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Found 10 results

  1. What is the perfect GIG image size ? Dont want to lose any resoulation when it clciked. Please let me know.
  2. Hi I'm new in fiverr but today I want to share my experience of opening a gig. I'm new here but I start studied about fiverr about 8-9 month ago and I get many ideas from various articles about gig images. So I want narrow down those ideas in my style . So lets get started here is a photo of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament . Now a anyone can say its in England's capital London and it is located on the bank of Thames river ,besides the photo was taken during daylight. A SINGLE PHOTO BUT DESCRIBES : Its country. Its capital. Where located Time Location And if I add a little bit spice into it like add the dd-mm-yyyy by photoshop and It gets a too many & precise information. SEE! a single photo worth a thousand word. Sellers gig image is just like that, a seller shows his/her particular skill with gig image that's how he/she sell services. Sellers try to showcase their skill and experience by this. When a buyer sees a useful gig image that matches his/her requirement then they pay their attention on it and hire the seller . Which size is recommender for gig images? ANS: 1280*769px , 72 Dots per inch(DPI) MAX : 4000*2416px MIN : 712*430px I have got that recommended size when I publish my gig😁. Here is my screenshot Hope my article works. And a I seek attention to the graphic designers to explain us briefly about --- Dots per inch(DPI) Regards Ishaq.
  3. Hi All i hope every one is fine and in good mood.Friends Which is more important on the gig graphics or verbal. Waiting for all your responses. Thanks Alot
  4. Hi there, Here’s a bit confusing about the size of the Fiverr gig image. I've tried different sizes for gig images, but I can't be satisfied with any of them. I tried to find it here in the Fiverr forum, but most people suggest the recommended size of Fiverr. I also tried Fiverr's recommended size. They represented two different sizes for gig images in two different places. In the “Gig Gallery” section recommended dimensions of the Fiverr gig image are at least 550 pixels width x 370 pixels height. (Screenshot added) In the “Gig Images: Do's and Don'ts” article, the recommended image size is at least 690 x 426px. (Screenshot added) Both sizes are okay, but I noticed they are not the exact size at all because they leave some space on the left and right. However, Fiverr nowhere says that it is the actual size, they always say “at least”. Thus, they are safe. But we need to find out the right size. For my last gig, I researched Fiverr gig image size and discovered the exact size. Now, I'm gonna share the exact size with you. Gig image size Solution: First things first, I wanna say thanks to my “Graphic Design” profession because it helps me determine the right solution. Otherwise, it was impossible for me. Now, let’s go for the solution. I calculate the desktop resolution & after analysis; I discover the gig image’s exact size is 712 x 427 pixels. Hang on, that's not at all. We need to set a margin & safe zone to make it responsive for all devices. I noticed that mobile devices crop up a lot of space from left and right. So, I organized a margin & safe zone for it. Now I am sharing everything that I am doing. We know the gig image’s exact size is 712 x 427 pixels. For a better resolution, I doubled it. So, after making twice our artboard size is now 1424 x 854 pixels. I made a margin of 152 x 27 pixels. So, we have 1120 x 800 pixels without margin. We shouldn’t put anything outside of the margin; otherwise, the mobile device will crop your content from left & right. Next, we have to set a safe zone for design. It is enough to leave 20 pixels from every side for the safe zone. So, our final design area is now 1080 x 760 pixels. That’s all. Is it complicated to understand? Don't worry, I have already made a template for it & I will add it here for you. Hope it will assist you. Don’t forget to share your opinion & experience after applying this. Thanks & regards, Suman Roy Graphic Designer.
  5. what is the size of fiverr gig image different people say different size
  6. 1100*740px there are many sellers that use a different kind of image size like 550*370. but this all is not showing perfectly on the tablet devices But 1100 * 740 is perfect for all devices. I use this size and I got good results.
  7. Gig image is so much important to get more orders on Fiverr. I think you know lots of sellers creating their gig daily on Fiverr and they are trying to sell their service and rank their gig on the first page. So you should create your Gig image more attractive than others. Because when the Client searches on the Fiverr search bar for any kind of service client will see lots of seller gig images but he or she will click only a few Attractive gig images that are eye-catching. So Please make your Gig image just Awesome using photoshop or other software and don,t forget to rename your gig image name using your keywords or Gig title. Thank you
  8. how can I create responsive gig images? what is the perfect image size for responsive all devices image view?
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