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Found 11 results

  1. Hello every one.....hope you are all well. 😊 My question is for Fiverr legend sellers. 😎😎😎 2-3 month ago i was fulfil all requirements for TOP RATED seller but can't get any notification about TOP RATED level. How does it work for my level promotion....can any one give me any idea about this please.....!!! I'm so excited to get TOP RATED level πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ€—
  2. Hello Everyone, a simple story would like to share with you. I have got my fiverr level badge 2 months ago but I lost it because of order cancellation, I was very sad at that time today I have got it again with my patience, so be patient and try again and again , sadness , pleasure both are the part and parcel of life. Best of luck for all of you and pray for me also! Thanks
  3. This is a very sad thing. People always share the story of their success, but I will share my story of failure today. I was demoted from Level One for the second time on 15th November. It's really sad!πŸ˜‘ However, despite my best efforts, I could not hold back. Because despite my wishes, I have contracts with some buyers who later cancel their orders for some reason. As a result, my order completion rate dropped to 64%. 😬 And because I couldn't fill it before the last 15 days, they(Fiverr) demoted me to New seller for the second time. LolπŸ€ͺ This may raise the question in the minds of many - am I currently receiving orders or not? Hmm, Originally organized this topic to share this matter tie. In fact, from my extreme experience, playing level drop in Fiverr may make you look a little inferior in the eyes of buyers. However, it does not matter if your order is received or not. Of course Honest and Hardworking people are still valued. So if in any case your level is ever demote, you should not be afraid and work honestly. The level will come back again. But if you are dishonest, you can't stay anywhere. Especially those who are new sellers should continue their work with honesty. I have a good relationship with many buyers because of my honesty in this experience and they have ordered me again and again. Remember - Honesty is the best approach, and it will lead you to success by gaining acceptance from people.
  4. I felt it too much. Every sellers one of dream achive thier level up badge. It is a crazy one😜. Then they got some positive mind about their works and improving bout their skills and remake thier bad habits😍. Fiverr level badge give those mainly. I got my Fiverr level badge September. but unfortunately i losted it next day with canceling order from my side. im busy that movement and i canceled that order . How ever i losted my badge. πŸ˜ͺi losted my competition order to much . it was 71% now i need to cover it with 1 month and to get again my badge. 🀨 Im working for my dream aganin and again. I updated my status with never give upπŸ…. I did 15+ Orders within one month and all my Orders i got with 5 star ⭐ rating with good reviews. my all works with 5 ⭐ works.I got My badge again This Octomber again🀘. Now im watchig to climb my next level 😍. I give you all sellers one thing from my life experience. Don't fell down. If you fell down you need to standup again. Don't worry Take time and stand up again.πŸ‘Š Never Give Up!!!!!!!!πŸ…
  5. Congrats to the sellers who have been upgraded to the next levels. I had a small question to the sellers who have got level earlier months. I heard on the community that after getting the upgrade level most of the seller's gig lost the rank. And also, the matter of concern is that for the next 5 to 6 months their gigs couldn't be able to get back to the rank again. Is this true?
  6. I have four gig active in my Fiverr account. I’ve done four and I have three reviews. In the meantime, I have also verified my ID. Impressions and clicks on my gigs are decreasing after verifying the account. I can't get any new orders. What I need to do to increase impressions and clicks on my gigs and get new orders?
  7. Do reviews matter for the promotion to the next level? Many buyers are reluctant to give reviews. πŸ˜₯
  8. My Experience. I have got it... πŸ‘‡ 5:00 PM (GMT+6) Time in Bangladesh You can calculate it as your time zone (for other country)!
  9. I came to Fiverr with full efficiency and I have published three gigs with my services. I stay active for about 16 hours daily and send 5/7 buyer request. My impression is good enough after my gigs active Fiverr Authority, but the clicks are slight. I can't get orders directly from Fiverr without a buyer request? Orders are available on Fiverr without buyer request? Stay Home Save Lives. Regards: marketing_byte
  10. Hi! I am a new user of Fiver since June 2021. I am an illustrator and an artist, I draw in different styles and on different topics. But since I don't have a good rating on the site, I offer you the provision of services.(( You can make an order from me if you are interested in a drawing or you need an illustration for a book, for example. I will be very happy if you like the skill of my works, and I will be happy to draw beautiful art for you. A small gift will also be attached to it.)πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„MY GIG
  11. I am a "NO LEVEL" Seller for now (Although I was at Level-1 and demoted for an warning). Before next level evolution I will also meet the Level-2 requirements, so my question is will I directly get promoted Level-2 or only Level-1?
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