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  1. Last 30 days My gigs are ranked well I will get Impressions clicks But Not get Orders😭 See my Last 30 days analytics, Please Help me how can get Orders, I can do hard work for get success
  2. Can it be possible to provide service two different category in the same 1 account? As like Marketing and Designing
  3. Dear fellow sellers, please tell me why I do not see applications from buyers?
  4. Recently I add Two gigs but no response from buyer
  5. Привет, я новый продавец, подскажите пожалуйста, как отправлять запросы покупателям. Я действительно не понимаю, как это делают другие продавцы.😂
  6. Hello Fiverr World I'm Mst Nayun Working As a Professional Digital marketing Seller On Fiverr From Today, But Need to Suggest how can Make Perfect gig for get rank easily and makes my career On Fiverr
  7. In that GIG I was just saying that I will draw NFTs! I haven't asked for any privet info etc. I had read the rules and my GIG was doing nothing wrong!
  8. I am a Level One Seller. My gig has been ranking on the first page For a month. Clicks and impressions are good but I wasn't getting any buyer knock. I don't understand what I should do now. I would have benefited if someone had helped me a little. My Gig link https://www.fiverr.com/share/BKA605
  9. Hello I am Vikram Vardhan. For several months now, no orders have been coming to my profile. My gifts are going down. I don't know what to do now. Would you please help me?
  10. I just lose my sales like forever. I didn't found new sales last 1.5 months. Now, I need help to grow up my sales. Please help me.
  11. I am new seller and fashion designer how up my sellings
  12. So i have made 2 orders with a seller the sales as stated in the ticket include 3 months service this guy did the service then took it back after I gave him a review so it lasted 1 week of the 3 months paid for on 2 different orders the seller then agnolaged that he still owed service asked me to send the info again and when I did he blocked me I believe I don’t know how to contact support
  13. Due to being sick for four days in the middle, I could not stay active in Fiverr regularly. Clicks and impressions are reduced, clients are not knocked me. And I can't get the order. What should I do now? Answer me.................................
  14. How to write a buyer Request is more likely to get the project. Please Help me. Thanks
  15. I am a new seller on fiver. How can I get my first order? Can anyone help me or check my gig and profile for FEEDBACK? My Profile link
  16. Why am I seeing this when try to reload or click on any link like "Orders, Inbox, Profile, Dash Board etc." Its mainly happening when I click on my profile.
  17. Not to jump off with a pitch but I just thought it would be fun to make valentines this year 🙂 Soo, if you need something sweet (or not-sweet) for your favourite (or non-favourite) person, I got you. Sky's the limit. Let's get weird. Or not. I'm not judging. Excited to join the oh-so-creative fivver community! Get yourself a valentine for $10 right now on my page 🙂 Is that how I say it?? Send help. xx Veda.
  18. Hi , i am 1 year old saller at fiverr with my verified fiverr profile. i left fiverr 4 months ago , Now my friend want to record a face video for his gig. Can i provide video him , does it will effect on my previuse profile or NOT ? Please Guide me . Thanks in Advance.
  19. I am a new user. I opened my first gig two weeks ago. Till now, I have only got 128 impressions. How do I improve it? How do I SEO my gig? Please help me with this.
  20. Hello Fiverr Community! I hope you are all doing well. I have been a part of fiverr for the past 2 years and I have been providing Amazon FBA related services on fiverr. For the past 3-4 months, I am not getting only 7-8 impressions per day for my best seller gig. I am very disappointed from fiverr's algorithm because I am the level 2 seller and my gig has 4.9 rating with 95 reviews on it. I used to get hundreds of impressions per day but something is very wrong for the past 4 months. My long term clients have been continuously placing orders on my fiverr gig but I am not getting any new clients due to no impressions. I tried to contact fiverr support team but didn't get any satisfactory answer. They are not helping me at all and now it just seems a waste of my time on fiverr and even after giving 20% of every order to this platform. Please help me out. Gig details are mentioned below: Gig Link: https://www.fiverr.com/taimoor659/setup-manage-and-optimize-your-amazon-ppc-campaigns Gig Title: I will create and optimize amazon PPC campaigns with advanced keywords research Gig Rating:4.9 Gig Reviews: 95 Seller Level: 2
  21. Hello Everyone, I am a Seller since 2020 , I had the same Gig over a year more than 50+ customers and many other good things (ahah). As a 3D artist I had always showed my online portfolio you can freely open(https://www.artstation.com/mrkarma) I grabbed some PNG shots from my portfolio and I used them for my Gig. Now, someone/an algorithm I DON'T KNOW WHAT , has flagged my Gig for a copyright violation... Since I am really me, I am not worry about that BUT the support doesn't know a s***t about 3D !!! they are asking me for PSD or AI format as a "proof" .... If any 3D artist or 3D designer is reading my message will be surely laughing ! I cannot provide PSD files for a 3D model, also I cannot provide tons of Gigabytes of my projects to them... So, I am stuck waiting while I lose time and money. Again, if anyone can help or any Fiver's moderator read my post PLEASE help me to solve this issue. p.s: the support is aware of my problem but their help , as usual , is a black hole/loop. Also, what their are doing is arguing my personal Identity that's against the law worldwide. I can provide IDs, Portfolio , Log-In process for ArtStation(that has ID check!!!!!! so cannot be cheated) and Unity videos while I move stuff in the projects ...so ANYTHING. Thank you in advance for whoever can help me to solve this mistake. Have a great day!
  22. Hi, I'm new to the platform, I have activated three Gigs and I would like your advice on how to be successful in this world. Thank you
  23. I opened my gig on 19/12/2021. I'm marketing my gig but haven't received any orders yet. What do I do now? Please help me. Here is my gig, Please check this gig:- https://www.fiverr.com/rakibul_hasaan/build-ecommerce-website-ecommerce-website-online-store-or-woocommerce-website
  24. Hi Elders I'm new to the platform, I have activated two Gigs and I would like your advice on how to be successful in this world. Thank you
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