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Found 4 results

  1. I understand why people get banned in Fiverr bit well. I work since 2018-2019, I guess 🤔. Anyhow, some of my community members are so frustrated by these bans. Now they are under good community that I and my friends motivate. So, these people are asking a second chance, what will Fiverr say to this? Can a banned person again register on Fiverr and prover their verification credentials? Or would it immediately reject them from the platform? Also, if you banned 100%, does that mean the Fiverr deleted your details from the database? Or is this more link black listing? Can you guys help out? I do not like to bring this to the Fiverr support_tickets, because it's not related to my account, so any help would be appreciated! Thanks! 🙏
  2. There is a buyer, He told me that he wants a zoom meeting for showing what he wants. I successfully completed 7 orders with him. He is not a vid buyer. He is just a normal buyer. This means He doesn't have any badges. There is no video calling option with him. For this, we have to use the zoom app without Fiverr. Does Fiverr allows zoom meeting for normal buyers?
  3. Fiverr rule is very important for everyone. Let's know some- It is hard to start as a seller because of little to no exposure which means not getting enough impressions and views on your gigs. Fiverr moderators are extremely ruthless and they show no mercy. So learn to play by rules there. If you follow the rules properly you should be fine. If you want to make serious money from Fiverr, upsells are really important. The customers who have paid some money to you before are more likely to pay you more. It is extremely hard and tiring to maintain the seller levels and even a short mistake could lead you to be downgraded as a seller. Always be polite with customers. Learn Facebook advertising. It is the best way to get customers on Fiverr. If you think doing something maybe against the Fiverr rules then please ask customer support first. DO NOT take risks in these matters.
  4. The service I offer is a screenplay coverage service. Customers pay based on the type of screenplay they have: $25 for a short, $40 for a pilot, and $55 for a feature. Additionally, the word count they receive also depends on the package they choose: 750 words for a short, 1,000 words for a pilot, and 1,200 words for a feature. The customer I'm dealing with has a pilot, but wanted to pay for the short package. I let him, but with the understanding he gets the short word count (750 words). Here's the issue, though. After he submitted the pilot, he literally added an additional 29 questions for me to answer. Because of this, I ended up writing him 4,400 words instead of the 750 word max the package includes. I wasn't too happy about the extra work I had to do, but I like the guy, so I was okay with it. Once I was done answering all these questions, however, he put my order in revision because he has some 'follow up questions' he wants answered first. He's done this before where his follow-up questions literally go on daily for weeks. So, I guess my question is: how do I get this guy to stop taking advantage of the Fiverr conversation platform and revisions option without being rude? He's a loyal customer, so I don't want to antagonize him. Also, is he in any way violating Fiverr's rules?
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