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  1. I'm Zahid - Creative Director and working with multi-disciplinary skills of creating full brand identity, WordPress website for the last 8 years. I'm in this industry since 2013. Though I registered the Fiverr account in 2018 but started selling in Mid July 2020 as a part of my existing company. As an active member of the forum, I would love to celebrate the joy and share my experience with forum members. Congratulations! Everyone!! Definitely, It's an achievement to enter the elite group and entitled with "Top Rated Seller" Badge in Fiverr. And all the credit goes to the team members. Selling since Mid-July 2020 and completed the requirements before August 2021. We saw few sellers completed the requirements earlier and yet waiting to be entitled to the TRS badge. So, we were not excited about the badge. We just kept maintaining the business with top-notch services and supports. We mostly work with startup companies. We represent their brand with our design including logo, branding materials, and websites. In this journey, we've worked with a total of 151 Businesses with 230 orders and originally 4 cancellations! Additionally, we’re maintaining above 95 scores over 40 days (Currently 98/100). Definitely, we would love to share our thought, strategy and plan execution, and experience here. Continue Learning! We’re in this industry since 2013. Still, we keep learning something new and update my knowledge base. Be Transparent with TOS! We’re always aware of the TOS. Also, the guidance of the outstanding Fiverr support team always leads the right path when there is a doubt. In a long run, you all must be transparent with the policy. Be professional! We never think we’re working as a freelancer. We’re doing business and providing digital services. Maintaining everything to grow the business. Right audience! Based on the business strategy, we target the audience where we will conduct our business. Definitely, this is one of the most important steps for beginners in this industry, especially in Fiverr. You can read more about this at https://community.fiverr.com/forums/topic/261061-tips-set-increase-gig-price Discussion! Definitely, we take time to start a project. On the first step, discussing with buyers with thoughts, imagination helps to go with the right path of the design plan easily. This helps to hit the jackpot with getting the order completed with the first trial and skip the major revision step. Top-notch Support! Support experience is the key role to change the scenario of the business growth. We’re well concerned about this point always. We always maintain faster responses, get the drafts ready, discuss efficiently and deliver projects on time. Repeat Business! This is the heart of a business. We collaborate with buyers, listen to their business, learn more willingly, discuss and suggest off-project related points related to their business. And, as a result, 66% of our projects are from repeated business. Additionally, we planned to grow with the business and enlarging the team with stable financial systems. Hence 61% of finance came from repeated business. Time Management! As the business is international so time management plays an important factor for a smooth operation. We’re aware of time management so conducting business, personal refreshment and relaxing timing, family maintenance, traveling everything is operating smoothly. Understand your competitors and the Fiverr systems! One of the most important parts of the Fiverr journey! We never worried about this. Just keep your eyes open on your competitors, understand how Fiverr works, and get yourself ready to take the best advantage beyond ranking. We never came to the 1st page but we’re still within 5-20th page on different primary keywords always. Keep smiling! Nothing much you can do in your life without a "Smile" And finally, have patience and work hard to get the plan ready and execute it! I also would like to thanks to my mates from this forum @newsmike @jonbaas @vickiespencer @mariashtelle1 @theratypist @smashradio and more. Special thanks to all of you for supporting members together here.
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