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Found 21 results

  1. Dear Community! I hope you are having a wonderful day! I created videos for my translation gigs yesterday. It is basically the same video each time (with some changes). Also submitted videos on my proofreading gigs today... I totally suck at this and I was hoping to get a little bit of input... Thanks! 😊
  2. Hello everyone 😊 Recently I created a GiG, and on the GiG, I uploaded a video. After a few minutes, Fiverr approved my video to show on my Gig. Then after a few hours, I replaced that video with another one. My problem is it's almost 24 hours gone, but Fiverr didn't approve my video yet. Can anyone tell me how long Fiverr take to publish a video? I'm seeking your help about it. Thank You! 😊
  3. While opening a gig, someone adds the gig video and someone does not. How much effect does the gig video have on the gig? Please share your personal experience about gig video.
  4. I'm making Fiverr gig video create but no improve my impression, click and no order. I know that creating gig video 40% ranking increase but in my case, no improved impression, click, and no order. please anyone help me? I waiting for anyone's response... Regards, Maruf Sarkar
  5. I'm making Fiverr gig video create but no improve my impression, click and no order. I know that creating gig video 40% ranking increase but in my case, no improved impression, click, and no order. please anyone help me? I waiting for anyone's response... Regards, Maruf Sarkar
  6. Hello Everybody! I am looking for an answer about the ambiguity in my mind. Is it allow for sellers to post an introductory video of self in the gig page/gallery? looking forward to your responses. Best Regards!
  7. Hello good people, I just uploaded one gig with include video.Now its under review and only gig image is showing. Now my question is 👇 How much time it takes to approve gig video? Is the video showing as primary to my gig automatically after approve the gig video? Have a good day!
  8. Assalamualaikum, I want to add same video for my design gigs. Actually, I use the gig video as my portfolio. I showcase almost all great works in this. I sell same style works in all gigs. So, can I use same gig video for my all gigs? I will select different video thumbnail for different gigs by editing the gig. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello good people, I am planning to make a video for my upcoming GIG.I think GIG video is good.What are the benefits for GIG video?Is there anyone who got changes about profile after using GIG video? Share your taughts!
  10. Is gig video really helpful to boost a gig?
  11. Hello Friends, I hope everyone is very well. I want to know. when I create a gig video ( just a slide video ). which better? self voice or I can use background music. Thank's for your reply.
  12. Hello guys kindly anybody can help me i created a video for fiverr gig image but when i upload it on fiverr gig that's video thumbnail is not our gig main image i want to change i fixed many time this video i placed my main image at the start of video but that's method also not working. at last i got my ranking down now i think i changed many time my gig image that's why my gig ranking is now down i was on first page of my best keywords please help me how can i solve this both issues that is my gig link: https://www.fiverr.com/share/pyX3bp
  13. My video Ii taking time to process, I read on here that a gig needs to be active before the Fiverr support team review the gig video. Is this true?
  14. Hi guys, I want to upload a gig video in my gig so the gig video size that i made is 45MB and the duration is 1 minute 44 secs. So will this video will upload or have to keep it less?.?.?
  15. hello there, please somebody let me know . i never add a portfolio video for my all gigs . my qus is after published a gig so many days ago if i am adding a video will it boost my gig ?
  16. Can I setting Gig's video thumbnails after publishing Gig? Because, my gig video looks bad.Lock my gig
  17. Hi guys, I'm slowly brewing a video for my main gig and I was wondering, what are the best dimensions for a fiverr gig video? I also bought a budget condenser microphone just for this purpose which I'm very excited to try out 😊 maybe you have some general tips or suggestions for a good gig video?
  18. Its been a while I was planning to record a gig video and finally published it. As a non native it was challenging to write an script and say it in front of the camera. To make the video more professional I have printed a T-shirt with fiverr logo and worn it while recording. How is your experience on publishing a video for a gig ?
  19. I recently Upload a gig video. Though My gig impression is increased but I want to show my gig image in search page. I think it's more attractive than the video thumbnail image which is showing after uploading the video. And also I think buyers rarely click on the gig video, generally anyone one just scrolling down in the page. who have the time to click in the video to see a 1 min video. I add the video to show the buyer more professionalism. But don't want it to show before my gig imge.
  20. Hi everyone, kindly check out my gig and give feedback. Here is the link https://www.fiverr.com/s2/91092117a9 Thanks.
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