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Found 17 results

  1. Why fiverr not approve some seller profile now days
  2. Hello successful people, You can call me Mastertwitch or Kenneth. I'm curious to become great on my full time freelancer and to become great on this Amazon Marketplace. I have a service that am I rendering before which is email marketing, it very saturated. I have passion for this service but never make a dime in the marketplace for past 1 year, so I decide to change a service, as we know that it against Fiverr TOS to have two accounts. I need to delete the account and move to Twitch marketing. The reason I moved to twitch is that I can render email marketing on it and help those streamers to get organic viewers and followers. I have different tested marketing plans relate to email marketing and social media marketing for those streamers. I tried almost everything in which am capable to do, to rank in the Fiverr algorithms and to produce valuable service, which was told in Fiverr learn. Still the same, I realized those streamers love quick results. I'm not here to said abusive words, but my experience makes me realize that. I decide to look for solution on Fiverr support, still not get the answer why buyers are not ready to click on my profile. I meet one of Fiverr staff, I was told these sentences. (I would advise you to make some changes in your gig, which will lead to a shift in the algorithm and may help in the positioning of your gig.) Does not mean to change services, right? After some critical thinking by myself, I found across to ask this question say, Which services on this platform that are relevant and have quality services in which potential buyers will be able to look for. It's true, all service as their own uniquest. Want to get advice and knowledge before moving into another service, or should I fight the battle by win the race in these services. I will love to hear from your experiences and a piece of advice. Thank you all
  3. As far as I know, basic price for a PRO gig is 100$ not 25$. I also have tried to add 25$ on a Pro gig in the same category (just to check as I don't plan to sell anything for 25$) and is not possibile. Looks highly unlikely that is a bug since a human person needs to approve the gig so I very weird. It will be great if someone from product can give us some answers. Thanks
  4. Hello everyone! How are you doing? I hope you are doing great. I have a question to all of you Guys. What you think if we get CERTIFICATE from Fiverr International based on our experience? If Fiverr provide this, we can utilize that many ways... What you think about that? Thanks & Best regard! Azmain Rahman Graphic designer
  5. Hi everyone! A really simple question here. I want to grow further on Fiverr, so I'm considering going for a Pro status right now. But it seems that currently I earn more than the sellers with Pro status in my niche. Most of them have only a couple of reviews and 0 orders in queue. And I've been seeing these profiles at least for half a year. So I'm kinda afraid that might not work out well for me. Any advice? 😊
  6. Hello, I am Abdur, I want to know. How to get a Fiverr pro seller? I need your suggestions plz. Thnkas
  7. I was able to enroll with Fiverr library. But few are $0. I'm so glad when watching the video on Fiverr learn, the great man saying, to have full knowledge and knew how to standout in tremendous profile in this amazon digital service (Online auction). You need to enroll with different course. I have $0 on my dashboard, to enhance my skills, I need different course but must be free. That prompt me here, maybe the professionals in the community will have an idea on the courses. Thanks
  8. Hey everyone, “My name is Jasmine and I have 7 completed gigs on Fiverr as a digital marketer. I want to help my client solve their issues." As I used the platform more, I realized that my services were not ranking above the other people. A recent study of mine showed that when outsourcing content creation, it is beneficial to find someone with a proven track record through Fiverr forums. I would love to figure out how you can help me. And my questions, does it my profile setup, keywords or Gigs. You can check my profile: https://www.fiverr.com/users/marketingjasmin/ Note in appreciation
  9. Hello, I want to ask some question. is it possible to get order on fiverr without sending offer or promotion? and also in what way is that possible
  10. Hi there, I was thinking of applying for fiverr pro to create a gig but how many clients or projects do I need to get pro verified and do I need to work with big clients to get it?
  11. I often wonder how sellers become rising talent and Fiverr pro.. What are the credentials to become them?
  12. Hi! I recently got an email from Fiverr to get myself registered for Fiverr Pro, but I already had submitted an application 6 months ago and it isn't approved yet. So there's no option for me now to submit an application again. Can someone guide what could be done in this regard.
  13. I have taken advance balance from fiverr. In this case, I would like to know if my account was damaged in any way or if I could not repay their advance balance, would I be at a loss?
  14. I've been selling on fiverr for a couple of years now, and a little after starting out I submitted an application to become PRO, just because I thought I would receive some sort of message of rejection or something, but I wasn't ready and got rejected. It's been 2 years and I have now worked with major clients and have studied more how to get in the program, but when I try to make a new application, all I can do is see my old one that was really just supposed to be a test. Can anyone tell me how to apply again? Or is this a once in a lifetime situation and I blew my shot?
  15. it's been 3+ years fully active from last 18 months it was an amazing journey to this point only 1 performing gig with 237 orders till date (24-12-2021) what are some tips to fall in editors eyes to award Top Rated badge to me Thanks in Advance
  16. How can I open a gig on Fiverr Pro?
  17. I am fiverr seller and i have questions .when I will be get fiverr pro seller or what thing need to improve for fiverr pro seller.
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