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Found 23 results

  1. I have a old account in fiverr but I don't get any order from this account since 3 months. I was thinking about deleting the account. Which will be better ? working on my old account or create a new account and publish gigs on this?
  2. Dear Forum! I want to cancel the order, What i to do or how to do?? -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Before some days I got a order from buyer and then he request me to cancel it. He said he did it by fault. I canceled the project as he say. After some days he gave me another project and i complete that project. Then he gave me Five star ratings. I didn't get money yet. But after delivery that project my order completion shows 50% only. Why?
  4. I am a new Fiverr user. I got daily some spam messages. Just like If you are interested Message us ON T E L E GRAM Using the name below @patience46899. He will tell you everything you need to know about our PROJECTS. We are paying 10000$ per page you work on, and we have a huge translation, creative writing, data entry and we are currently hiring interested to work on the project user Dec 2022, 15:32 Contact me quickly I have added screenshots of proof from the chat.  Now I am so disappointed. What can i do for that? Can anybody help me?
  5. Hi, I have a problem ... when I create this account then I get some buyer requests. and I already send 30 buyer requests... but this week I can't find/see any buyer request ...is it my problem or all seller problem ??? is it my problem? then how can I solve it ???
  6. I noticed a few things that my logo design gig didn't rank. Then I decided to delete my old logo design gig and create a new gig. Will there be any problem if I use the images from my old logo design gigs for my new gig?
  7. Hey everyone, Hope you are well. I'm a seller on Fiverr. I already done 19 projects and i want to do some edit and update in my account and my published gigs. So , does Fiverr bad effect on my account and gigs? If Fiverr makes any bad effect please, answer me. I don't know about the topics. Thank you everyone.
  8. I have tried to be online everyday, I have done my SEO images. I have completed a order and delivered 3days ago. But still the impressions are getting less. Kindly please suggest or give some tips to get orders and Impressions.
  9. Hello sellers,How are you? I hope you are all doing well. I feel pleasure that I have completed my another order. But I also have a matter of great regret that I have lost the position of my GIGS, because few days I got 03 star rating from one of my client due to misunderstanding between us. I posted it earlier in details. Now, Please suggest me How can I get back the position of my gig? Thanks in advance for your successful suggestions. Regards, Kawsir H.
  10. I joined as a company, but I'm a freelancer, how do I go about reversing and looking for work now?
  11. if any fake Bayer sent me what's app number directly in my inbox. what i to do that situation? THANK YOU!
  12. My profile is down! How to rank my profile again and get more order from Fiverr? What should I do to rank my profile? Two orders have been canceled. What should I do now? Now what if I get orders from regular Fiverr? Is there a solution? Let's get the right advice. Thanks. seodesign3
  13. Hello, fiverr forum! I am a new seller on fiverr.com. I am a well skilled seller. I am expert on following task: Data entry, b2b lead generation, Web research, LinkedIn research, Data scraping, Data mining, Professional typing ,Copy paste Data entry, excel Data entry, Email marketing, product upload, Product listing and more task. I have four gig on this task. But I didn't get any work. What can I do now? Please help me to get a job on fiverr.com. I love to work with fiverr. and I respect fiverr terms & condition. Thank you in advance.
  14. hello everyone, I have two orders in Queue, both are in revision for five months. my client is not responding. so my question is, is it a bad effect on my gig ranking? I'm asking this because suddenly I noticed that my gig is losing ranking. my gig was on the first page and now my gig is on the 3rd page. what should I do now? thanks for your time🙂
  15. Hi there I need help to all of you. I need order on Fiverr .I am new on Fiverr plz tell me how I get my 1st order on Fiverr plz help me I do every thing which is possible to get order.
  16. Hello friends. 2 month ago i was gotten level one seller than my all gig loss there rank and today is not back my gigs rank. please give me suggestion's 😭😭😭
  17. buyer request is not showing last 3/4 day, can you have any idea?
  18. Hi Mates , Today I've come for taking help in a topic. Someday before I was so much sick, that's why I've taken a leave from my works in fiverr. And started out of office mode. In that time I was so much sick that I can't completed my running order and a buyer canceled an order. Whenever I get back in fiverr I see that my Gigs are lost their rank. Now I'm asking you, how I can get back the previous rank of my gigs? Please send your value able reply, so that it can help me, also the other seller who facing this circumstance.
  19. Buyer place an order and he didn't inform me before placing , I have ask him that he didn't see that I written in my gig discription that please message me before placing order .so I said him please cancel the order. Because he want me to done his work in very low price but his work /requirements are not match with my gig price and requirements than he dispute the order and written that seller can't do this job. Now he want me to cancel the order myself.if I cancel the order it will harm my analytic. Please help me what should I do now???
  20. I can't get orders for many days. I have 9 out of 5 star reviews, all positive reviews. But even after that I am not getting any order. Those who are experts, please check my profile.
  21. As a human being it's not possible to stay 24/7 in online! As far i know that staying online is helpful for getting order that's why i use auto refresher plugin in my laptop. my question is will it affect or harm my Fiverr account? Thanks in advanced! ❤️
  22. I have to give my own email to the buyer for a gig services. In this case, can I give my email in gig requirement? Or How to give my email?
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