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Found 23 results

  1. I want to improve my gig impression. So check out my Gig if it’s need to update : https://www.fiverr.com/s2/cf15c1d02e
  2. I am new to Fiverr. Today my gig impression was 383 and it's my highest ever. But I get only 1 click. My average impression is 90 per a day but I get 1 click per a week (My idea). I want to know about my situation. How is it? Because I don't know it's too much bad situation or quite good. If you tell here about your average impression and click (from your idea), may be it helps some new seller like me. I know gig impression and click depends on various matter but still we can find a answer.
  3. Gig image is so much important to get more orders on Fiverr. I think you know lots of sellers creating their gig daily on Fiverr and they are trying to sell their service and rank their gig on the first page. So you should create your Gig image more attractive than others. Because when the Client searches on the Fiverr search bar for any kind of service client will see lots of seller gig images but he or she will click only a few Attractive gig images that are eye-catching. So Please make your Gig image just Awesome using photoshop or other software and don,t forget to rename your gig image name using your keywords or Gig title. Thank you
  4. I am new to Fiverr. just completed one month in Fiverr. For last few days my gigs impression is going down. On some gigs its 0 impression. i am 24 hours online and sending almost 10 buyer request everyday but it doesn't seem like enough. What am i suppose to do to increase my gigs impression?
  5. Does fiverr update gig impressions immediately when the gig gets new impressions?
  6. I got a work about 17 days ago then got no more work. Why doesn't my work come? My gig impression 477 in 26 days. How many Gig impressions are more likely to get the job done. Want feedback? Please Help me?
  7. Hai Experts, If i upload a video on my gig instead of images, is it improve my gig impression?
  8. I got a job about 12 days ago and then I can't find any other job. I try to stay active for 24 hours and still I can't find any job.
  9. https://www.fiverr.com/share/qxayy5 https://www.fiverr.com/share/W7RYYd
  10. I delivered a job 9 days ago. Then why can't i get a job. My gig Imprecations-278 and Click- 17 I got my fast offer in buyer request. Form then on i sent 10 buyer request every day. But got no response. What can i do for this?
  11. I didn't get any order at present at fiverr. I need to get order. I have studied so much about fiverr. I think, I should to get order. Help me expert to get my fisrt order fast. advance thanks. Here Is My Gig Link : https://www.fiverr.com/share/z7EqoK
  12. If i upload video on my gig instead of images does it increase my gig impression?
  13. I shared my gig in a comment in Facebook but got reported. I noticed many Fiverr seller also do that. But how they don't get reported. Many seller also send their gig in inbox. How they able to do that. I want to know that How can I share my gig safely in social media.
  14. I feel much better when I get a first order in fiverr. I had a problem with someone's website critical issue. I solved that problem and he give me 5 star reviews. I like fiverr Marketplace a very good site which I like very much and everyone in this place is very good and Buyers are very friendly.
  15. Hello, My name is Obayed Hasan. I am new to this platform. In beginning, my gig impression is quite good. But day by day it's going to decrease. And it's been 1 month I didn't get any order. Please help me out. here my gig link. https://www.fiverr.com/obayedhasan/test-your-mobile-app-of-android-ui-ux-or-review-website-user https://www.fiverr.com/obayedhasan/create-modern-ui-and-ux-design-for-mobile-app https://www.fiverr.com/obayedhasan/edit-your-book-novel-and-proofreading-in-24-hours Thank you
  16. Hi everyone. Hope everyone is doing well. For some reason, I wasn't active on Fiverr for a couple of months. After coming back, I found that my Fiverr gig rank is completely gone. My gig impressions are getting down badly. So, After analyzing this situation, I completely edit my gigs and also added some new low competitive high demand gigs. I tried many things to increase my impression. But the result is zero. My gig impressions are getting down till now. Please help me to get back from this situation and suggest to me how can I get orders again like before. Thank you.
  17. My gig impression is going down. what can I do for in this case?
  18. My gig impression is going down. what can I do for in this case?
  19. Hey guys I'm a new seller on Fiverr and would appreciate any tips to improve my Gig from all Experienced guys or Top rated Sellers. Please check my gig and please help if any impartments need to be made. Thank you all. 😀 Link to my gig: https://www.fiverr.com/sarfarazparvezk/do-an-awsome-minimalist-typography-t-shirt-design
  20. I published my gig 7 days ago but my gig impression is very low only 167 and click is rare that is only one. How can I improve my gig? Plz help me to improve my gig and for getting success from Fiverr. Here is gig my link https://www.fiverr.com/share/Py1kb0
  21. Greeting Sellers, My name is Usman Mirza and I am a video Editor. One thing I have learnd for being an Video editor on fiverr that If you have a good video which explain the services you provide then fiverr is most likely to promote your video to the buyers. Becuase it all about the user experince which buyer is getting from being on fiverr. This may increase your impression rate, and if your video is good enough then Buyer whould most likely to buy your services. Consider this thing as a raw food compared to a nicely cooked meal, In One scenario you have to prepare your meal inorder to eat and in other scenario you have just to eat and give your thoughts about it. Most of buyers are in hurry they donot read the complete descriptions of yours, Thus they don't exactly know what kind of services you are providing to them. And when they have high hopes from your previous buyers reviews and dont get what they are expecting then your Account rating is in serious danger. Thus A Good Short Explainer video which explains your gig is necessary for you as a Seller. Here is the Example Video that I have made recently for my account. Kind Regards: Usman Mirza 1.mp4
  22. Hello Friend, We are all here for freelancing🥰 I am a new seller in fiverr and i get 4 order and i have 3 review, I get orders from buyer request. But i have no order from rank, or direct sms, So i think that my gig properly not ranked in fiverr, and my all 4 gigs impression also not good, Can anyone advise me so i can rank my gig, There have any hidden trick that i don't no about. im active 24 hours every day in fiverr with my pc and others time when i outside of home then with my hand device browser. I don't need to rank my all gig, I just want it, only just 1 gig will rank so can just earn from it and can develope my career from it, Cause now out running life is going hell for COVID-19 Problem, And the BANGLADESH is Not Safe at this moment also, And In Bangladesh ( District: LALMONIRHAT) My Location are is in RED ZONE (WITH DANGER ALSO). I'm not able to go out of my home area and my family members also, i'm very seek about money also, They depend on me, Please pray for me. 🥺 Thanks for all of my FORUM Friends.
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