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Found 6 results

  1. I was created my gig 4 days ago. Daily impression and 1 or 2 click increase day by day but problem is that when I search my keywords and check 20 pages of market place I can't see my gig please tell me what should I do?
  2. Hi respected fiverr fellows: Dr. Sanam here. I'm a 2nd level seller. Everything was going great because three of my gigs were promoting and i was getting 4-5 orders daily and nearly 2500-3000$ monthly earning. I didn't get any negative review in the last month. My rating is 5. Suddenly, my promoting gigs disqualified and my all gigs are disappeared. They are all active not suspended etc but not showing even on last page. When i filter online (medical article, main keyword). My gig appeared there but my question is why my gig is not found on any page without filtering online. I'm really worried. Can you please help me how to recover it or how to search my gig position because customer support is only sending a screenshot that your gigs are active. That's all. I'll be really grateful to you.
  3. Hello, Hope you are well. I am a new seller on Fiverr. I published my first gig by following your complete rules. From the day after it was published, it was found in products upload, upload products, add products, etc. excellent keyboards. But one day while I was monitoring the gig, I suddenly noticed that the answer to a question in the FAQ section was misspelled. So I decided not to edit the gig. So I just make a spelling change in the FAQ section of the gig. But unfortunately the next day, I can't find my gig with those keywords. Which I didn't expect at all. But here's one thing to tell you, when I'm active and search with those keywords and use the online seller filter, the gig is found. I am really worried about this. Please tell me what I need to do. Why can't I find my gig? Hope you will help me to solve my problem as soon as possible. Thank You.
  4. see my screenshot that I am still online but none of my gig is showing online search result. What should I do now? I have tried many possible ways but not working. I saw some solutions on Forums but not solved yet. My question is: 1) Why does not showing? 2) Why its happening?
  5. Hi all! I have a question. I hope you can help me 🙂 Recently I paused 2 of my gigs because I was having too many orders. (Just 3 days) Last night, I activated them but they weren’t showing on the results. I looked on the status and it says “Activated but need further review” I of course, contacted CS but haven’t had anything from them (a few hours ago) i don’t know why this happened. I haven’t had any problems with this before. I have seen some posts here on the community that it might be due to the gig description, title, tags, etc I reviewed it and the only problem I noticed is that I had tagged both my gigs as translation which is a service that it can be done within the service but it is not the main one. what do you recommend me to do? And what can I do to avoid this kind of problem again? maybe you can check my gigs and tell me if there’s something odd there so I can modify it. Thank you!!!!!
  6. My Fiverr Gig is not displaying on online seller seller search But it is displaying in offline What can I do?
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