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Found 20 results

  1. I am in a very difficult situation, that is, my gig stays in the rank for 15-20 days and again loses the rank for 3 months. How can I solve this problem?
  2. Hello Fiverr, I have recently regained my GIG rank after a long time. I lost the GIG rank due to some order cancellation. I was affected by Covid a few months ago, then I couldn't finish my running order due to my sickness. As a result the GIG went down. And last month I got an order from one of my previous clients, and then suddenly my GIG started to show up on the 1st page. Please share your experience if you have ever regained your GIG rank. Thanks Emon Arefin
  3. I published a new gig three days ago, but the impression is not growing.
  4. Gig has been ordering well for the last few days but a buyer from Singapore wanted to see my portfolio. I gave him a Google Drive link to show him the proof of my work and since then my gig rank has been losing. I want a solution
  5. Hi Experienced Seller, I'm new seller on this platform. I have done my gig well and online 24 hours so why don't I have gig rankings? Please check my gig if you have time and let me know if there is any problem with my gig. Gig link here: Click here
  6. Hello community Friends, I am sawoda sumi working in fiverr from 2018. I was doing very well in these years. I have done 900+ orders and have 721+ positive reviews. I have done much work in November and December too as that time is not good for sellers for Holidays. But in this January and February I am really losing my clients and my Gig rank too. In this month I am not getting any clients and orders. is the problem only happening with me or its with everyone? I know some of my areas seller they also facing this problems. Please let me know how i can recover this. Thank you.
  7. I've completed 9 projects since publishing Gig last month, all of which have a 5-star rating. There is no warning in my account. But this month my gig impressions have diminished and there is no order, What should I do now?
  8. Hi There, I am procoder shakil a new seller at fiverr . I join fiverr from Decembar 2021 . I have 6gigs on my fiverr account but there is an issue that my fiverr gigs impressions are falling down continuously . I don't understand what is happening with my gigs ..... Here is my fiverr link https://www.fiverr.com/procoder_shakil ... Please check my profile and tell me what should I do now.
  9. Very sorry to say so like that. I'm very upset. Ever since the gig edit option is coming. After editing the gig, my gig lost its rank. It used to be on the first page, but now it can't be seen on any page. How can I get my gig rank back? Please help me guys!! 😥
  10. I have completed 400+ orders with 25% world domination but unfortunately from last month my all gigs have lost their ranking😣
  11. Hello Everyone, Suddenly I'm changed my gig image then i see my gig is not in first page, then what should i do now, please help me
  12. After publishing a new gig Suddenly our gig impressions and clicks have gone to zero. I need help
  13. ✔ First you need to see if your gig is active. If are active. Then you don't have to do anything. Everything will be fixed automatically. If not active then you need to apply. How to check if your gig is active? See how I sent 7 photos from number 1 to number 7. Photo number 7 has my gig active. If your gig looks like this then you don’t have to do anything. And in photo number 7 where my gig is showing active. If your gig is not active here. Then you have to apply. Write a very simple message. Tell them where your gig is not active. If your gig is not active. Then look at photo number 8. Enter your message here. And send them. Special note: The screenshot I gave are the current fiverr interface. This may change over time. If you have any problem in understanding this article, please comment. I will try to help you from my position. I think those who are new, are suffering from this problem. It will be helpful for them. If my English spelling is wrong somewhere. Forgiveness will look beautiful. Thank You!
  14. Hello there, I am bit confused if the description and tags of my gigs are okay or not. I am not getting expected impression and click, though I tried to write the perfect description of my services. 😔 Can anyone tell me please what's the reason behind this problem?
  15. .My Fiverr Account and all of my Gigs are down for the last 10 months 10 months ago, in the Last December, 2020 I had to cancelled 2 orders. Because, by then I was not taking any orders, as at that time I had so many orders in hand which needed to finished first and then I could take more orders.. After that, its been 9 months, actually more than 9 months my Best Selling gig is down and out.. Which was also received "Fiverr Choice" Badge last year October. My gig is active but not found in the 20 pages that are visible to everyone with all of the 5 keywords.. And this is been the case, for all my gigs.. Even if, I'm creating new gigs its also not foundable in any of 20 pages that are visible to everyone with any of the 5 keywords that are in my gigs.. I've sent buyer requests quite often.. Edited my gigs to at its best, as fiverr customer support team suggested, like the Gig Image, title and all.. But nothing seems working for me.. Things are getting very hard for me.. The stats of my profile's gig has been nightmare for me.. As, my best selling gig once had daily impressions of 2k to 2.8k, sometimes even more and had 100+ clicks everyday.. It was way back in December, 2020. But since then, Through this 9 months and more.. it's been down and out.. I even now get only 7 impressions a day, sometimes 3 impressions a day.. And if, I calculate the my total impressions in the last 6 months, it's only 3.3k impressions, 124 clicks and 5 orders only in the last 6 months from my Best Selling Gig.. With which, I had 36 orders in One month, when I achieved the "Fiverr Choice" badge for serving quality works to my buyers.. And in December, I had 20 orders from my Best Selling gig.. But now, in the last 6 months, only 5 orders in 6 months..!! Which is horrible for me.. And also to mention, I never late delivery any of my order throughout my Fiverr Career so far and in the last 9 months, I never had any order cancellations or nothing.. Everything my ratings are overall 5.0, order completion rate, response time, rate and everything is 100%.. And I maintain high quality work and a Good Average Gig Selling price on my orders.. I have literally done everything, as I can to get back on the rankings and get my place back as I had in 9 months ago.. Contacted the customer team multiple times and done everything as they mentioned in there.. But still nothing is working for me! What else I can do?? What should I do? Is there any proper solution of it? Any proper advice which can actually help me and get me out of this NIGHTMARE situation?
  16. 0I am a Level one seller, I was gotten level 3 month ago,90 Days is passed but my gigs is not rank on fiver,When i can search on fiverr by my gigs Keyword and i can check all page on Keyword But here i can't found Found my gigs, I don't knew what happing with me on fiverr,If you anyone is here, give me right and 100% working information, I will be grateful for you. Thanks
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