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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, My name is Malik Adeel, Level two seller and it's been almost five years that I am selling my services here on Fiverr as a graphic designer. So, I know the Fiverr rules and regulations better than any other. I am also a premium member of Fiverr's SELLER PLUS program right now. When I was having a meeting with my success manager, He advises me to change the gig image and some keywords plus descriptions to get the better ranking in search results. So I did the same. But unfortunately, the fiverr automatic gig image checking system got it wrong and denied my gig by giving me the reason that I am not the owner of gig image ( copy right issue ), which is totally not right. One more major thing is that I just change the color scheme and some text on the gig image ( otherwise basic infographic images in the gig image are the same as I'm using before for several months). So, my question from seniors is there any chance if I can prove that I did not use any copy righted image and I have all the source file of my work then Can this is possible that I can get back my denied gig? Does anyone else here got back his/her denied gig back? I have attached the both gig images. The blueish one with my name written on it was being used on my gig before for almost one year or more. I make some changes in it and uploaded the reddish one which got flagged by fiverr.! I mean you can see that there is no chance that this can be copyrighted! Just look at both. How is that possible that one gig image is fine and other is copyrighted? I read the fiverr TOS which says that: Gigs that are removed for violations are not eligible to be restored or edited. But what if I can prove that I did not do any violation then is there any chance I can get back my main gig? That was my main gig having 200 plus 5 star reviews on it. It was the only gig on which I was getting the orders! I hope you understand. Thanks, Adeel
  2. Hi, I wanted to share my issue here at this forum which is about denied GIG. I woke up today and saw that my gig is suddenly denied and deactivated by Fiverr. It is saying that i copied some other seller's description. I always take inspiration from other sellers but don't copy complete description from them. Please help, can you guys tell me if this can be resolved and i can get my gig back? PLEASE HELPP!!!
  3. Gig title it was I will donation website design and add donation button, payment method. Below are the pictures I gave in Gig.
  4. I recently found out that my gig was denied after 2 years and the given reason was (Not an original image or design). But the image that I put up on the gig is my own personal work which was posted in Instagram, so is there any way to fix that up because it wont let me edit the gig too.
  5. Unfortunately we had to remove your Gig be calculate paystubs ,stub , edit stub,payroll for employ due to the following reason/s: By taking part in faking someone else's documents you are violating Fiverr's Terms of Service and potentially participating in criminal behavior. Such services are not allowed on our marketplace. Please consult our Help Center and review our Terms of Service for more information. Thanks, The Fiverr Team
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