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  1. I don't know if I'm speaking the mind of someone, but over the weekend as I was thinking about the stress NEWBIES go through before they are eventually hired. I was just thinking if it would be appropriate for @fiverr_admin to create a section for newbies so as to reduce the competition to a reasonable and bearable extent for them as it relates to getting orders. The concept behind this is that, buyers can always go to the “section” and select newbie sellers. I would be great if @fiverr_admin can look into this and create something around this. I stand to be corrected. Kindly correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. Hi, fiverr forum this my 3rd month on😭 fiverr i have not get any order and my gig is not having clicks if you can help click on my gig link so that it can get to first page or if you can order my service i will be very happy https://www.fiverr.com/share/p9AX2l all i need is order or your clicks it will go a long way 😭😭
  3. Recently i shared 3 posts related to Seller tips, buyers tips, and one great article about a person life change through Fiverr, NOT DOUBT ITS COPY I JUST SHARE. MAY IT WAS MY MISTAKE I DONT KNOW FIVERR RULE THAT WE CANT SHARE ARTICLE HERE. then there are judge people in the comment whom they called themself moderators i guess they reply me this Theamitsingh, Mjensen (forum leader) said a person's forum activity has no effect on their gig rank. I know sharing articles and forums doesn't lead the rank to grow, I just feel to share unaware of rules and regulations. here these people only come to judge instead of helping like No Pal! You, Cant, post something like this please be careful next time, As for my Fiverr rank part, I Earn 500-1000 USD on EVERY ORDER I DONT THINK SO IM SHORTING OF ORDERS AND RANKING ON FIVERR, IM NOT SHARING MY FIVERR PROFILE AS THEY CLAIM FOR PROMOTING GIG.
  4. Hello Sir! I’m professional Web Developer,Digital Marketer And Social Media Expert. I Have Been Working in this sector since 2020. I’ve accepted online work as a hobby and profession. My main resource is efficiency and honesty. I have a highly skilled team. We Ar Expert On: ☑️ Google ads ☑️ Google ads adwords ppc campaign ☑️ Google displays ads ☑️ Google shopping ads ☑️ Search engine marketing ( SEM ) ☑️ Search engine optimization ( SEO ) ☑️ Google keywords recharge ☑️ Facebook ads manager ☑️ Facebook catalog ads ☑️ Facebook targeted ads Any Questions? Let’s Chat!
  5. Hi Fiverr community! My name is Mike and I am from Ukraine! A few weeks ago, I decided to start my journey to Fiverr. I created a profile, filled it all out and created a few gigs. I haven't received orders for a long time. I try to be online a lot of time, in the Buyer requests section there are very few offers and a lot of competition. I don't understand how to get the first customers. https://www.fiverr.com/mishalesiuk Maybe some problem I don't know about? Can anyone help? Thanks and peace Mike
  6. Hey everyone. I am new here at Fiverr so I believe you guys will help me to know, what points I should follow now to become a Successful Freelancer. ❤️ I have already gone through the Community Guidelines & Terms & conditions of Fiverr. Thank you
  7. How to get back qualification of promotion feature? It is showing Unqualified suddenly and gig showing in last page. Experts please reply.
  8. It's been 6 months since I've been in the new seller and I haven't received any orders.
  9. Is it necessary of fiverr gig share on social media to get more order? From Expert's suggestions are recommended.
  10. I am a new seller. I successfully completed 3 jobs. But I I haven't received any orders now. hope the experts will give their opinion.
  11. I join Fiverr Feb 2021. I created 3 gigs. Within 1 month I received a few orders and completed them with 5 Star reviews. but one day I got an order from an ind-XX client I complete his job but when the time came for delivery, he canceled the order. After that, my gig was soo down. A few weeks later I got another order and it was complete with 5 stars also. After a few days later, I got an order from another ind-XX client again, and it happened again. Now I have no order No impressions no clicks. To be honest, what should I do now? Do I have to create a new gig? or a new account? A few things: I'm so good at my skills and I'm confident enough to do it.
  12. Please, Answers this question because I will create a video gig.
  13. Hello fellow fans. I got my first order today and I will need a premium adobe illustrator account for the project. Pls what should I do now? Is there a free app/software for designing illustrations? Can I outsource on Fiverr without any money? Your advise/contribution are appreciated in advance. Thanks.
  14. I am doing new gig but I am active 24 hours a day but my gig impression is decreasing day by day and no click is coming . What should I do now ?
  15. Hello everyone can we use canva app for editing customer orders if is there any issue to use plzz let me know.
  16. Hi. My gigs impressions were going good. But suddenly from last 2 days impressions, orders and clicks are going down. My gig had 1200 impressions and 15 orders but now only 300 impressions are left and 2 orders. Is this happening with anyone else?
  17. If you want to rank on Fiverr, You have to understand the Fiverr gig ranking algorithm. If you think the title is enough for how to rank gigs on Fiverr, that's not the right decision. You must have to define the actual reason and research more than thousands of gig which categories you want to publish. after researching you will get understand something better. Some people call keyword is playing well in Fiverr which is called Fiverr tag. some people use this also. But when you get some extra popular profile, they never use so much popular tag or keyword to rank their gig, but their gig is already a popular gig in Fiverr. Sometimes Fiverr also see how who's profile gets more order, that profile automatic ranking on Fiverr. But 1st time how will you define your gig. At this time, You must have to do competitor thousands of gigs for your own understanding. You can follow these step Research more about your category of gig Select the best title & description give quality of attracted Thumbnail which buyer mind attracted research for getting top 5 keywords what you use title description and tag use the android app to be active 24/7 times connect with Fiverr form use skill tests to be more popular provide quality projects with on-time delivery try to provide the best description for regular ten buyer requests which help you to get orders easily Try t become a high-quality profile on Fiverr by getting a strong 5-star review on fiverr
  18. Hi, I'm a new seller in Fiverr. I want to share my tip on how being online on Fiverr can make you more money, I've been on the platform for over a month now sending offers to buyer's request and trying to rank my gigs, on a particular day I sent an offer for a $250 website design project as usual I felt I won't get a reply cos I have sent over 200 offers with no reply so i watched a movie instead, the film was two hours long and when I finished watching the movie; I opened my Fiverr app and was shocked by a message asking me for my a custom offer. but I was two hours late guys, and that's how I missed an opportunity of make $250 dollars looking on the bright side now i know my gigs are worth more than the $200 and ever since then I've only sent offers to gigs above $200. so stay online and your Fiverr journey would be a lot easier
  19. Last Night, I was delivered a logo design for my 2nd client on my logo gig. My gig has stay on 1st page or 2nd page. This gig on Medical logo, Pharmacy logo, Health logo, Healthcare logo. But gig impressions Totally Down. How to solve That please???
  20. Hello everyone, I recently joined on Fiverr. It's about near 1 month and I completed a order. Now I am not getting any order. Please check my this 2 gig and tell me what is the problem. Gig 1: https://www.fiverr.com/share/0dRV5q Gig 2: https://www.fiverr.com/share/xyPVlx Thank you in advance.
  21. Every month when other seller get their level's my gig just degrade. Is there any solution of that. And I am not getting any order due to less reach of my gigs.
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