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  1. my gig promotion feature has not been working for over a month, i became a level two seller this month, i thought that might probably change things, but i'm not getting impressions or clicks from the promotion again and it seems my actual gig ranking is drastically decreasing no orders since beginning of this month, is something bugging my gig visibility somehow?? any one has the experience before and probably with an advice as to what to do?? 😞
  2. Hello everyone! I am a Level 2 seller with a 5-star profile. It's been over a month that I barely received any orders. I waited and waited but then saw that my gigs that ranked on the first page got disappeared all of a sudden and consequently I stopped getting any orders. So, i thought of trying the gig promotion feature. After doing all the steps I got to know that my gigs are unqualified for it. Can anyone figure out which quality metrics my gigs might be missing out on? This is quite frustrating for an active seller like me...
  3. Hi, I am Level 1 seller and I have completed more 100 orders with 50+ reviews , 5s and on time delivery is 90+ . But there is no option for promotion. any one can help me in this case. Thanks
  4. I am a new seller in FIVERR! How can I get custom Order? Please let me suggest the best guidelines according to your consent.
  5. What if I boost my gig on social media, will it cause any problem for the account or specific gig ?
  6. Which Social media is best for promoting a sellers gig, how?
  7. Hi guys, I’m new here and I don't really understand the concept. I will try to increase my gig impression clicks but after creating my gigs I can't get results How can I get perfect impressions and clicks on my Gigs? Please check my gig and please suggest me How can I improve my gig marketing https://www.fiverr.com/share/QbeVlP
  8. I recentlly opened a Fiverr account. Please provide me some adivice that will help me to build up my profile in Fiverr. Thanks for your valuable time ❤️
  9. Please help me. I'm using promoted gig feature since January but today Fiverr notify "Your Gigs cannot be promoted right now." I don't know what's wrong with my gig. Can you tell me what happened with my gig? Thanks
  10. can anyone conform this issue ? or please conform those whose gig promotion feature working perfectly ? thank you
  11. Tell Me Guys Promoting Gigs on Fiverr box is good or not? does it will be the reason of account banning?
  12. Hello, Dear fiverr Expert's, hope all are well. if I used gig promotion option, then it will be helpful for me? or it create any ranking problem. current my gig in rank. please help me with suggestion. kinds regards.
  13. Promoted Gigs ( gig unqualifie and gigs deranked). Is there anyone know any solution ??
  14. Promotion Gig is a big problem for me this time. Recently Fiver sent me the notification. Then a few days it autometically came back. After three days again same problem. after 2days it again came back. After 1 day it again stoped. Can anyone tell me what is the problem. Note: I Have no Bad review. No order cancel. No TOS. Profile 4.9 Rating
  15. Please how can i promote my gig? What is the best way to promote my gig? And is it good to promote my gig? Thanks!!!
  16. I am a level one seller .I have a total of 55 feedback on my account Of these, 54 are good and one is bad This bad feedback has since reduced my workload and at one point I had no work All of these things cause my gig impressions and clicks to decrease naturally. But at present I am constantly completing the order with good feedback the work he got at this time from the old buyer. Even after working, gig impression clicks are not increasing but decreasing day by day. Can't get any knock from any new buyer. If you have any such experience, please share it with me and tell me how to get rid of it. And I have a question about a gig promotion feature I used before but not using now. Could this be a reason for the gig derank?
  17. Why CPC rate is too high for my few Gigs? On what basis is it determined? How can I reduce the CPC rate of my Gigs? Thanks in advance.
  18. Today I have this option. But for gig marketing As many articles as I have read so far from Fiverr Forum Maxim I have seen they face problems. My question is will I have a problem if I do not use the option? Or if I do, is there a possibility of a problem in the future? Please let the experts know a little
  19. Hi I am level two seller with 870 reviews. I am facing the issue of gig deranking from last year and now facing for the third time de-ranked once again yesterday on 15 October. Last time it took five months to get my gigs back to ranking and first page. Also my Fiver Gig promotions goes to unqualified for all my gigs yesterday. Now how I can overcome this issue soon? I can't wait once again like five months. Another thing I get is Seller plus option on my account few days go. Should I buy this feature? Will it help me in getting back my ranking?
  20. Fiverr Search Algorithm ranks gigs according to the number of reviews you get, your conversion rate, and Gig Tags & Description. One needs to really use their mind to find out the top secrets which can help them rank better. As that is the only key to successful sales on Fiverr. Fiver Forum is the platform where people seek help, get suggestions and advice. But if one shares his/her gig link in this forum, very soon it will be spams and miss lead common people who seek help. So, please do marketing well your gig on social media, be available online, share your good thoughts, build strong communications with the community. this will grow your profile eventually. Happy Freelancing.
  21. https://www.fiverr.com/users/markerar_amit/manage_gigs/setup-and-manage-your-google-ads-adwords-ppc-campaigns
  22. Hey guys, Can you tell me what happens with Fiverr Gig Promoting option? Is it good enough? 3 months ago I got a notification shows that "Some of my gigs Cannot be promoted." And My gig was down. I couldn't found my gig with the searchable keywords. (Before if I search with that keyword, I can find my gig on the first page.) Maybe that happens for I canceled an order. And then After 2 months, I got that Gig Promoting option again. Then I was waiting for some days for checking that without promoting the option I can get an order or not. But no buyer wasn't responding anymore. Then I enable the gig promotion option again. Then I completed many orders. After that, I canceled a tiny order on 20sep. And today I just got a notification that shows "Some of my gigs can not be promoted". I think my gig will be down tomorrow again. Like seriously?
  23. Hellow everyone. My name is Akash from Bangladesh. I am e new seller. My gigs are not being ranked. What should I do? Please give me a best way to ranking my gigs. Thank you 💓
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