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  1. I've been wanting to remove my Payoneer account and add another one instead. I will probably do it anytime soon. But my question is, if I remove a payoneer account, will I be able to use that removed account in another Fiverr account again?
  2. My Gigs Deranked from last 4 to 5 Months. I have not sell at this moment. Please Suggest me, How to Rank My Gigs? I don't Know why Gigs deranked?
  3. I have total 7 gigs and They were correctly SEO optimized and I was getting many impressions and clicks but After I verified my id all of my gigs are not getting enough impression and clicks. I think there is only way to delete and create gigs again.. Please help me in that
  4. I mean I'm fluent in Spanish and I'd like to create gigs to attract Spanish speaking people in latin america or other countries.
  5. What if I boost my gig on social media, will it cause any problem for the account or specific gig ?
  6. Hi, i'm a 2nd level seller here and i wish to share my experience that may hopefully help 1 or 2 people. when it comes to cash advance, it is important to know that it is controlled by the Algorithm and not personnel. if you are eligible for a cash advance, it might be withdrawn if you: 1. have fallen in your ratings 2. you've dropped from your current level. once you pick up your pace, the cash advance immediately comes back with an increase too.
  7. Many times I hesitate to ask from my clients for more work. I will really appreciate if someone can guide me on how to ask for more work from the same client or simply how should I improve my upselling skills on Fiverr. Many thanks in advance.
  8. This is what I get from Fiverr while uploading my gig: "Description may not contain an offer for direct communication. Reminder: Communicating with other users outside of Fiverr is not permitted. See our Terms of Service for more info". Here's my gig: Stop spending your valuable time searching for a professional presentation creator because you already have it! YES! I will design for you an entire presentation from scratch at a reasonably low price. This will include: · Customized slides based on the provided theme (educational, scientific, marketing, etc.). · Research-based quality content. · High-quality graphics, statistical reports, and transitions (images, tables, graphs, animations, etc.). · Voice-over narration for the presentation I work for 100 % client satisfaction. I offer endless revisions and work from morning to night to provide my clients with outstanding services. My highest priority is YOU, so feel free to contact me at any time. Note: Please have a look at the sample presentation videos linked with my gig image before placing a purchase!
  9. Hi, I am a level two seller on Fiverr since 2019! Since the implementation of TDS by Fiverr as per Indian Government laws I was led to believe since I am not taxable the deduction under TDS would be 1% but it's always been 5% for me. When I asked the support to clarify what was going on they explained the same to me and further added if I had provided my PAN info the deduction will be 1% otherwise it remains 5%. Now the thing is my PAN info was added since the implementation of this change yet 5% is deducted per GIG, which I then reported back to the customer support and they informed me my PAN info was incorrect, which I then checked and verified with my PAN card, and my tax return docs, surprisingly enough it wasn't incorrect, as soon as I mentioned that to the support with a screenshot and asked for a better clarification they marked my query SOLVED. I am utterly confused as to what actually happened?! Anyone faced similar situations?
  10. Hello Fiverrs'! I got a notification from fiverr before a week ago and it was about the new gig optimizing feature. May be you also get the notification. When we click on it, redirected to one of our gigs editing page and there have some new options under the pricing and scope section. if you remember the previous features in it, you may see some of features were excluded. They suggest to update pricing factors related to the services. But in some services, we can't adjust the pricing packages and additional option as recommended by fiverr. as an example, if some one do only web designing, the new feature update has option to turn on deliver coding files as well. but the seller may be only do the designing thing not the coding. He can aware of turning of the that "deliver code files" option and change the other relevant things and save the gig. But after some hours, same notification will come. when we click it again, it shows the same gig edit page that we edit previously. there have some "information icons" near the service option names. Until we apply the tick (even that is not a service we provide), the notification will come. Another thing is fiverr suggest this But there is no another category to move the gig. So I have some doubts with this. if we don't update the every service option as they recommend, will it affect to our gigs ? and also the notification every day. Is there any solution or any idea about this? Thanks and regards,
  11. There is 7 added account option on fiverr. I have already added 6 of them, but when I was going to add the last account then the browser performed well but the account can't be added to my account.
  12. Last night I delivered an order for 15$, why fiverr cut 3$. As i'm new here so i don't understand why fiverr. cut 3$ . Please tell someone why this happened??
  13. Since 7 to 8 months I am facing some major issue with my ID, I am a level two seller and I am having a good profile status with 5 star rating and everything 100%. 7 months before when I got a promotion offer so I promoted my 2 best gigs but after some time MY both gigs were disqualified without anything wrong and all my gigs disappeared just because of 2, and it took 3-4 month that I was getting regular orders with my regular client but my ID was still down. I got a promotion offer again and I was happy but I decided to not accept it as it gives me a bad experience, as my ID was on a good stage in past, I got 3 orders on the same day but as I don't start the promotion, after 2 days again I see disqualification and a disappearance too. This is happening again and again 1 time in a month, lastly I got again a notification of promotion last month so I decided to accept it and as I did it, I was on the top of all searches for 2 weeks and even getting orders again but again disqualified and disappeared. such a bad experience I am facing. I need guidance from you people that what should I do now. support is even not answering properly. I have completed TOP RATED process 7 months before but as I was becoming top rated seller, I got these issues. Please help, SARA
  14. I want to know what happens when someone's order gets completed after 3 days reviewing period. Does it affects the freelancer ratings??
  15. Hi everyone! 🙂 What's going on? Oh! Your face 😍 looking like great. Anyway, Here I'm Narayan from Increasia. Now I'm curious 🙄 to learn about Fiverr Gig ranking. Everybody knows Fiverr Gig ranking is not possible without order. But I have a question, If we have low competition in our service. Can we get rank on Fiverr without order? Our competition level: 400 - 600 peoples. I mean Fiverr search result info. Thanks for your reading and give again thanks if you answer. Regards 🙏 Increaseia Team
  16. How to increase gig impressions and clicks, and get clients
  17. I have this order with 1 client of mine, she worked with me on 1 project before, loves my work & offer me next project. My gig was initially only 10 days work progress (Logo + Brand Style Guide), but she keeps on delaying responses & feedbacks about the logo concept I sent her after 2 days of work. Said that she needed time to think as this is a personal logo for her, she didn't like the first concept & we discussed for days going back & fort bcs she wants some changes here & there / sometimes she didn't respond right away & I have to wait a few days. She keeps saying she & her husbands are currently traveling & in between their company's projects themselves. I was really understanding & bcs of their delayed response I keep having to extend the delivery time in the order page. A 10 days work becomes a almost 40 days work progress & WE'RE STILL STUCK IN THE LOGO. I don't want to go into details, bcs its long story but they complained that this long work progress has affected their time, their "5 cOmpAnIes, & the 20-30 ppl they manage" bcs they depend on this completion. Excuse me. I am not the one in here to delay our work when I have given them time after time to extend the delivery bcs of their late responses. I did not even know of their "5 companies & the 20-30 ppl they manage under" until the last minute. This was ridiculous, bcs I don't see why they have to bring up their companies now & the ppl work under, bcs it is not my responsibility for their delayed response, it's their own time management. Honestly I have been thinking while in the 40 days work progress in between waiting their responses & feedbacks that they don't respect my time as Graphic Designer & Freelancer. From the start I have been very patient & understanding bcs I myself am still a new seller, but this is my limit. I have already given them a piece of my mind & I told them all in a professional manner. I just want to ask sellers here if they have experienced a long overdue work delivery due to the buyer late responses, & how do you guys deal them, do you charge them for your time & extended delivery ?
  18. Is anyone face the problem with FIverr learn website. website full of broken images and videos are not working. please help me i bought one course and cannot play the video from chrome..
  19. What is Fiverr Metadata? Need a complete explanation.
  20. I provided link of project he just downloaded file and asked for cancellation. How to deal this him?
  21. Hi, I am a new seller at Fiverr. Can I share My portfolio link when replying 'Buyer Request'?
  22. Hello Fiverr,👋 I am a new seller & my buyers wants my portfolio. Can I share my 'Google Site' link as portfolio. I will make sure that I will not share any contact information?
  23. Hi guys. So i wanted to ask that can we make multiple gigs of the same category. I have seen hundreds of sellers doin this without getting any warnings. Any tips on how to do it. My category is writing and translation and sub category is transcripts.This is my fiverr gig. Would appreciate some tips for improvement on this too. https://www.fiverr.com/share/7KR7Xa Thankyou😊
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