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Found 21 results

  1. Hello all members. I am new seller on fiverr but eligible for level 1 now, just waiting for next evaluation. I am performing well, I am delivering my every order on time and all my clients are happy with my work. I am getting orders from my previous clients but yet my gig is deranked. it was on the first page now it moved to 2nd page and still losing it's position day by day. impressions and clicks are decreasing since one week. I also stay online most of the time. My niche is wordpress. may I know suggestions from experts that what should I do.
  2. It's been almost 2 months since I opened an account on fiverr and completed 2 orders. But now I don't have any gig rank and I'm not getting any impressions and clicks in the gigs. I'm very disappointed about the matter. What should I do in such a situation? ..
  3. 5 months after returning from the gig. I started the promoted option. My gig was always on the first page when it was ranked, but now 3 days after the gig was on the first page I can't find the gig anymore. Promotions are running and clicks are coming in and dollars cuts are going from the promotion. But can't find the gig, please help. MY GIG LINK: 1. https://www.fiverr.com/sumon369/design-facebook-ads-fb-cover-banner-or-post-images 2. https://www.fiverr.com/sumon369/create-a-twitter-header-facebook-cover-photo-fb-banner Thank you so much!!
  4. Hi, I am a Podcast Editor on Fiverr and been working for a few months. What is your service at Fiverr?
  5. I'm Ashek, I am a professional digital Marketer and ads specialist. I am a new seller on Fiverr. Waiting for valuable response. Thank you
  6. Hi, Fiverr Forum expert I am looking to you just for a suggestion. Please help me how can I increase my gig’s Impressions and clicks? Every day I can see my all gig’s impression and click is decrease but I don’t know why and how can I solve it.
  7. My 1. Questions How to improve my Fiverr GIG, Impression Click Orders https://www.fiverr.com/share/Wdr14l Thank You...!
  8. I've uploaded gigs with a lot of idea skills, but not ranking. What can be done in that case? I want to ideas of the people.
  9. I loss my gig rank after got level but my gig rank cant come its going more than 5 month? Hello guys i lose my all gigs rank after got level. but my rank cant come again its going more than 5 moths i cant got any order, impression, clicks. now I'm totally depressed. i need some tips to rank again. Please guys help me??
  10. Hello guys ,good day to all of you, Today I came here because I need help from you guys, I am level 2 seller from last month after upgradation from level 1 to level 2 ,on first month I have good sales due to my repeat buyers, but on second month ,sales are down, and I have 9 gigs from last 1 years ,a week ago I created new gig ,but suddenly on second day my all gigs are disappear from search engine ,,5 of them rank to 2 to 5th pages and one is on the first page, now 5 days gone i can't find them nowhere, after many filtering's i have found only 2 on last pages, the sellers with no reviews are on 1st to second pages and my profile with over 50 reviews are deranked ,please help me how can I bounce back my gigs as my business is very down and I am very upset ,thanks all for your comments ...
  11. Buyer not response. What can I do now?
  12. if i keep open my fiverr account on my pc but not use any auto refresher, then if any buyer sent me any messeng will i be able to get any notification for it or i will must need refresh?
  13. Hi, I am F A NIAB, from Bangladesh. I am a Digital marketer and NEW in Fiverr. I recently earned Certificates(Google) on Digital marketing. I want to increse my gigs impression and clicks which will result order. I need Expert suggessions. Thanks
  14. I do not understand the proper system of Fiverr GIG STATUS. In BDT I see my GIG STATUS updated around 8am. But I do not see it fully Updated. Some time I GIG STATUS Updated around 11am. So want to know how GIG STATUS works and when does update. Thank You.
  15. 1 month ago, I was in a good position and impression was cool. I got clicks and orders. 2 orders cancelled and this month 1 order cancelled(By CS, Completion Ratio was not damaged). Now, My gig is falling down. From 7 days stat, Gig impression was 20k-24k, But now, It is only 5k. Clicks were over 200, now that is in 60-70. Is it normal?
  16. Hi, I hope you are well. I am facing a problem which is my gig is not improve. Please check my gig first: https://www.fiverr.com/share/90wZxK Can you gig me some suggestion please how Can I improve my gig and I can rank my gig? I am waiting for you suggestion. So please help me. Thank you.
  17. I do not get any order more than 5 month. I am very disappointed, What should I do now, leave the fiverr or do anything for getting order now, https://www.fiverr.com/designerjoty?up_rollout=true
  18. Hello friends. 2 month ago i was gotten level one seller than my all gig loss there rank and today is not back my gigs rank. please give me suggestion's 😭😭😭
  19. Good Day! I have published my gig some days ago but right now my gig looks pending. Can You please tell me why the problem is happening to me again and again? Bests! Anik
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