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  1. I'm confused! Please help: My gig(s) impression increase every day (by at least 80-100) but it overall number reduces (like from 7k to 2k). I will appreciate
  2. It would be great if someone could give me the right guidelines on how improve my gig impression and increase sales to bring Fiverr Gig rank.
  3. I am new to Fiverr. Today my gig impression was 383 and it's my highest ever. But I get only 1 click. My average impression is 90 per a day but I get 1 click per a week (My idea). I want to know about my situation. How is it? Because I don't know it's too much bad situation or quite good. If you tell here about your average impression and click (from your idea), may be it helps some new seller like me. I know gig impression and click depends on various matter but still we can find a answer.
  4. I published a new gig three days ago, but the impression is not growing.
  5. Does being active in the forum increase gig impressions?
  6. Hi everyone!! Does anybody have any idea or experience about the impression rising rate for a newly created gig? To explain further -- typically how much time it takes to see gig impression rising? Does anybody have any idea on what factors the gig impression depends? I have created a new gig and immediately after creation it shows 0 impression. Does our gig page gets indexed on google? Can it appear in google search for any keywords? Any help is highly appreciated. and thanks in advance as always.👍
  7. I get a good impression on my gigs every day. But all of a sudden, all my gig impressions are gone. Why?
  8. After the first-week gig impression rapidly decreased and also how can I boost sell my gig?
  9. Hello Fiverr people, I'm Aich Ashiq and I'm a professional Graphic designer and level 1 seller on Fiverr. My all gig based on Mascot Logo and Cartoon Character Design. Suddenly I'm facing a problem like my gig impression going down day by day but click is good. I edit my gigs and research # tags and change it. I think my gig is perfect and I make it perfectly also I have some reviews also. I also try to activate online all time. But why my gig impression is not going up? Please help 🥺. Thanks all.
  10. Hi everyone, I trying to few months for get orders But I can't get any orders so how get this? And How can I increase my gig IMPRESSIONS and ranking ? Give me Any advice from experienced freelancer ?
  11. Hi everyone, I trying to few months for get orders But I can't get any orders so how get this? And How can I increase my gig IMPRESSION and ranking ? Give me Any advice from experienced freelancer ?
  12. For last 2 days my all gig impression is zero. Whats the reason behind this. I have 5 active gig and all the gigs are ranked day by day but suddenly today and yesterday the gig impression is zero. Is this happen to any of you guys. Please leave your comment is anything happen to you.
  13. My gig impression is not increase, it's just de ranking what is happening?
  14. Why my gig impression is not increasing for two days??😰
  15. Can anyone please help me about this on that how can I increase my gig impressions, click, rank and get early order also. It will help as a beginners. Hope you will share your valuable experience with me and also other seller. Thanks in advance.
  16. Please help This is the first time I got into this critical situation regarding my gigs which I did not face earlier.My three gigs that have been unqualified from promoted gig service for last four days. After that I cannot find my all gigs my in Fiverr search even after searching with gig’s keywords.That is why the impressions, clicks and responses of my all gigs totally went down. I have 200+ positive review and my gigs were positioned in first page in search before the gig promotion unqualified. I don't know what I will do now. I regularly used to complete 10 bid and was getting consistent buyer responses and orders. My all gigs were performing well before that.So, if you please anyone help me out or give any suggestion then I would be highly grateful. Thank you.
  17. i m new seller to the fiverr. last 5 days i completed 4 project. my gig impression increased slowly . but last days i see that , suddenly my gig impression decreasing . any suggestion for me? what i need to do?
  18. Hi i hope every is fine and enjoying good health. Since last week when i came back on fiverr i am facing a problem some of days my gigs showing positive impression and than showing negative impression. whats the issuse with this. I am looking guidance from your side so please guide me whats i can do to sort out this problem. Thanks Annakocsis
  19. I've been active for a long time in Fever and my gig is on the 1st page on 2 keyboards but my gig impression is still decreasing.
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