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Found 10 results

  1. it's been a long time, I'm not active here. Had passed a really bad time. A couple of months ago, one night I got a notification from the Fiverr app that my gig is denied.😒 I was clueless. The first question I had in mind was, What wrong step I did do, Did I break any rules? The moment I got a notification I contact Fiverr support to know what happened.😌 They replied I have not aligned with their terms and service. I was not convinced so I asked them again. I was looking for a specific reason. Then they told me You used a sentence in your gig description which was "lifetime plugin activation" which is not in line with our guidelines and the Gig is not given a second chance - permanently remaining denied and inaccessible. Before this action I was doing really good. There was no chance to get back my top gig which has 155 positive feedback. My TRS dream goes far away now. đŸ˜ČI was totally broken. You know how hard it is to rank a Gig. It took me more than 2 and half years. Anyway, It's been a dream to achieve a TRS badge, So I started a new journey, and created another new gig. I really don't know when I can reach but I will try. 😊
  2. The main reason one uses Freelance websites like Fiverr is "Payment security" and the Escrow feature. We, freelancers, pay 20% off each order for these features and unfortunately, customer support always favors the Buyers without any reason. There are numerous cases where buyers are just being unreasonable and after getting your work they know Fiverr will support them and cancel orders to get both the money back and the completed work. Such scammers are only thriving because Fiverr handles disputes automatically and no matter how solid proof you provide, it doesn't matter because Fiverr doesn't look at them. I have been using Fiverr for 5+ years and have 5-star ratings after 100+ reviews. I put up a dispute request because the client kept canceling the order without any reason and just insisted that he is no longer interested. My request hasn't even been answered or reviewed yet and Fiverr has automatically canceled the order. I have paused all my gigs, and promotions and I will not take new orders on Fiverr because of these unfair automated cancellations. Clients like these ruin a freelancer's reputation and time and Fiverr still favors them without any reason. I will be providing my services on other platforms and voicing my concerns at a higher level. Until Fiverr fixes these injustices, I'll not be returning. My past 5 years on Fiverr were great but this has always been an issue and I hope Fiverr fixes its policies and values its freelancers.
  3. How do you think "Promoted Gigs" affect the account? Is it good to have that option or not?
  4. Hello, I am very happy that I reached more then 150 orders with 5* rating! Next goal 200 orders 🙂
  5. I have fulfilled all the requirements of Top Rated in 1 year. One thing I understand is that in these 1 year, success will come if you stick to it. I hope to get the "Top Rated" badge soon.
  6. Hello Everybody! With the grace of Almighty Allah, I have fulfilled every requirement to be a TOP RATED SELLER about 6 months ago. As Fiverr hand pick TRS, thereby, I couldn't get the badge yet. Do you guys have any suggestions that will help me to boost my profile/gig. Of course, rank doesn't matter but, psychological speaking it gives you a relaxing feel when you see TRS BADGE on the profile. 😉😉 Anyhow, I wish everyone best of luck and praying for everybody to shine like stars. Cheers!
  7. At what time of the day does it receive the most buyer requests?
  8. I'm a new Fiverr seller, in the beginning I had a good gig impression and click rate on Fiverr. After two weeks my gig impressions and clicks suddenly decreased! Like my click was 574 but now I see 524! How is that possible? Can anyone help me with the cause and solution?
  9. Hi, I hope all doing great. I just receive a notification "To get finish your order today". If there anyone also get this notification what is the meant by this notification. Appreciate any suggestion.
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