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Found 15 results

  1. There are some steps to get impressions, clicks , & order also on your specific gig 1) Title focus in title (should be small & meaningable sense of your title) put the keyword according to your feild and put a rough word with it i will design custom websites from scratch design website is a keyword but i put a rough word in it these type of title goes up and provide you best impressions on your gig Target is most important partt of your gig in which feild you targeted 2) Category selection 3) Keywords 4) Description In your description title keyword must be add 2 to 3 times and that make a prefect line using of that keyword 5)Images should be attractive (712x 430) 6)Add video 7)portfolio pdf your gig will get impressions, clicks,& orders also 🙂 you can check my 1 week impressions & click using this technique. Kind Regards, Pixels_360
  2. It's been a week and My gig got 136 impressions and only 3 clicks (which is probably my friends or my own). Should I consider my gig a failure and edit it more or delete it? Also My gig was on 7th place on the first 2 or 3 days on the first page. But still the response looks like nothing as 70 impressions per day is average. I uploaded video, photos and pdf files. How should I proceed? It is also not available on first page anymore and the thumbnail was changed which I corrected but still doesn't update somehow. I really would appreciate some advice.
  3. Hi sellers, I hope you will be fine. I have a simple issue, and waiting for your helpful reply. I am a COP. I do FREELANCING as my part time job. I have a call for ONE MONTH'S training outside the city. What should I do? - Should I enable Fiverr's "Out of Office" feature? - Or should I leave it "as it is"? I want to use Fiverr's Out of Office feature, but worried about loosing my score of IMPRESSIONS and CTR. As you can see my profile is new, and have started growth recently. What really should I do? Need your guidance 🙏❤️. Thanks
  4. I published a new gig yesterday. I targeted a low competition keyword which had only 1318 gigs, used high quality gig images, wrote good description and the target keyword four times but my gig has gotten zero impressions in 24 hours and isn't ranking on the keyword while many other new average looking gigs are ranking on the first page. What should I do now? https://www.fiverr.com/designewithash/design-clickbait-youtube-thumbnails-within-12-hours
  5. I do not understand the proper system of Fiverr GIG STATUS. In BDT I see my GIG STATUS updated around 8am. But I do not see it fully Updated. Some time I GIG STATUS Updated around 11am. So want to know how GIG STATUS works and when does update. Thank You.
  6. my gig impressions and clicks are decreasing. Can you guys check my gig and suggest me how can i improve my gig impressions and click. GIG : https://www.fiverr.com/parvez_marketer/setup-or-fix-google-merchant-center-and-shopping-ads-campaign
  7. I want to improve my gig impression. So check out my Gig if it’s need to update : https://www.fiverr.com/s2/cf15c1d02e
  8. Hi Every one, I am new on fiverr , just had some querries 1 How much impressions are considered good for a new gig ? considering if you have published a gig a day or two ago 2 Does enrolling in fiverr online courses and earning badges ,have an impact on your gig rankings ? Thanks
  9. I have two gigs in Fiverr, Now I want to know one thing from the experts that Fiverr will raise my two Gigs Ranking / just upto 1 Gig Ranking? Click here my profile
  10. My Gig has been first page but gig impression and click very low. Here is my gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/EEAP8e
  11. Hello friends, Please read carefully, Will Get a better help INSALLAH🥰 The Most important thing is GIG IMAGE, You need to make a attractive image, so when a buyer searching related service then showing too many gig, so if your gig image is attractive his eye will go there first. You need to make a description with eye catchy style but not a long story. If you can take a skill test it's a better point to get order. do your gig image offline and online seo. Do Blog marketing. and mostly send 10 buyer request everyday must, But if you just writing it there have no pint about his requirement, then you don't need to send it, If can then send a proper offer that, Yes I can DO IT. Stay ONLINE 24 Hour's Not Only 10 Hour's. Don't use any extension or Bot software it's very harmful for a account. And try to thinking that: You are doing a official job in fiverr, You main Earning Point is Fiverr. You Must Get a better Result. If you think My suggestions is helpful then Can i get favorite on my gigs and profile!!!! www.fiverr.com/kingsdesign95 Thanks....!!!!
  12. I delivered a job 9 days ago. Then why can't i get a job. My gig Imprecations-278 and Click- 17 I got my fast offer in buyer request. Form then on i sent 10 buyer request every day. But got no response. What can i do for this?
  13. Gig impressions decreased clicks, shared on social media, I don't know how to improve
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