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Found 12 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I am a seller from 2022 and I am confused about the fiverr algorithms. I just wanted to know on what things fiverr Gig Ranks??
  2. Hello, my fellow colleagues and Pros... I would like to hear your opinion about this, which one should I majorly share out, a link to my Fiverr profile or my gig link directly? For me, I think sharing my profile link would make buyers land on my service page hence making all my services visible to the client. Do you think it is okay to share my Fiverr profile link as a Seller? Or should the best option be to share the gigs link?
  3. I don't know why my impression is going down. what should i do? I can't be on fiverr all day though two tab is always open for fiverr and time to time I check on them. I've to practice my work, class and of course load shedding. If fiverr analytics works on basis of your activation then i'm really disappointed. All NEW SELLER may facing this problem. Some of top seller gives tips that share on SM isn't do that much impact on your gig, so I stopped post or share but after that i find my gig impression is going down. so what's the problem really. only two click I got then nothing. I'm really losing it.
  4. What are the rules of gig SEO? How to get the gig top rank by SEO. And what to know about what.
  5. Last month few months I left my fiverr account because I was teaching my students and Now I an back on fiverr I am not getting orders. Can anyone help me or recognize issues?
  6. Hi, Hope everyone is keeping fine, I have a few questions about relating to gig de-ranking issues, is there any chance once gig can be revived to its original place after deranking and promotionally unqualified state? A few days ago , i was getting orders organically and some because of promoted gigs but unfortunately this is totally deranked and i am in a frustration mode, despite being a seller plus i am facing this issue. Can anyone help me? https://www.fiverr.com/s2/54db9be68f
  7. Hi, I'm level 2 and a new seller copied my gig image and description. My question is that, 1) Will it effect my gig? 2) If it will effect then what's the solution? should I report him/her? Please help me.....
  8. ahmed_c00

    My Gigs

    Hello, everyone, it's me again. I wanted to know your opinion about my gigs pricing, thumbnails, and description because I think that I am using them wrongly and thanks 🙂 my profile My Profile ^_^
  9. Hi, good day everyone! I'm here to seek for help on how to get my gig back to page. suddenly I had 120$ Order and second day, I couldn't find all my gigs on page again. Everything has got down! Please any tips for me to get my gigs back to page. Thanks!
  10. *Please do read my full post before commenting or suggesting something* Hi, I have been a Fiverr Seller since June 2020 and had great success, I achieved level 1 and level 2 within 180 days. My customer feedback has always been superb as well as my response time. My all indicators throughout the journey have remained within the threshold. Back in October 2021, I got 2 orders canceled and my first (1-star) feedback, and ever since all of my gigs generally and my best selling gig especially have stopped working (Minimal to no impressions). I have gotten expert services to get the content updated along with keywords etc., have shared the gig on social media, and have done everything but there is no success at all. I haven't received a single order organically on my gig since October. All the orders which I have received are of repeat customers or a few via social media. The promoted gigs option is also disabled. Is there any remedy or should I stop bothering as it's been 5 months now? My niche is Resume Writing and HR consulting. Here is my profile link: https://www.fiverr.com/asad_piracha86? Best Regards, Asad
  11. A new Fiverr seller facing problem with gig marketing. Because he/she didn't know where and which platform is recommended by Fiverr. Although seller think about that gig marketing is must for my gig ranking? Maximum seller want's to know how can I share my gig in social media without spamming? And which platform is perfect for my gig? Regards, StarSEORank Certified Digital Marketer
  12. any one can tell me how my gig rank and i get more order instead of 1 order a month???
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