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Found 17 results

  1. continuously my gigs are doing to down. how to stop this situation?
  2. Hey beautiful people I have just edited my gig. Please review and feedback if there are some modification still required. https://www.fiverr.com/s2/36138e52eb
  3. My promoted gigs options is from last couple of months is there anyone who can improve so that i can get that. Below is my gig URL. https://www.fiverr.com/share/ad169p Please have a look and suggestions will be highly appreciated.
  4. Throughout my time on Fiverr, I read many stories about sellers losing their ranking and being removed from search, resulting in their impressions dwindling to almost 0. This is happening to me know. Can somebody who's experienced this and recovered let me know how the tide changed for them? I'm looking for advise and hope at this point because this is my main source of income.
  5. Hi There, I am Sadaf Karim a new seller at fiverr . i join fiverr from January 2022 . I have 4gigs on my fiverr account but there is an issue that my fiverr gigs impressions are falling down continuously . I don't understand what is happening with my gigs ..... Here is my fiverr link https://www.fiverr.com/webdev_sadaf ... Please check my gigs and tell me what should i do now. Please help me to slove this . Thanks Sadaf
  6. I am Level 2 seller But My Gigs were De ranked and Now its about 45 days , I have tried everything Nothing is improving , all gigs are on last Pages. This used to happen for 15 days after But Now Its been a long Period! Promoted Gigs Feature is Reason for this I guess , anyone has Solution to rank Gigs again ?
  7. Hello guys ,good day to all of you, Today I came here because I need help from you guys, I am level 2 seller from last month after upgradation from level 1 to level 2 ,on first month I have good sales due to my repeat buyers, but on second month ,sales are down, and I have 9 gigs from last 1 years ,a week ago I created new gig ,but suddenly on second day my all gigs are disappear from search engine ,,5 of them rank to 2 to 5th pages and one is on the first page, now 5 days gone i can't find them nowhere, after many filtering's i have found only 2 on last pages, the sellers with no reviews are on 1st to second pages and my profile with over 50 reviews are deranked ,please help me how can I bounce back my gigs as my business is very down and I am very upset ,thanks all for your comments ...
  8. Hi. I want to know what can be the possible reasons of dropping my all the gigs impressions. I just delivered 2 orders almost 2 weeks ago. Got a good feedback from 1 client and other client didn't give any review. Both the orders were completed successfully. Seemingly, I didn't violate any fiverr policy.
  9. I have a new gig with 6 reviews and now 8 orders running. But I haven't been able to find my gig since last night. Note: Gig has been on the first page for the last 3/4 days
  10. Hello all friends, I have found my Gigs has been dead from past June month. There is dramatically fall down my Gigs impression 900 to 25 and Fiverr analytic fear to show Gigs 6 to 12 month performance. There is no solution at Fiverr support. Even couple of days back found My Gigs do not showing in fiverr search results. Experience Gigs and profiles are dissolving under many policy on Fiverr. Finally NO WORK!🙄 **Please only comment if your Gigs have the same issue and you are not getting new orders/ clients from past 7-8 months. God should save Fiverr!
  11. Hi, Some days ago I received an order and now my gigs are not visible till 20 pages. So my impressions and clicks are all time low. Can someone tell what happened to my gigs? And how long will it hide? Experts please help.
  12. Hi there! Hope you are all fine. My question is to level 2 sellers mostly. Did anybody face de-ranking of your gig after using option "Promoted gigs"?
  13. Hello everyone, hope all are alright. Nowdays almost everyone are facing one biggest is no order and for this reason mostly sellers are loosing there gig ranking. What steps we should take to fix it ?
  14. Hello, I'm a new seller. I have made 7 gigs in seven categories. Can I now publish seven gigs in a row on the same day? And yes, I'm an expert at gigs. Help me by good Information.... Thank You
  15. Hello, I'm a new seller. I have made 7 gigs in seven categories. Can I now publish seven gigs in a row on the same day? And yes, I'm an expert at gigs. Help me by good Information.... Thank You
  16. Hello everyone. Hope all are well. I just want to discuss with old sellers about how to be successful on Fiverr Marketplace
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