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Found 8 results

  1. Recently i shared 3 posts related to Seller tips, buyers tips, and one great article about a person life change through Fiverr, NOT DOUBT ITS COPY I JUST SHARE. MAY IT WAS MY MISTAKE I DONT KNOW FIVERR RULE THAT WE CANT SHARE ARTICLE HERE. then there are judge people in the comment whom they called themself moderators i guess they reply me this Theamitsingh, Mjensen (forum leader) said a person's forum activity has no effect on their gig rank. I know sharing articles and forums doesn't lead the rank to grow, I just feel to share unaware of rules and regulations. here these people only come to judge instead of helping like No Pal! You, Cant, post something like this please be careful next time, As for my Fiverr rank part, I Earn 500-1000 USD on EVERY ORDER I DONT THINK SO IM SHORTING OF ORDERS AND RANKING ON FIVERR, IM NOT SHARING MY FIVERR PROFILE AS THEY CLAIM FOR PROMOTING GIG.
  2. Background · Fiverr is a platform that puts buyers in touch with sellers for a fee. · Competition is fierce. As of March 2021 there are around 2.3 million sellers all competing for work from 3.4 million buyers · Those figures may look like there are plenty of buyers to go around, but bear in mind that: o Some are one offs o Some use the same sellers all the time o A significant minority of buyers come to Fiverr to get free work and to prey on new sellers Gigs · Bear in mind that nothing is guaranteed in freelance work · Please make sure you have some skills - skills that people are willing to pay for · It is not enough to remove image backgrounds through remove.bg - you need to be able to use cutting path tools at the very least. And you need to be able to use them well · Canva is all very well, but not if you're going to sell their stock images as your own · Bear in mind that what you might think of as "sharing resources" is viewed on Fiverr as theft - don't copy other people's gig descriptions and/or images. This will be reported and you may lose your account · Gig images are not aspirational - they should be your own work, not stolen from the web · If you're selling some form of writing, make sure your grammar, punctuation and spelling indicate that you can complete orders properly. While most traffic is from India and Pakistan, most buyers are from the USA. Buyers from the USA expect good English with US English spelling. · If you don't know the difference between US and UK English spelling, do some research · Do not sell translations using Google translate. Google translate is more or less ok for chatting in the inbox, but not for professional translations. Professional translations require nuance, as well as fluency · Unlimited revisions chain you to buyers for the rest of your life. Limit your revisions and charge an additional fee for revisions over and above that limit · Make sure you have an order in place before starting any work · Read the Fiverr Terms of Service - they are strictly applied Buyer Requests · Buyer requests are for buyers, not sellers. Advertising your gigs through buyer requests is a waste of everyone's time · Respond only to requests that you have the skills to complete · You don't have to use all 10 responses allowed every day - be particular about your responses Fiverr Forum · Read first, post when you have something useful to say. · "How I get more order" has been asked and answered thousands of times. Read responses and put them into practice · Fiverr and the Forum are not your family. Sellers are your competitors. Some of the experienced sellers are very kind and will try to help. Don't rely on them doing so when you post rubbish · Don't post rubbish - if you're not getting orders even though you "stay online all day and all night" that indicates staying online isn't working. Not for you, not for anyone. Stop repeating it · Posting on the forum will not get you orders. Particularly if you post rubbish · Bear in mind that in discussion, people who disagree with your opinion are not impuning your honour. Stick to the point. No name calling. · The forum is a multinational platform where everyone is equal. People of all races, genders and religions interact with each other on the forum. Treat everyone with respect and don't expect them to agree with you I haven't covered everything - no doubt others will want to add their own insights TL;DR · Sellers are not co-workers or family, they're competitors · Don't lie about your skills · Don't steal from other sellers or the web · The forum is for fun, not spam · Treat everyone with respect
  3. My Gig Rank lost day by day ..please help me what can i do now?
  4. My order completed automatically now i have a question when buyer back to me can he make review for me?
  5. How is it possible to get more orders at Fiverr? Those who get order a lot more would benefit a lot if they helped a little. We would be very helpful if you could share the tips for getting order. My Gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/vy2pLW
  6. 1 month ago, I was in a good position and impression was cool. I got clicks and orders. 2 orders cancelled and this month 1 order cancelled(By CS, Completion Ratio was not damaged). Now, My gig is falling down. From 7 days stat, Gig impression was 20k-24k, But now, It is only 5k. Clicks were over 200, now that is in 60-70. Is it normal?
  7. Trying to clear your browser's cache and cookies can sometimes help, but if you still don't see a request, there are two things to keep in mind: One is that our relevant team carefully reviews each request and periodically leaves them in the buyer request area for sellers. We ask that you please check once each time for updates on these requests. The second is that the buyer request feature is dependent on the buyers. If buyers do not submit requests to your department, you will receive fewer requests than usual. Also, I see that you are currently an unleaded vendor. Please be aware that each buyer's request has a limitation of 10 unselected seller's offers before the seller's opinion is removed. It also has an effect on the offers you see. To maximize the potential of this feature, I would urge you to check back once for updates on these requests and, if available, send offers to your customers. In the meantime, I recommend visiting our Help Center and forums, where you can get a lot of tips / advice on different ways to get more sales.
  8. Whats Fiverr Forum and what is the benefit of using it?
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