a facetime call to verify my ID. This is the first time I get the following answer but don’t worry, as you will be able to read later, I get it many times more: “I will need to forward this to our relevant team to be reviewed further, as soon as I get an update I will reply back in this ticket request.” From now on if you read “the default phrase” you know I am referring to that phrase. 11th May: 3 days later, 8 days left until suspension. I email Milos kindly asking for an update and telling him that I have 3 new orders for a value of 600$, telling him this is a big chunk of my monthly income and that time is running out, I cannot afford loosing clients. 13th May: 2 days later, 6 days until suspension. We now welcome Tammy from CS to the conversation; she tells me that there seems to be a problem and “the default question”: I answer Tammy’s email as kindly and patient as I can be: “Thank you, Tammy, I wait patiently for additional information. If I should take a new photo just tell me and I will.” 18th May: 5 days later, 1 day until suspension. Until now Fiverr’s CS has only answered my emails, they have never had the curtesy of informing me of any progress. I write another email to Tammy telling her I have only 1 day left to verify my ID and I end the email in a more serious note: “I please ask you to verify my account, this worries me a lot. Because of the fear of not being paid by fiver, today is the last day I will be working on my gigs in progress. I have written over 5 emails about this subject and received no solution, I will not work until my account is verified. I still offer my help to verify my account by answering a call or sending my ID and picture to someone in particular of your choosing, whatever you prefer.” That same afternoon I get a response, this time from Simon (yet again, we welcome our third CS attendee). The response is “the default phrase” 19th May: Today is the day my account was suspended… for the first time… oh yes, just keep reading. On this day I send an email to Simon summarising every single email I had sent to Milos, Tammy and now him. I stop being exaggeratingly kind, still kind, but more serious, I offer my phone number to resolve the issue at hand and I also add this phrase to my 400-word email: “After 12 days my account has finally been suspended (as I feared since day 12), you have not taken this problem seriously and now it is affecting my income, nobody can see my gig anymore and I have stopped receiving orders.” Simon answers saying they don’t offer phone support and, why not, also with “the default phrase”. 23rd May: 4 days later, 16 days since my very first email asking for help. I kindly ask Simon for an update on the progress. … we now welcome Igor to the conversation; he answers with a modified version of “the default phrase” to which I just say “thank you. I await your response”. 29th May: 6 days later, 22 days since my very first email. This is my 10th email to date, and I have not received any emails from fiver with an update in 22 days! Only “the default phrase” therefore, I say this to Igor: This is the first time I ask for the contact details for their supervisor (Milo’s, Tammy’s, Simon’s and Igor’s). Spoiler Alert: I still haven’t received it on the day I am writing this (33 days later). Milos is the one who answers! My very first CS Attendee, he basically gives me “the default phrase”. I then demand the supervisor’s contact details on that same day. Once again he gives me “the default phrase”. 30th May: 23 days since my very first email. Suddenly Milos writes his very first email that is not a response, saying he has an update. The “relevant team” has finally reactivated my account and he kindly asks me to start my ID verification process once again. I than have another 14 days to complete the ID verification. I answer on that same day happy about my account being reinstated but informing him that their ID verification page won’t let me upload the pictures. This is probably boring for you all so I will summarise the rest: 30th May – 13th June: On the following 14 days I am asked to upload a video of their ID page failing mid procedure, which I do. Oh, we also welcome Boris and Sona from Fiverr CS to the conversation. How many attendees have I gone through now? 6? I lost count. Boris and Sona give me both “the default phrase” and no help at all… result: My account is suspended once again. 14th June – 1st July: During this period we welcome, once again, somebody new, his name is Alan, at this point I don’t know if they are actually people or an AI system changing its name and giving very similar and sometimes exact copies of “the default phrase”. Funny, seems like an automated system is trying to determine if I am a real human. It has been 56 days since my first ticket. Most of those days I have lost a big chunk of my income and have spent countless hours sending exactly 17 emails (approximately 1 every 3 days). This has been my final email: I was answered by Alan, once again, with “the default phrase” and no comment whatsoever about any supervisor’s details. If you have read until this point, I thank you for your time and patience. After 7 CS attendees (Milos, Tammy, Simon, Igor, Boris, Sona and Alan), 56 days, 17 emails, countless potential clients and income lost and 1276 words written in this post, my resolve is unaffected: I ask Fiverr’s kind community: ¿Can someone give me the contact details of the CS Supervisor? Even better if someone could tag that pertinent person to this forum post, but any help at all is very much appreciated. I ask Fiverr’s lead team: ¿Why do you only give 14 days to verify a seller’s ID when your “relevant team” clearly takes longer that 56 days? I have no problem in waiting close to 2 months to verify my ID as long as you don’t suspend my account mid-way.
  15. Thanks for the help! I am new at Fiverr, We have a team and we run only one account and one gig. We used my picture as a profile picture of Fiverr and Verified this account using my NID card and my picture. But now we want to use our other member picture as a user profile. Is it will be any problem?
  16. I have found that Fiverr has no ID verification option. This is because many people are working with false image and skill, cheating with their academic institutions and teachers for submitting their work after Fiverr delivery as a buyer. This is alarming for the future generation. However, I have found that the Upwork freelancing service has an authentication way to verify ID or proof. I know, if more sellers will use Fiverr, it will boost up Fiverr business, but at the same time, there are indeed lots of professionals working here with top quality service and commitment, which will help too. So, my question is, how would Fiverr consider this issue as a new strategy to the ID verification method?
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