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  1. Hello friends! i am Atik Fahad Emon.recently i have joined this marketplace because i am facing serious financial issue in my life thats why i came here to work with this marketplace.I am totally a newcomer. I will do my best to work with fiverr! i heard that fiverr changed peoples life! many people were poor,facing financial problem just like me! so therefore if they can devlop then why not me! as a beginner i accepted this challange! maybe i get something to do or it may change my life! so i am hoping something from this marketplace! i would love to share my gig here! if theres a person who can help me by my service then they are welcome! i hope this community gives me something new. a better life! also i will devlop my skills though this works! Thank you!
  2. Some days ago I complete 200 review done. Also add a new gig image, If you want to visit my gig PLEASE
  3. I want to know skill test benefit or not. Please
  4. To get a great URL for your gig on Fiverr, you need to compare at least 5 gigs to find out what your competitors are doing. This method is simple, you have to compare all the URL and find out the common keywords. Once you have your list with your keywords you are ready to create a great and optimize URL for your gig please note that the url of your gig is not changeable,once your gig is published My recommendation is to not change gig title once your gig is publish
  5. Hi thanks for last time help me... Within few hours I start getting buyer request. But today I have a favor to ask you all.. Can you all help me to rank my gig on Fiverr.. I want to do a experiment with Fiverr ranking system. I wanna know how Fiverr system works and people all of a sudden had and start getting orders too fast... Let me share what i done... Share some of my top competitors !!! (1) www.fiverr.com/share/WdlW7d (2) www.fiverr.com/share/5Ko2V6 (3) www.fiverr.com/share/xl43yq (4) www.fiverr.com/share/WdlWkl (5) www.fiverr.com/share/Z4lrNR I made changes according their inspiration but i am not expert So, can you guy's help me to show i mistake i made? Help me you all are my last hope 😳😟 @saysanji@danno1950@vickiespencer@nicol_makula @saysanji@shabanajabeen @balanche_11 @alphagev @starseorank @antonmarais1981@bethcleavy @frank_d@mahbubstudio @callyofficial@digitizedesign@digitizedteam@leannelrivers @gongor32@krheate @ligiacarvalho@ligiacarvalho@surajrenuka @miiila@krheate @theratypist @enunciator
  6. Can anyone tell me why no buyer request is being received- In the business name and slogan section? Is anyone have this section? mzmasud
  7. I hope I would get to learn and create professional connections as it relates to virtual assistance performing data entry tasks for small and medium-term manufacturing companies? Kindly note that; Looking forward to meeting my first client and you'd be amazed at my fantastic deliveries.
  8. How can i make a side by side PDF for fiverr GIG image. in past i created a GIG with just 3 page and the last page is showing all of my works by scrolling . but i want it side by side. How can i make it.
  9. I hope everyone doing his/her best on Fiverr. recently I have completed my 100 orders target. And I have fill up 81 Reviews in My digital Marketing sector. I am now doing SMM, SEM and dropshipping. best of luck. Thanks
  10. Hi everyone,, I am a Fiverr seller. I completed 14 orders, With a five-star review. But unfortunately I have not been able to keep active for the last one year. Now, I have no work in This profile. Can I get a new job this profile? Please Help me!!!!!!!!
  11. Hello everyone, How are you doing? I want to share with you a great news. Today I have got my TOP RATED SELLER Badge. I started my journey from April 11,2020 . I completed my requirements within one year. But I got my TRS badge today. Happy Freelancing 🥰
  12. For me, it's been like rollercoster ride, sometimes things will go by your way and sometimes they don't. When I first started freelancing on Fiverr, I didn't get my first order from around 2 months and I was feeling hopeless that will I get any order? Then a client approached me through my gig. I was feeling happy, I did my best on the project and the client was satisfied with my work in a run. Then I was hoping for next order, but it took a lot of time. I was amature that time, so I started doing a lot of research on Fiverr, reading a lot of Articles on fiverr community, started answering and asking questions on Fiverr forumm, then I got to know How to use Buyer Request properly, So then I also started to send Buyer request on a daily basis. But there was no response from the other side and one day a client responded and I got the 2nd order from buyer request, I completed the project. So now I am getting orders from gigs and buyer requests. One time, a client liked my work so much, that he give me a tip, so that was some kind of good experience. And there was a time when a client come again and ask for one more order. I enjoy my work, I am artist and I'll love to draw and paint. So working by doing what I love is a wonderful feeling for me, yes it take efforts, yes I have to work on my skills daily. cause working on your skills and doing projects is the core of Fiverr platform. We all once an amature, but as time passes and as we don't give up on our passion, hustling to be better, we all become more than amature. And that's what make this journey of Fiverr a roller coster. Thankyou- INPAPER😄
  13. Every human being has the ability to earn income for a certain period of time. With time or age it tends to get ras. At one stage of a hectic career, people spend all their earnings to meet their needs. Then he doesn't think he will ever grow old. But as he got older, he realized that he had spent all his life earning what he had earned and that he needed to make some savings. But if this possibility is present in his career in the organization, then the task becomes much easier. At one point in his career, even after his time was up, he took a break from his career and saw that he had saved a large sum of money, and that he could use that time to spend the rest of his life. In the same way a small portion of the earnings of the organization we are working for would be very beneficial if we could get it at the end of the day as savings. I'm drawing the attention of the fiverr community to take a look at this issue. Maybe many sellers will benefit from it. ❤️❤️❤️
  14. I am new on Fiverr. For some reason, I couldn't be active much after gig creation. Now my gig impressions are nearly zero. I think Fiverr has thrown it like garbage. What should I do now? Should I delete the gig and create a new one? Zero orders on the gig. Expect expert suggestions.
  15. Absolutely Not, Fiverr never allowed buyer and sellers to deal and communicate outside because of security reasons Fiverr's system is very active In case of any seller or buyer ask you to deal outside Fiverr you have to report It After that Fiverr checks that really this person is asking to deal outside Fiverr and Finally Fiverr block seller or buyer or both accounts So be careful Never accept or Give payment outside of Fiverr
  16. Please guys i still need help with my gig I have not yet receive any order. please help me click on it all am asking for is just a click from you guys😭. please help a brother out here and if you have some you can referral to me that need my service please do help me out 😭have not yet receive my first order and it been 3 months now https://www.fiverr.com/share/ylbPj0 https://www.fiverr.com/share/xl5Bwa
  17. Hello, seniors am a beginner in Fiverr. I earn good impression but no clicks. I changed the gig thumbnail many time but no clicks in my gig. Which is the main factor to put in the gig thumbnail and can you say what is the best background colour for YouTube related gig thumbnail. Thank you:)
  18. How to add review + image at the of client's delivery ?
  19. Hello, Fiverr expert. Hope you are all well. I am Monir from Bangladesh. Recently I have fall in a problem. My problem is the setting of the locaton. Check out the picture. I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. But now my location is showing in different location. Note: Thought I changed my passwords it shows still the smae locaton. How can I solve this problem??? please expert brother and sister suggest me. Thank you in advanced.
  20. Last 3 months ago I took a small break from fiverr. Then 2 Months I was not so happy because buyer requests are not much like old. That's why i took fiverr as free hand work... But now I feel fiverr is important for my future for that reason i start give again, change my gigs > update it But noting happen still the buyer request continuously freeze for a month. I am depressed and hopes erasing.... Now I saw this forum community and came for a help... Let's me know what you guy's suggest me? @nicol_makula @saysanji@shabanajabeen @balanche_11 @alphagev @starseorank @antonmarais1981@bethcleavy @frank_d@mahbubstudio @callyofficial@digitizedesign@digitizedteam@leannelrivers @gongor32@krheate @ligiacarvalho@ligiacarvalho
  21. There is no surefire way to avoid bad sellers on Fiverr, but there are a few things you can do to minimize your risk: 1. Check the seller's reviews and ratings before placing an order. 2. Pay attention to the language used in the seller's gig description. If it is full of grammatical errors, this is usually a red flag. 3. Communicate clearly with the seller before placing an order. Ask any questions you have about the gig, and be specific about your expectations. 4. If possible, request a custom gig from the seller. This way, you can provide more detailed instructions and the seller will have a better understanding of what you need. 5. Be willing to pay a little extra for a seller that you can trust. In general, the saying "you get what you pay for" is true.
  22. some time fiverr gig going to down from ranking... Is there any reason which I don't know.. because there is no fall i see in my completed job, all buyer submit good comment. so why gig rank going to down I don't understand!! is there any black magic?
  23. my gig is unprobotable since 2 months, i am a level 2 seller with all the metrics required for promotion avaiable and though any order doesnt exist, no people makes orders, when months ago i wasnt even promoting my gig, orders arrived in huge quantity. the support won't say whats wrong with my gig and i cant work since 2 months, how can i solve this situation?
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