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Found 8 results

  1. Hello Friends, Alhamdulillah, Today I am very Happy to achieve my one more milestone. Its $23,000 Net Income on fiverr Dashboard in 5 years.
  2. I have made my Fiverr Seller Profile 6 months ago, but I never got any orders. I had tried changing my GIGs and Profile details a number of times but still no buyers ever approached me. One day, I got a message in my inbox, "You up for a work?" "Yeah, sure." I said. I was so happy that someone even bothered to text me on Fiverr when I was almost about to lose hope. I completed the order within 6hrs and submitted my work. To my surprise, I got a 5 Star review with a compliment, "Good communication and fast delivery." This accomplishment gave me confidence and energy to hang on for another few days. Then again exactly 1 week later, that is today (3/09/2021) I got my second order and I completed it within 6hrs again. I got a 4.7 Review and a compliment, "He did a great job and very fast service." So guys I just want you all to know that you are not the only one who is getting depressed of not getting customers. Everyone around here are working hard to make money and get recognized. Hang in there and keep doing what you are doing now. Never give up.
  3. I am a new seller in Fiverr. After doing four things, I verify my account. Impressions and clicks of my gigs decrease after verifying my Fiverr account. Now how can I increase my gig impressions and clicks.
  4. What i am about to say is truly honest and right out of heart of what i feel and what fiverr should do. #fiverrdoesntcare I Joined Fiverr like in 2018 mid i think. i wont be boring you with how i worked and what i did i will be simply telling you my whole experience with fiverr. just save this post and copy paste it because it might not be here for long time. After long period of hard work and making nearly $100k on fiverr with average of 450$ per order i think fiverr might ban me now. I offer marketing service and i have gotten fiverr choice badge like 20 times in last 6 months on my multiple gigs. i always had 5.0 to 4.9 rating max. 500+ reviews i think and only 1 star because of my own mistake as i couldn't deliver so buyer had every right to give 1 star rating i admit and other than that never again 1 star rating. Long story short i waited for almost 11-13 months after i reached my $20k target in order to become top rated seller but it never happened. i understand that and i respect that as well because its a hand picked category and fiverr can choose whoever they want. in my 3-4 years of working with fiverr 3 times their system mistakenly sent me violations and fiverr removed it as well so i thought i was clear. so again no violation my account is fully clean and ready and many of you may even know as i was literally the most expensive seller on fiverr because honestly i believe in quality so my tools were expensive so there for i was expensive. Out of no where almost 3 weeks back fiverr sent me an email saying my account is being reviewed right now as i bought few things because i was trying to manipulate their system. i asked them for proof and they said they cant share so i gave them my proof with logic and showed them my history of every gig i ever bought for personal use but still no valid respond from them. I work on Upwork as well but never in my whole life i felt so helpless than i am talking to fiverr customer support. i think many would agree that they don't really care about finding a solution for us or giving us any suggestion or even telling us what happened and what was the reason. we seller never know what happened and why it happened as most of the time agent says "they cannot disclose any details" i heard this like milllon times. anybody can come and place the order get the work done and then open a dispute and fiverr will give the buyer money back without even talking to seller or at least asking them what is the problem. this is a very common scam done by even VID sellers that i think fiverr has no idea because THEY DONT CARE WE SELLERS HAVE NO PROTECTION FROM FRAUD OR EVEN FIVERR ITSELF! SELLER DONT EVEN GET THE HELP WE DESERVE FROM FIVERR SELLERS ARE ALWAYS KEPT IN DARK THERE IS NO SECURITY TO FOR OUR ASSEST Fiverr if you are reading this please listen carefully and listen now because honestly you guys need to there is no other option! It only takes one crazy person to either mess or create a whole big vision. if you don't start giving a sh*t about your sellers you will be only left with buyers and nobody who is selling. many people are already shifting to new Upwork marketplace it wont take very long before you loose the trust of your long time loyal sellers like me. EVEN IF YOU JUST GIVE 10% ATTENTION TO SELLERS INSTEAD OF 100% TO YOUR BUYER TRUST ME THINGS WILL TURN GOOD. Now i have nearly $11K worth of orders and first i was able to withdraw my funds now i cant even do that anymore. THIS IS MY STORY! AND MY EXPERIENCE WITH FIVERR. #fiverrdoesntcare i got more to say and i will keep on writing again. thanks for reading means a lot and i know many of you wont agree with me but just imagine if you go to jail for a crime you didn't do then how would you feel ?
  5. Hey everyone, I am Vikas Swami, a freelance graphic designer or commercial artist, whatever you call, and I love to design the brand identity for all types of businesses. When a person is on their initial stage of career-building, they face a hard nut to crack, which is "What is my actual talent?" or "What I love to do in my life?" but that was just a game for me. At an early age in my childhood, I love to do experiments with all kinds of work that I saw in my day-to-day life, and then I found which one is more enjoyable and which one is less. Wait... I'll cover that talent-finding story some other day. Let me directed you towards my Fiverr success journey: Back in my college days, when I was 19 years old, I enjoyed doing experiments with all types of graphic elements, from typography to shapes, from colors to sections, and so on. I focused on the journey, not the destination, and I was so into it that I lost track of time. At that time, I've used so many freelancing platforms to understand the graphic designing needs in the market but never tried Fiverr in the initial days. I've continued my experiment without even thinking about $$$, and I start getting projects from all around the world. Those days some businesses were lacking in their branding, and their designing vision was not to the standard that I set at that time. I was a beginner and unable to educate my clients regarding this, and I thought this was not freedom for an artist. In August 2015, I switched to Fiverr, and I created my first gig with the hope that I will get great clients here. When I started, I struggled a lot, but I was so curious about their algorithm that I started experimenting with my gigs, and I don't know how their algorithm got what I WANT. Just after three months of this, I was not only getting great clients but managed to take my gig from last to some starting page results. Day by day, year by year, I was improving a lot and getting all types of level badges like level 1, level 2, and the most awaited 'TRS' in February 2019. Overnight success is a myth, and it takes a lot of time and effort to accomplish your goal. You can be lucky here, but you have to have consistency in your work for long-term survival on any platform. Success, in other words, just a journey for me, not the destination. By loving the process, you can also be successful, just like me. So, if you are a new seller and very passionate about your profession, then start your journey today without any overthinking. If you are an old seller and still struggling a lot, then I'd say loving the process, but in the right direction. I know only loving the process will not pay your bills, but if you do it in the right direction, then very near in the future, you'll get what you want. Now, what is the right direction? Well, it can be different from person to person, and just a few hows and whys can give you more clarity about YOUR right direction. Thanks for reading this whole story about my journey. Stay Healthy, Stay Creative 🙂 Vikas
  6. Hi everyone, I would like to thank you Fiverr for chaning my life. It was really easy to work with people around the world with the help of Fiverr platform. One year ago, I was very worried about my job due to COVID-19 after completing my BSCS. It was very hard to find work from Buyer request. I did some research on Fiverr related to my skill and found some keywords with low competitions. I tried to rank my gig on the same keyword without sending any single buyer request. Tips to rank your gig First of all you need to find the top keyword of your skill. For example, logo design. Search this keyword on Fiverr search bar. You will find number of gigs (competition) Select any gigs from the first page with unique title and low feedbacks on it. Check their tags/keywords of gigs. Then, keep search them on Fiverr and you will find some keyowrds that have low competition. Please make sure to use those keywords in your gigs that have around 3-5K services available. Once, your gig will rank on low compitetion keywords then, Fiverr search algorithm will automatically rank you on high compitetion keywords. Please improve your gigs and keep an eye on your competitors. What they are doing unique in their gigs. I hope this will help you to rank you gig on Fiverr. If you still have any questions, please let me know All the best and kind regards, Mubashir
  7. I came to Fiverr with full efficiency and I have published three gigs with my services. I stay active for about 16 hours daily and send 5/7 buyer request. My impression is good enough after my gigs active Fiverr Authority, but the clicks are slight. I can't get orders directly from Fiverr without a buyer request? Orders are available on Fiverr without buyer request? Stay Home Save Lives. Regards: marketing_byte
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