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  1. I have been working as a graphics designer in Fiverr for a couple of months now. Today (25/10/2021) I got an email from Fiverr telling that a GIG was removed from my profile because the images do no belong to me, but I have the proves of my ownership and I had also send the FIVER CC in an email about my innocence but they never replied back. And also they banned my account on first warning that was sent to me just 1 hour before the ban. Atleast I should have got enough time to rectify the confusions about my profile. Please help me, am unemployed and Fiverr was my only full- time.
  2. Why wouldn't we ??😄😄 Fiverr features 1.Multi-Currency Support. 2.Private Communication Platform. 3.Custom Offers. 4.Multi-Category Jobs. 5.Secure Payment Gateways. 6.Freelance Marketplace. 7.Seller Rating & Feedback. Add more feature that ain't mentioned above.
  3. Hi, I am doing services here in Tech and HubSpot CRM. I didn't even get any enquiry too from any buyers. I got some decent orders 6 months back. But Now a days i didnt got any single enquiry from buyers. How Can i change my gig SEO friendly or how to rank in top? Some one please help me.
  4. Alhamdulillah, I have completed the first order on Fiverr with a 5* rating.🥰🙂🥰
  5. Fiverr is expanding every corners of the globe. And we see many fresh buyers(users) placing their first orders. Some are here just for the sake of getting done the job without understanding the process. They need the job in a hurry will pay you and not rate or appreciate the help. 1. When you find the right seller start a solide conversation wit him/her about your job.and make sure they are able to full fill your. 2.Keep the conversation flowing. Reply ASAP if seller ask a question or ask them to send you snap shots of the milestones. 3.Once the seller did the job and Delivery sent to you.Respond to that ASAP. if you need a revishion ask right away. 4.If they did a good job please RATE & WRITE something to Show your appreciate when you recieving your order. We as Sellers Highly appreciate every buyer rates & reviews.
  6. How is it possible to get more orders at Fiverr? Those who get order a lot more would benefit a lot if they helped a little. We would be very helpful if you could share the tips for getting order. My Gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/vy2pLW
  7. I felt it too much. Every sellers one of dream achive thier level up badge. It is a crazy one😜. Then they got some positive mind about their works and improving bout their skills and remake thier bad habits😍. Fiverr level badge give those mainly. I got my Fiverr level badge September. but unfortunately i losted it next day with canceling order from my side. im busy that movement and i canceled that order . How ever i losted my badge. 😪i losted my competition order to much . it was 71% now i need to cover it with 1 month and to get again my badge. 🤨 Im working for my dream aganin and again. I updated my status with never give up🏅. I did 15+ Orders within one month and all my Orders i got with 5 star ⭐ rating with good reviews. my all works with 5 ⭐ works.I got My badge again This Octomber again🤘. Now im watchig to climb my next level 😍. I give you all sellers one thing from my life experience. Don't fell down. If you fell down you need to standup again. Don't worry Take time and stand up again.👊 Never Give Up!!!!!!!!🏅
  8. I’m new to Fiverr and do I have to pay tax for my talent
  9. Good Day Everyone! The most waiting notification arrived today. Today, I have achieved the Level Top Seller position after hard work from the last 2 Years (I got badge after 2 years earlier i was also top rated seller too but due to some bad experience i lost that badge so finally back very excited to start this new journey again).
  10. Hello there, It's nice to share with you that today I have got my first tip from a buyer. Happy to be here, connect with fiverr. Happy freelancing mohan1617
  11. HI respectful senior members and friends in here. kindly share your best possible option on how to promote fiverr gigs's and get the best possible results. paid or an organics. your contributions will be highly appreciated https://www.fiverr.com/share/xyVew1
  12. I am new but i have completed many work with review. Please check my profile. If you need any kind of services from my gig you can knock me. I am always active for work. Order me for fast and best service. Visit my gig for more information. My gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/ld5vyQ
  13. Hi fiverr community. About a month ago, I decided to edit my gig from offering WordPress service to video animation explainer. I got denied from the explainer video category. Now I edited my gig back to WordPress with the same description content and everything else. The problem is even when I edited my gig back to the WordPress category. I am still seeing my gig on the denied section each time. I contacted support, Support team reviewed my gig and said best option create new gig. My denied gig got 35+ review 4.9 rating. Note: i didn't break any TOS. Denied reason is not uploading video but i already changed to wordpress category and not requires a video. Please help.
  14. Hello Fiverr Community, I'm a new here and I'm curious to know how to make earnings on this amazing platform. My vision is the deliver excellent and satisfactory projects to buyers. But I'm yet to get my vision to reality. If you have any tips to give I'm ready to learn. Thank you all! Thank you Fiverr! Best Regards
  15. Hello everyone! I am an MS student at Riphah International University, Lahore, Pakistan, currently working on my thesis on mental, emotional and psycho-social challenges faced by gig workers around the world. As you are aware, there is an increasing prevalence of participation in platform work (e.g. Uber, Foodpanda, Fiverr, Upwork, Amazon Mechanical Turk, etc.) in recent times. The purpose of this thesis is to understand some of the challenges arising from engaging in platform work. Please consider sparing 5-10 minutes of your valuable time for this brief survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeb8qt68ZMAnHiiSVSD7WNYhvARqJptPeWUacjLNxehgV0z9A/viewform?usp=sf_link I would also be most grateful if you could kindly forward this message to your platform worker colleagues and contacts as well. Thank you! Sincerely, Nur Ariana
  16. I have a Fiverr account that I have delete 5-7 months ago. Now I am Open a New Account and link up my previous social account to my new Fiverr account is there any problem if I am using this?
  17. I have seen people suggesting to spend more time on fiverr in order to get the first order or rank higher. My question is that really true? If then how much time we should spend? According to your experience share a quote.
  18. I want to about fiverr cash advance loan. My got the loan few month ago and almost the loan was finished. Now, i want to know about that does fiverr will give you loan again? Does anyone here Who got 2nd time loan?
  19. Is it very important to be active in the Fiverr forum to get gigs rank in Fiverr?
  20. Hi I am level two seller with 870 reviews. I am facing the issue of gig deranking from last year and now facing for the third time de-ranked once again yesterday on 15 October. Last time it took five months to get my gigs back to ranking and first page. Also my Fiver Gig promotions goes to unqualified for all my gigs yesterday. Now how I can overcome this issue soon? I can't wait once again like five months. Another thing I get is Seller plus option on my account few days go. Should I buy this feature? Will it help me in getting back my ranking?
  21. I’d like to request tips from people on setting your delivery times. How long is your delivery time, have you changed it over the life of your gig, does your set time differ from your actual average delivery time ?
  22. Traffic to Fiverr.com by country 21.97% 1.25% United States. 10.09% 0.53% Pakistan. 6.33% 3.19% India. 5.81% 0.83% United Kingdom. 5.59% 1.17% Bangladesh.
  23. There have more facilities for a buyer at Fiverr market place in every sphere. But why? we're, the sellers also a major part of this marketplace.
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