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Found 14 results

  1. Recently I unlinked a payoneer account from my fiverr and added another payoneer. On pioneer's website it shows that the account is linked to fiverr and verified but when I try to withdraw funds fiverr asks me to connect my payoneer account after clicking on that link I am redirected to this page. I have contacted payoneer support and I was told that my account is verified and connected to fiverr and after contacting fiverr support I was told that my payoneer account is under review?
  2. Hello I'm new here. How often does new seller get brief. Besides, the brief stuff doesn't stop spam messages. The next day that follows the day I created my account, I got spam message can you imagine. It'd be better if fiverr can restore the buyer request because it's far better than the brief to be Frank.
  3. Greetings I am new on fiverr and today i got notification that submit ID for verification and when i tried to submit. i was getting errors because it will show me that quality of your ID is bad and i don't know that why i was getting that error because quality of my ID was too much good, anyways when i submit it for 2 to 3 times they rejected it and in the end they says that contact with customer support. so now i am here and this is my humble request to you that please give me last chance that i submit my ID again more accurately because i have read all of your terms and services and now i have full idea that how to submit ID now my account is tempary disabled and unable to send ticket to support team please help me what i can do it now?
  4. This is my friend account harper and last 15 days before account disable temporary . she continousily report and ask question but no solution . Fiverr techniqal team still review and not solve this issue. Can you help me how i solve this problem? Fiverr support team said its occur because you used old payoneer card and its mistakenly happened.
  5. Guys, this is something very interesting that I'm going to share with you. Since it's been over 3 years that I'm doing Fiverr On & Off, Fulltime & Part-time. During my this journey, I considered Fiverr Support one of my best friends (sounds funny? to me as well) lol. Fiverr is becoming a great community & great things come with great responsibilities. But definitely good & bad people are everywhere, so sometime I as a seller encounter issues with Fiverr buyers & I had to reach Fiverr Support which is always my last hope. Whenever you're trying to reach out to Fiverr, try your best to make choice of Right Words write less & meaningful write in a way that they could easily understand your issue because those guys have hundereds of requests to entertain Make proper evidence of the case, and readability of your content should be HIGH So writing less, meaningful & better readability could help to solve your issues quickly. Rabia R.
  6. Hello Fiverr Fellows, We received orders from Spam Buyers, the get the work, complete the order and then ask for a refund. And more interesting part is that Fiverr Support Cancel the order without discussing with us. The non technical staff of the Fiverr support even don’t listen to us. Any solution for this ? Regards Umar
  7. I have done several optimization and changed gig videos but yet it still remain the same and now my gig has left 1st page to 3rd page after much work and editions. What could be wrong please?
  8. Hello there, So I've been on Fiverr since 2018. Yesterday, after updating my gig with some new photos, I got an email notification that I should remove my Behance link from my gig. Which I did - I removed the link from my gig description, and yet this morning I got a notification that my gig was denied (because I didn't remove the links as recommended). Which is weird, BECAUSE I DID remove it after receiving the email. This is what they said in their email: Unfortunately we had to remove your Gig due to the following reason/s: We noticed that you included a link to an external site within your Gig. In general, we don’t allow the use of external links on Fiverr and ask that you do not refer users to sites other than Fiverr.com. You may display links to your work samples in your Gig portfolio. Please see Gig Policies For more information. It seems that your Gig was not updated according to our previous recommendations or Gig correction reminders. We kindly ask for your awareness and responsiveness if your Gigs require modification in the future. I know it was a Sunday, but did a human being actually check that I did the changes or is it all automatic? After contacting support, they told me that the Behance link was actually in my FAQ section, and that my gig (with +100 reviews that I've worked so hard on) can no longer be restored. How is this fair? No one told me personally that I should look there too - I simply did not check that section, as it's been a couple years since I last edited it. Is there anything for me to do besides contacting support? This is clearly a big misunderstanding, and I'm not sure what to do at this point. Thanks! Raluca
  9. Hi Fiverr developers,🙂 Just a suggestion for ratings & reviews. @fiverr showing an order’s Num count in Gigs after the buyers accepted projects & automatic delivery, is very valuable to the sellers. in some cases,buyers miss it due to their busy schedules.Not a complaint but just a suggestion.I would be very happy if it could be considered.since we put so much effort to do a good job and sometimes we go extra mile for some sensitive clients too. Showing order count in Gigs instead only ratings & reviews will help us to receive more works. Thank you. *if any sellers wants to add something feel free to comment here.
  10. I understand that this nothing new but support has been awful. I'm a level 2 seller which supposedly offers priority support though I have seen no change in at all. In the past when trying resolve situations they have always given template answers that more often than not weren't related to what I asked but recently support has been ignoring my inquiries all together. This started when I noticed that there was funds that I had earned that had not been available to me, with $150 seemingly missing from my account. At first they told me I was wrong and the numbers were all correct! Apparently they took no time to actually do some basic math and work out that there was obviously money missing. I pressed the issue and they eventually said I was correct but it was just a "visual bug". This of course is not true, it's not just "visual" as I have no access to it. When I inquired as to when and how this will be fixed they ignored my questions and will no longer respond to any inquiry I make. Obviously this is completely unprofessional and I just wanted to ask if anyone else has experienced this issue were support are ignoring your messages?
  11. one of my gig is 9 months old with 13 reviews. but getting no order now not yet ranked also. suggest me, what to do?
  12. I opened a new account in Fiverr. Please provide some advice then will help me first order. thanks
  13. Two days ago I started writing a gig, a big one. As a beginner (Kind of) I don’t know that behance is not allowed in fiverr. So, I put my enriched(😂) behance portfolio in my gig description and SEO. And bang! My gig bounced back as a rejected one and wants modification. I wondered and went to fiverr support. They give me a list of accepted domains. After some modification and ensuring that my gig is clean, I submitted again and know what? Afghan it got rejected and now not for modification. It fixes its place in the denied tab. Now I wrote a big support request and just an hour ago my gig was approved and that’s live now. You can also check which links are allowed. I am giving that list here. ammyy.com blogspot.com flickr.com mixcloud.com reverbnation.com soundcloud.com spotify.com teamviewer.com tumblr.com vimeo.com wetransfer.com wikipedia.org youtube.com Thank you, Fiverr support. This is that gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/LBLPR0
  14. We all know how order cancellation affects seller's profile and Fiverr business. But when buyer ordered by mistake and immediately dispute it, if seller accept it, what would happen? Does it affect order cancellation rating? If rating goes down, why!! It is not a seller's fault. How can we handle it? Do you have any idea? I frequently face this problem. Need some suggestions. Thank You. 🙂
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