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  1. Hello Everyone, Greetings! I'm new seller in this marketplace. I mainly work on graphics design. Looking forward to your tips and advice. Since I am a new member and this is my first post so it could be a mistake. Thanks!
  2. Hello extra ordinary people from all over the world. I'm Mikail Hossain, new in Fiverr. Currently I've published my first gig on Flyer Design Services. Hope it's okay! Please is there someone who can visit my gig and suggest me for improvements? Thanks in advance. CLICK HERE
  3. so far i have completed tow orders with 5 star rating. but nowadays i can't find my gig on any page, what to do? please help.
  4. Hello Sir/Madam, I am level one seller on Fiverr. Recently $4 has been deducted from my Fiverr account for Fiverr Removed Funds. So I want to know why it was taken and what is Fiverr Removed Funds? Thanks
  5. Give me some tips to improve my gig rank, please help
  6. Hi guys, I don't know how to send an effective buyer request but I have sent a cover letter according to the buyer's requirement. I have a little weakness in English communication. I've spent a lot of time on fiverr. What can I do now?
  7. Hello everyone, I recently completed an order in which a client wanted specific illustrations for front and back cover of her book. She approached me and told me her idea and I gave her a free sketch sample to give her a picture of her ideas. She liked it and placed her order. After completing the order, she liked my work and rated me 5 star. However, afterwards we both realised that the size of the image that I sent her don't match the Standards for a paperback cover. Now I am sending her the same image in different resolutions while she is trying to adjust everything. Now, I feel really bad that my work wasn't as useful at the end, also I didn't know anything about book cover image resolutions to illustrate, so I feel a bit guilty. Can anybody tell me what exactly should have happened from the beginning so this doesn't happen?
  8. Hello, I am Biswajit I am a graphics designer. I created an account on Fiber a year ago and so far I have completed 13 orders. But Recently I have not received any order for the last two months. So I want advice from seniors on how can I get orders again. My Gig : https://www.fiverr.com/share/NE4a2G
  9. Hi, I am a Graphic Designer and I create unique posts animated videos for social networks. New to Fiverr, but I'm having trouble getting offers, how can I get new offers and good reviews please give advise An example of my work 1212-1.m4v 7774.m4v
  10. What is the current trending topic for graphic design? I wanted to open a new gig. If I open the gig with a niche, I can get orders quickly. I hope everyone will give their opinion.
  11. How to improve my gig? I don't know that. Please help me , How do I get more orders. I am professional t-shirt designer. Thank you.
  12. How do I get more and more order? I am a professional Graphics and t-shirt designer. Here is my gig link : https://www.fiverr.com/sw_united_graph/tshirt-design-creative-unique-logo-vintage-artwork-colorful-retro-amazing-merch. please order me, for better experience. Thank you Everybody.
  13. Can I make multiple gig ? 1 :-Photo editing 2:-video editing i want to create total 6 gigs . Pls answer me .
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