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Found 5 results

  1. So, I have encountered this same buyer request again and again. So, if you follow his link; you will clearly notice in URL that he doesn't need some content written. He only wants users/sellers to signup to Grammarly so he can earn some bucks as an affiliate. So, what Fiverr is doing to tackle such fraudulent buyers? He is clearly wasting precious time of hardworking content writers. Specially, new writers can easily fall his/her prey. I know that seller will not lose something in terms of money but who is accountable for such buyers? This not only hurts sellers but also overall image of Fiverr because new sellers will be simply misguided by such posts and they will think maybe all buyers are same. Need few comments from experienced Fiverr gurus.
  2. Today's dilemma? Dealing with a buyer who is using a fraudulent 'purchased' account. They've essentially taken all of 30 minutes to look over a 10,000 word book, declaring that it is garbage and that there is nothing I can do to fix it. Incredible! 🤣 Looking at their reviews, they are all replications from either the same person, or containing similar wording. Can you say 'fake account!?' So what they've done is pay for an order, decline delivery under the false pretense that I didn't deliver on the proverbial goods, and they're probably going to sell it. Or worse - they were commissioned by someone else under a separate seller account, and they're trying to sub-contract the work when they can't even afford to. Utter nonsense. Sellers are stuck between a rock and a hard place, I tell you.
  3. Greetings, I got a buyer, (A buyer from UAE also a seller on Fiverr ), Said he wants 2 edited videos and both source files, I delivered them, and He rated them 5 stars. After 1 day he is now asking me to give his revenue back because He is unable to learn the basics of Aftereffects, so he cannot edit the source file. He is also offering me more projects in the future if I give his revenue back to him. What should I do now?...
  4. I haven't been on fiverr very long, but a week ago I came across a seller that had displayed work in his gigs from at least 23 different unaware artists; none of whom have fiverr accounts. Is that a common occurrence with non-vetted sellers and are vetted sellers vetted in that area?
  5. Hello A buyer contacted me on requesting a 24-hour turnaround on a gig. Which I agreed to and actually delivered in 12 hours and marked as delivered (as stated on my page) I didn't heard anything back from them and 5 days later, the gig is marked as cancelled THE BUYER CANCELLED THIS ORDER AND FUNDS WERE RETURNED TO THEIR BALANCE. At the exact same time, the order was marked as cancelled, I received an email from Fiverr stating: ------ You just got refunded for a canceled order Good news! Your revenues for the canceled order by X due to a dispute were returned to your account, without affecting your cancellation rate. You can withdraw these funds from your account after a safety period of 7 days. ----- On the app it also stated "You were compensated for your canceled order" I'm really unclear what's going on as it looks like the buyer issued as chargeback which was approved and at the same time Fiverr have said it wasn't valid and the money has returned. But it hasn't yet (maybe it will do in 7 days). It's just weird I received all the messages at the same time. (Obviously I know what the buyer has tried to do here but I'm not entering that at this stage)
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