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Found 4 results

  1. What is your experience as a seller on Fiverr? Can you share your journey?
  2. For me, it's been like rollercoster ride, sometimes things will go by your way and sometimes they don't. When I first started freelancing on Fiverr, I didn't get my first order from around 2 months and I was feeling hopeless that will I get any order? Then a client approached me through my gig. I was feeling happy, I did my best on the project and the client was satisfied with my work in a run. Then I was hoping for next order, but it took a lot of time. I was amature that time, so I started doing a lot of research on Fiverr, reading a lot of Articles on fiverr community, started answering and asking questions on Fiverr forumm, then I got to know How to use Buyer Request properly, So then I also started to send Buyer request on a daily basis. But there was no response from the other side and one day a client responded and I got the 2nd order from buyer request, I completed the project. So now I am getting orders from gigs and buyer requests. One time, a client liked my work so much, that he give me a tip, so that was some kind of good experience. And there was a time when a client come again and ask for one more order. I enjoy my work, I am artist and I'll love to draw and paint. So working by doing what I love is a wonderful feeling for me, yes it take efforts, yes I have to work on my skills daily. cause working on your skills and doing projects is the core of Fiverr platform. We all once an amature, but as time passes and as we don't give up on our passion, hustling to be better, we all become more than amature. And that's what make this journey of Fiverr a roller coster. Thankyou- INPAPER😄
  3. Hello and welcome to hear my journey on Fiverr! I joined on 22-02-2022 as a seller of the world's best freelancing platform on Fiverr and I'm so happy to have a order within a week. I hope I could be do something good in this marketplace. Keep in your prayer and your advice are pleasuring for me 🙂 Thank you so much for your valuable comments!
  4. Although I am very old on this platform and freelance journey, but I stopped using Fiverr in 2018 because I got an opportunity to work in GTA V (Legacy). I joined this platform again in July this year and starting my freelancing career after two years. I completed all the requirements in two or three weeks and got the Level 1 badge, but just after a few days, my badge got snatched away because of a buyer. I had multiple orders at a time with the same buyer, and because of some reasons, I had to cancel all the orders, which badly impacted my account. It was like a nuclear bomb drop on my profile. My Order Completion Rate goes from 100% to around 81%, and I lost my Level 1 badge. After that, I struggled to get orders as my profile was completely dead. Where before I was getting more than 1000 impressions per week, now after the cancellations, I was getting hardly 10-15 impressions and zero orders. The last two months were very struggling and full of challenges, but slowly and steadily, I finally managed to get back on track and get impressions and orders like before. On this 15th, when Fiverr will evaluate my account, I will be entitled to Level 1 seller, but honestly, I am not much excited about Level 1 because I am almost about to complete the requirements to be a Level 2 seller. In these last 4.5 months, there were a lot of ups and downs, struggles, and I hustled a lot, just like every freelancer. But I am very blessed to get a platform like Fiverr, and I am enjoying my incredible journey full of challenges.
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