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Found 11 results

  1. Greatings everyone. Am Dammy from Nigeria. I have been selling on Fiverr since April 2022. Since I made my withdraw on the account, it got derank and it stop having impression and click. And it a level 1 account. Pls someone should tell me on how to rank it back. Thanks 🙏
  2. Hi, I'm a book cover designer and level two seller, I am nothhing getting any order from 4 months, Here is the gig link :https://www.fiverr.com/hassandesigns_/do-a-professional-book-cover-or-ebook-cover-design Please share some tips! Thanks in advance
  3. How to rank my gig on the first page on the Fiverr search result page...?
  4. Getting the first order on Fiverr is very challenging for new sellers. Please share your experience about how to get the very first order.
  5. My gig is now in First page..What can I do for getting order apart from that buyer request and gig promotion in social networking sites.. If you are an expert can you please suggest me, Thanks
  6. Hello all member in this forum, I will be glad if I can receive more opinions on how I can promote my gigs in order to rank it and to be collecting orders. It appears in first page for like a week without single contacting nor order. So then it moves to third page in shopify website design and marketing to page seven. I will be happy if i can get some help on how to improve my gig and the way to make an effective promotion. You can check my gigs also to check if there is something wrong with it. More progress as you do so.
  7. I am creating a gig one week ago. my gig is showing on the first page But, I don't get any order so what can I do? 😗
  8. My Gig that was ranking on first page suddenly disappeared despite an getting order and staying online and its no where to be found now I contact fiverr support but they said its on search despite its not
  9. Alhamdulillaah... I was not making any sales for the last 2-3 months, as all my Gigs suddenly deranked to the last page. I did not know what to do, All I did was to edit, edit, edit... and that took me to bad to worse. Also i went through so many youtube channels and also on fiverr forum to know how I can get back on truck, but I will tell you... all those advices on fiverr has nothing to do with getting your gigs ranking onto first page again and thats useless. trust me.. And few weeks back, I spoke to a friend of mine on fiverr who is doing well with sales, I asked for his help and all his advice was for us to wait for 2 weeks without any edit and things will get normal. Like he said I stopped myself from editing the gigs and hold tight to my nerve from stop editing the gigs. Trust within a week i got my Gigs onto First Page and Here I'm posting my Experience. Thank you.
  10. How do I get to the first page of my Gig Fiverr?😊 So that my clients can easily find me and increased gigs sales.
  11. As I am new my Gigs are ranking in the first three page so I am worried about it that how long I will be there or If my gigs are not come into first three page after passing first month what should I do?
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