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Found 12 results

  1. Hello. My Name is Huzeafa and I am a level 2 seller on Fiverr. I have been working on Fiverr for a long time. My 3 gigs were ranked good and I was getting good orders and everything was going fine. Last week I got 3 direct orders on one of my gigs and I completed them with perfection and got excellent ratings. The next day my all gigs suddenly went to the last page and now it has been 7 days and I am not getting any orders on any of my gigs. I do not know why it happened but Can anyone tell me will my gigs get back or not?
  2. My Gigs Deranked from last 4 to 5 Months. I have not sell at this moment. Please Suggest me, How to Rank My Gigs? I don't Know why Gigs deranked?
  3. I'm a new seller in Fiverr. I opened a fiverr account a long time ago, but every day my gig impression is decreasing. What do I do if I do what my gigs will come back to the previous position and what if I do or how to get some projects, please help me.
  4. I created my Fiverr account almost 3 years ago my First order was from Facebook to Fiverr and after some time I got a buyer and I worked with him almost 2 years and have 10 orders with him In that two years I don't get any other buyer I got reviews on my gigs but I didn't get any orders form other buyers Now my repeat buyers don't have work and I can clearly see that my gigs which have reviews are not performing I have tried by changing title description and tags but not getting results now I am thinking of creating new gigs and may be new account ? What are your suggestions on this 1: Should I make a new account ? 2: Should I delete my gigs and create new ones ? 3 : Should I change the title and discription of gigs ? Thanks In advance 😊
  5. I have already a fiverr account, I want to create an another account into my same pc. Can two accounts be run simultaneously on the same PC?
  6. Hi, I have to know some information. Recently I saw the "Upgrade SEO title" option in the gig edit option. But I don't know how works it. I have published my gig 2 months ago. when I upload my gig I have not seen this option. After 2 months my gig impression is 1.5k and the click is 36. Should I edit my gig or enable this upgrade SEO option? Is there any benefit to enabling this option?
  7. Hey experts, Can you give me a solution, my gig impression is not showing? https://www.fiverr.com/share/67kdKL Waiting for solution.. Thanks
  8. I have 7 gigs. The problem is that it's almost a month since I activated them all and the impressions are low and clicks are rarely there. How do I solve this issue? advice me something new as I have already tried a lot of common ways..
  9. Hi, wellcome everyone! i have a seller account that's created on April 2021 and my profile has 7 review done. There are 5 Five Star Review and 1 Three star review and Last Review was 1 star. I think the last review which is 1 star, it's very harmful to profile and gigs. After i had got 1 star review, my all gigs rank and impressions fall down. My impressions decrease day by day. Last 1 month i got no order. I have no idea what i do now. Please tell me something, how can i increase my profile gigs impressions and rank again? Note: i can't send any buyer request because my profile has 4.2 overall rating. Please tell me something!! Thanks all buddy!
  10. Hello everyone, I am a new seller on fiverr. Recently i have created my first gig on fiverr. As i am new in fiverr i do not know that how is my gig. Is it a professional or a bad gig and should i edit the gig. Please let me know. Here is my gig link https://www.fiverr.com/mbappi00/design-a-responsive-website-using-html-css-bootstarp
  11. I am sending 100+ buyers request and I didn't knock from buyer request. Can anyone see my gigs what's something wrong, please? My profile is here: https://www.fiverr.com/paleshoaib_
  12. It has been more than 2 months and I haven't received any single order on fiverr. I have done each and regarding which is recommended. I have done SEO research, made 6 gigs, remain online on fiverr, send buyer requests daily. But still I am not seeing any improvement. Kindly guide me and help. Give me some suggestions or tell me my mistakes if there are any in my profile. Here is the link: the_veerraj .
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