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  1. How much demand of professional Cybersecurity experts in fiverr marketplace?
  2. I worked on other freelance platform and i am a top rated talent there but in fiver my experience is so bad, it looks like freelancers are servants here who can't ask anything to clients. Its clients choice where they pay or take the work, abuse and just go happily with the work. My work is always good , i deliver correct work. Its not because its my i am asking this because my work is good. I had worked more than 100 clients successfully. But here on fiver the support team is only for the clients support not for freelancers. 1) client gave me 3 orders for running the project and i successfully done that and pushed the code to github and showed him the project is error free and now working with proof but when he got the work he started saying nothing working nothing working and cancelling order again and again, absued me, my religion and my country. And i contacted to fiver support because its my first order so i dont know that fiver is only for clients. I gave every proof but what they did they cancelled the order saying stupid lines. 2) now after few orders again one person came, he was like a too good to be true, and i had a feeling that he is trying to be so much nicer, and i had an order with the client open he asked me to contact outside i just said ok because i had order, i swere i never contacted him, got warning and also he started cancelling the order after taking the complete work. 3) now again one other client after taking and after the order is completed and after month came back to me and syaing the free work which was ever discussed and was not the par of order he said do it free, i said i can't do it. I had told him every detail of the order and what he will get and what i am providing and what he was asking for free was in my extras of gig. He contacted fiver and fiver cancelled the completed order, the client is happy he took the free work from me. And after all the work i have nothing. Why? where is justise? Dont the fiver people investigate? if they don't want to then why the freelancers have support option for orders and gigs? Such a bad pltform
  3. Hi my name is Bandhan. I am a graphic designer. I have been doing graphic work for the past two years. I know everything about graphic design works. Photo edit Business card design logo design T-shirt design T-shirt logo design Shopping bag design In addition to various store banner designs and showroom designs.

    © BADHON

  4. Hi, This is Manira Rose. I'm new comer in fiver community. Wish me better luck. I always trying to do something new, like create new feature ,design.
  5. Last month few months I left my fiverr account because I was teaching my students and Now I an back on fiverr I am not getting orders. Can anyone help me or recognize issues?
  6. I started my journey in 2020 December, after started my journey i released, i have too much lake of skill gap. That's why i again started my learning journey and middel of 2021 , i completed 3 order's with 5* reviews. But, for my sickness i wasn't active some of months. Recently I started my fiver journey and edit my gig and got 3 order's,this order's is running now. Now, how can i rank my gig and how can i understand , my profile is everything good?
  7. Which size is perfect for gig image, everything is perfect with the size and resolution.
  8. How many free courses are available on Fiverr?
  9. I would like to know if Fiverr counts clicks and views from my IP. After posting a Gig I always test it using a different browser to see how it appears to clients. This helps me make the right changes to make it look best. I wonder if Fiverr records those clicks and views since when testing the Gigs I am not always logged in.
  10. please help me....If there are any expert people help me get an order Thank You
  11. Hi,I'am shafeeq.I'am new in Fiver.I have Hear that many proffesionals are there is here.Please help me with any tips that help's a beginner.Hope You will help. thankyou😍
  12. I withdraw money from fiver and Withdrawal Completed Successfully message came. I didn't receive any confirmation message and nothing appear in my payoneer account.
  13. Hello I wan to create a fiver studio account. Can anyone help me out with that?
  14. Bidding continuously but no one knocking me.
  15. How can I become a good seller cause am new on this platform
  16. Last Night, I was delivered a logo design for my 2nd client on my logo gig. My gig has stay on 1st page or 2nd page. This gig on Medical logo, Pharmacy logo, Health logo, Healthcare logo. But gig impressions Totally Down. How to solve That please???
  17. Honestly, there is nothing to dislike about Fiverr. Any issues I've ever had are quickly resolved by either the seller or the Fiverr team. I am Professional Graphic Designer specially on logo and Print flyer..
  18. Would you love to see my gig discription and tell me changes
  19. i am clothing sewing pattern maker and tech pack designer. my gig lose rank. now i don't find any new buyer message and order. please help me some give some tips thanks mahedi8736
  20. How was your today? Did you learn something new today? Please try to learn minimum 1 things new each day.
  21. I'm an application developer on fiverr and my account was recently restricted because their antivirus detected suspicious code in an exe file i sent to a customer even though it didn't contain any malicious code. I've sent exe files before on fiverr and it worked fine. What are the chances that i'll get my account back and how long will it take?
  22. need suggestion for getting new offer
  23. After a long time, I finally saw the Level-1 batch. While working so far, I have gained this experience that if you work according to the right guidelines, success will surely come. Thanks to everyone who had the overall support to come this far.
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