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  1. I mean I'm fluent in Spanish and I'd like to create gigs to attract Spanish speaking people in latin america or other countries.
  2. Fiverr gives it manually to those they choose,it's their own choice if you get the badge or not. Follow these step only. Remain active. Give response timely. Collect positive feedback from clients. Get more orders. Follow the schedule. Become a popular freelancer.
  3. My all gigs are under review due policy volition... So what will Fiverr do with me is the possible for reactive my gigs again?
  4. My first order was completed with five stars
  5. Hello, honorable experienced Fiverr Sellers! Is it allowed to share my friend's Gig link or my team member gig link to my Client when I can't do the job but I know someone who also work on Fiverr? Or is there any way to lead my client to that user who can do the job?
  6. Here is on my on-page seo services gig , please can you tell me is it okay. I hope It's a very helpful for my first fiverr market palace journey. thanks
  7. I have already a fiverr account, I want to create an another account into my same pc. Can two accounts be run simultaneously on the same PC?
  8. Greetings Fiverr's Sellers, - - - - - - - - - - Buyer Cancelled the Order (Unprofessional and Unpleasant) I have been so much disappointed today as got a Cancellation on my recent order. I have on fiverr since May 2017 and never happen such at least. The returning buyer come to me ask to design a logo and share a design he loves. I put his design in mind a drawn the logo as per my promising service's. Suddenly ask for change performed exactly he wants. Still, he come to say would like to cancels the order i want exact replica of the design i shared with railroad only instead of that road. I get back and draw five different connect put all my efforts and ask him to let me order with which design he loves the most. He studently reading but haven't respond a day after that come to cancelled the order. I wasted my week and ask him to meets or arrange meeting we can talk. He was biased my cancelled the order via Fiverr Customer Support. This is unreal happen the order value was even 200 USD which is good in enough value. How could i get justice if i latterly work hard on that order looking forward to hear from anyone had such experience. Ossama Mehmood 샘 | Fiverr Specialized Graphic Designer
  9. Once again fiverr's customer support does nothing to help the seller out. Here is my story sorry if its long I have all the pictures of the buyer lying and deceiving me and then writing a review that clearly was a lie and not fact since i told him in conversation the service as described. Then all of the bullshit customer support said with half of their automated messages. All I wanted is a lie of a review to get off of my account. I'm not gonna make this any longer than it already is so just look at all the pictures I screenshot they should be in order from the evidence to what CS had to say. PLEASE HELP Thanks for whoever took the time to read everything and hopefully this post gets traction. PS: Yes the manager is an automated message and sent the same thing twice you can see by the time stamps
  10. My client said that he is currently unavailable and would not be able to communicate effectively so told me that he would give instructions tomorrow but the order delivery is within 6hrs so I sent him an extension will this time extension affect my Fiverr gig profile?
  11. How can I improve my gig? My gigs link: https://www.fiverr.com/kaewsaralam/sales-funnel-clickfunnels-cartflow-kajabi-sales-page https://www.fiverr.com/kaewsaralam/responsivewebsite-ecommercewebsite-websitedesign-wordpresswebsite-wordpressdesig https://www.fiverr.com/kaewsaralam/landing-page-landing-page-design-wordpress-landing-elementor-landing-elementor https://www.fiverr.com/kaewsaralam/duplicate-website-clone-website-copy-clone-website-redesign-website-copy-website https://www.fiverr.com/kaewsaralam/design-or-fix-contact-form-for-your-wordpress-website
  12. Greatings, I Edited my Gig about 20-25 days ago. After that Gig not showing in fiver search result. Yesterday hole day gig was in second page but today again vanished from search result. Expecting a better feedback from the experts.
  13. Hi Fiverr developers,🙂 Just a suggestion for ratings & reviews. @fiverr showing an order’s Num count in Gigs after the buyers accepted projects & automatic delivery, is very valuable to the sellers. in some cases,buyers miss it due to their busy schedules.Not a complaint but just a suggestion.I would be very happy if it could be considered.since we put so much effort to do a good job and sometimes we go extra mile for some sensitive clients too. Showing order count in Gigs instead only ratings & reviews will help us to receive more works. Thank you. *if any sellers wants to add something feel free to comment here.
  14. Since 7 to 8 months I am facing some major issue with my ID, I am a level two seller and I am having a good profile status with 5 star rating and everything 100%. 7 months before when I got a promotion offer so I promoted my 2 best gigs but after some time MY both gigs were disqualified without anything wrong and all my gigs disappeared just because of 2, and it took 3-4 month that I was getting regular orders with my regular client but my ID was still down. I got a promotion offer again and I was happy but I decided to not accept it as it gives me a bad experience, as my ID was on a good stage in past, I got 3 orders on the same day but as I don't start the promotion, after 2 days again I see disqualification and a disappearance too. This is happening again and again 1 time in a month, lastly I got again a notification of promotion last month so I decided to accept it and as I did it, I was on the top of all searches for 2 weeks and even getting orders again but again disqualified and disappeared. such a bad experience I am facing. I need guidance from you people that what should I do now. support is even not answering properly. I have completed TOP RATED process 7 months before but as I was becoming top rated seller, I got these issues. Please help, SARA
  15. I am a new seller. I successfully completed 3 jobs. But I I haven't received any orders now. hope the experts will give their opinion.
  16. Last 4 months No Order. Please suggest to me How to improve my account.
  17. Hi there. I am a new seller at Fiverr. I have created my account on October 2021. I have tried so my method to get my first order but failed. This is my fiverr profile link: https://www.fiverr.com/rubayed_goads Can anyone please tell me what's wrong am I doing?
  18. Hello, I work in Digital Marketing related. Many clients ask to provide work sample files in buyer requests, can I provide a Google Drive link in buyer requests?
  19. Hi everyone! It's been 02 years since I'm on Fiverr but I still can't make it to even one order. I joined Fiverr back in May 2019 but didn't know much, so ended up quitting. Fiverr removed my gig afterward. I made a gig some 10 days ago, but I still have 28 impressions and 2 clicks. I've been doing freelance content writing for so long via social media platforms, and I know the stuff. But I'm unable to grab much attention from potential buyers at Fiverr. I'm depressed and confused at this socio-professional dilemma. Please check out my gig and share your thoughts on how can I do better to attract potential buyers and secure orders. https://www.fiverr.com/share/xyNgKZ Waiting for read your suggestions. Thank you in anticipation!
  20. I am really confused about my response time. Recently, I have sent buyer request at 12.30 p.m but buyer accept my offer at 6.30 A.M when I was sleeping. After 4hour later, I noticed it and reply to him but he didn't respond yet. Is it harmful to response time of my gig? Please, ensure me by experience seller suggestions.
  21. Hi there, If you have low response time or fiverr gigs ranking is going down such as clicks. there are two reasons. 1. Your are not using online/offline status when online or offline Step1. Goto profile>settings Step 2: Set online/offline status 2. You are not sharing your business on social media. Start sharing gigs will permote your business.
  22. Cancel my 1st order on Oct 27 and can't receive proper buyer request I have already 4 Gigs. I saw request 2-3 day 1 time. In Bangladeshi time i try to active 5-7 am, 12-2pm, 6-9pm and 12 Am.
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