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  1. I want an expert to look on my account, I don't really know why my gigs are not seo ranking . It is a level 3 sellers account I need some tips to fix that This is my Fiverr url fiverr.com/ayenif
  2. Hi, if I copy gig description and pricing table from my other gig and make some changes on it and use it on my new gig it can be any effect on my new gig, old gig or Fiverr profile?
  3. Can anyone give me his opinion about my gigs am on fiver if my memory is good for 15 days now and I made my first sale about one week agoBut still in progress so there are no reviews yet in my first week, I put most of my gigs were attached to a video but not the best quality so and the gig I got the sale on was with no video in it so I decided to remove the entire videos and replace them with a high-quality image that best describes what I do and I didn't notice a dramatic change and the biggest number of clicks I have is 7 or 8 Any advice from an advanced seller Or maybe just telling me if anything wrong with my gigs or profile look And my impression is 120 the highest gig I have and the other gig I made a sale on is 119 Could anyone tell me what is that means or what I should do about this, Thank you
  4. How do I get the first order on fiverr? Go to this link below to see if there is anything wrong with my gig. I'm new to fiverr. But I am confident that I have a good knowledge of this profession, https://www.fiverr.com/octochildart/create-awesome-children-book-illustration
  5. Hi yesterday i received add subscription option for my fiverr gigs. I want to ask that everybody gets add subscription option or its available to selective sellers. If its for selective sellers what do you think on which basis fiverr provides this option ? Repeat orders , Good performance ? Please drop your value able suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello Fiverr people, I'm Aich Ashiq and I'm a professional Graphic designer and level 1 seller on Fiverr. My all gig based on Mascot Logo and Cartoon Character Design. Suddenly I'm facing a problem like my gig impression going down day by day but click is good. I edit my gigs and research # tags and change it. I think my gig is perfect and I make it perfectly also I have some reviews also. I also try to activate online all time. But why my gig impression is not going up? Please help πŸ₯Ί. Thanks all.
  7. Hey hope u guys are doing well, Recently i started a order, actually i offered a client custom offer and told him/her to send me the required video to edit for him and he accepted the offer but didnt send me the video to start working with and i chose 3 days, will this affect the time that i chose 3 days or will it not im confused with the new UI they updated ,
  8. My gig always have a minimum impressions per day. But last two days its showing Just Zero. Is it a fiver Bug? I have check my gig. It is available in the 1st page in some keywords. Can anyone help me to get my gig performance
  9. Hello everyone! I feel that my whole account has been archived. Whenever i make new gig with proper SEO, description and tags it always goes to the last page. I'm a level 1 seller and i have completed orders from buyers request, i never got any message from a random buyer. I am just worried that why my all gigs are going to the last page. I remain online all the time but nothing is working out. Is there any way to restore archived account? I have positive reviews and ratings 5 Star. Please help me with this matter. Fiverr is the only resource for me, i have lost my job due to the pandemic. Thank you in advance.
  10. If buyer offer dollar for stock image in my gig order, Can I use my own images on Fiverr order? Cause I cant find suitable image from Stock Image. What happen if I am not buy image from Stock Image. Please any suggestion.
  11. Hi. Thanks for watching me. I create my gig before 1 month and my gig 3 page pined. but No Oder yet. how can I my gig rank fast page and get order. please suggestion me. Thank you.
  12. Last Night, I was delivered a logo design for my 2nd client on my logo gig. My gig has stay on 1st page or 2nd page. This gig on Medical logo, Pharmacy logo, Health logo, Healthcare logo. But gig impressions Totally Down. How to solve That please???
  13. Can I get fiverr orders if I use the forum?πŸ˜™
  14. I have successfully completed second order. Friendly buyer and given me amazing feedback 🀩🀩 so today I’m very happy πŸ˜ƒ
  15. what is the best way fiverr gig marketing? Please share your experience. Thank you so much all member.
  16. I am Raonak Sakib. Digital marketing and SEO expert. I recently publish my gigs. Please check my gig and share your experience and suggetions. i am new so help me for humanity My gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/EEWqdK
  17. Hi. I created my gig 10 days ago. But when i search my gig title from buyer profile it doesn't showon any page. I searched from first to last page but i can't find my gig. What's the issue. I see my gig in profile. I got 15 impression in 10 days but can't able to see it.
  18. Hello fiverr Community πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ, I've been on fiverr a year ago and in the last 2 months my impressions , clicks and orders come down, if anyone have some tips or advises how I can promote my gigs especially on social media ( I tried to share my gigs on some fb groupes but doesn't workπŸ˜‘) I will be so happy to hear your answers. Thank you so much πŸ€—
  19. Hey there, I'm relatively new in the business of graphics design and I posted 3 gigs for logos, business card, book covers. The question is how to get my first order? It's like 6 months now, I sent 450+ requests but no work. I have like 500+ impressions on to of my gigs and maybe 15-20 clicks. what can I do to get the first order.
  20. Alhamdulillah I got it my first order 🀲 pray for me done the work perfectly πŸ™ my gig is Shopify product description. Check the my gigπŸ‘‡ https://www.fiverr.com/tazul_rana/write-compelling-shopify-product-description-seo-service
  21. What are fiverr studios? how do they work?
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