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Found 8 results

  1. How do I get a new order? (WordPress website creation)
  2. I have been opening an account for many days but I have not got any job yet. My impressions are going down day by day. Now someone gives me a little suggestion, Now what can I do at this moment? Thanks all...
  3. Hi my name is Ibrahim Sakib. I just start publish my gig but,i don't get any orders. I ask for every one help me and give me some tips.😔 My gig link right below: https://www.fiverr.com/ibrahimsaakib/creat-edgy-psychedelic-typography-aesthetic-urban-streetwear-tshirt-design
  4. How can i get my first order on fiverr?
  5. There is the best idea; that's why I got my first order on Fiverr within one day. It's my idea, and now I teach my student to do this. So I will tell you the top rule for creating your Fiverr Gig to get your first order within one day. 1. Search Low competition Keyword I search low competition keywords from Ubersuggest. I focus my niche and try to find the best Keyword that's search volume is high. 2. Low Gig niche When I pick my Keyword, I search my Keyword on the Fiverr search. If the search result gig is less than 500, I open a gig with that Keyword. 3. Title is the best While creating, my main focus was building the gig title. Because mainly, Fiverr search terms depend on the main title. My Keyword was the first word on my title. Also, I make my title small and sweet. 4. Tag When I searched on Ubersuggest to pick my keywords, I gathered relevant Keywords for my niche. And Put these keywords on the tag section. 5. Description Never use unnecessary text on the Gig. I always put my main title in the first paragraph. It helps me to get ranked. Put some tag on the Description also. 5. Image I used my image neat and clean. I do not use more pictures for overcrowding. Write my main Keyword on that picture. Make it more colorful so that visitors can click the image. This is my top 5 rule to get the first order within one day. If you see my Profile, you can understand how I implement this rule on my every Gig. So try to do like these to get first order within one day.
  6. Nowadays it is seen that someone posts high priced job. But in fact none of them are buyers. Many of us fall into the trap of these fake buyers and work with them to cancel the order after seeing the concept.I think the Fiverr Authority should take this issue seriously, No fake buyer can harm any seller in fiverr. I think the Fiber Authority should legislate that if anyone wants to post a job, they should deposit the same amount with the Fiber Authority and deduct the amount of VAT and tax along with the job posting and job posting.
  7. I have not received any work order for a long time. I want some tips on how to get an order.
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