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  1. How do I get the first order on fiverr? Go to this link below to see if there is anything wrong with my gig. I'm new to fiverr. But I am confident that I have a good knowledge of this profession, https://www.fiverr.com/octochildart/create-awesome-children-book-illustration
  2. Welcome, I am Imran, I applied this method for my services and I got instant results. I hope this tips will be helpful for you. 1. Research Your category in the Fiverr Gig Page.2. Find Out which gig doing well and what strategy they are following. Just collect Idea from the gigs that you researched. never copy a single line/Image/design from anyone. 3. Make a short note about your gig Title, keywords, description etc. 4. Think about Image and create new Image through your own skill, I use photoshop always. Be alert, If you use any photos from google, be sure that image is copyright free. Never use any Images that copyright is marked. 5. Select Q/A and provide your best answares, Never copy someones Q/A. 6. Give actual price of your task, never less price to grab more buyers. If you add actual price then you will get orginal buyers. If you set cheap price you will get most of agency/consultation group they will resell your service to others. 7. Add PDF/Video on the gig media section. It will provide you extra benifits.8. Publish your gig and share with your social media sites like LinkedIn, twitter etc. never post it randomly in facebook/twitter/linkedIn comment section. It will be harmful for you cause most of the social media mark it as SPAM. Often they block you for this activity. In simply, show what you can do and why you are diffrent from others. Happy Freelancing! 🙂 Thanks for your time,Imran
  3. Hello Guys! I am Raza a new seller from Pakistan. I have come to Fiverr as a new service seller. Please give your valuable suggestions for getting my first order. Blessings everyone!
  4. There is the best idea; that's why I got my first order on Fiverr within one day. It's my idea, and now I teach my student to do this. So I will tell you the top rule for creating your Fiverr Gig to get your first order within one day. 1. Search Low competition Keyword I search low competition keywords from Ubersuggest. I focus my niche and try to find the best Keyword that's search volume is high. 2. Low Gig niche When I pick my Keyword, I search my Keyword on the Fiverr search. If the search result gig is less than 500, I open a gig with that Keyword. 3. Title is the best While creating, my main focus was building the gig title. Because mainly, Fiverr search terms depend on the main title. My Keyword was the first word on my title. Also, I make my title small and sweet. 4. Tag When I searched on Ubersuggest to pick my keywords, I gathered relevant Keywords for my niche. And Put these keywords on the tag section. 5. Description Never use unnecessary text on the Gig. I always put my main title in the first paragraph. It helps me to get ranked. Put some tag on the Description also. 5. Image I used my image neat and clean. I do not use more pictures for overcrowding. Write my main Keyword on that picture. Make it more colorful so that visitors can click the image. This is my top 5 rule to get the first order within one day. If you see my Profile, you can understand how I implement this rule on my every Gig. So try to do like these to get first order within one day.
  5. hi i am a new seller help me pleas to get my first order
  6. I am a new seller on this platform. If I post my gig link in the Fiverr forum. Will I have any problems after that?
  7. I have created two Gigs & it's been a week but i got only 1 impression Gig & the other Gig has 0 impression. Please advice me that should i need to wait or there is something I'm doing wrong or missing. Please have a look at my gig and suggest me what should i need to do. https://www.fiverr.com/share/yjaz16 https://www.fiverr.com/share/Q9EeL6
  8. I just joined at Fiverr Forum! I'm a new seller at fiverr! Advice me for getting my first Order from Fiverr! To visit my gig: https://www.fiverr.com/omargree/provide-professional-translation-english-to-french
  9. Hello all, I am new seller in Fiverr. My name is Omar and I am working from Morocco . I Just want to ask you guys how i can get orders . To visit my gig: https://www.fiverr.com/omargree/provide-professional-translation-english-to-french
  10. If tough; what can be the option. Research for Unique or Promote more.
  11. Fiverr is expanding every corners of the globe. And we see many fresh buyers(users) placing their first orders. Some are here just for the sake of getting done the job without understanding the process. They need the job in a hurry will pay you and not rate or appreciate the help. 1. When you find the right seller start a solide conversation wit him/her about your job.and make sure they are able to full fill your. 2.Keep the conversation flowing. Reply ASAP if seller ask a question or ask them to send you snap shots of the milestones. 3.Once the seller did the job and Delivery sent to you.Respond to that ASAP. if you need a revishion ask right away. 4.If they did a good job please RATE & WRITE something to Show your appreciate when you recieving your order. We as Sellers Highly appreciate every buyer rates & reviews.
  12. Well, in my case, when I got my first order. I was very surprised and excited. I made the order on time and successfully completed my first order. The client was also nice, I hope you'll get your first order very soon. Lesson i have learnt- Being patient is very must on Fiverr, don't be discouraged if you didn't get your first order yet. Just work on your craft and keep checking for new messages. I'll also get my first order after 40 days after I posted my gig. A little Tip- Use all the features and tools to post your gig, and also use pricing packages. Thanks -Inpaper
  13. Hello ! I am new to Fiverr! I don't have any experience on Fiverr. I have started my journey today with my first gig. I have researched about gig creation and published a gig. after one month research, I can start my journey here. Can you suggest me to get my first order?
  14. It has been more than a month and I haven't got any click on my any of my gigs. I have created all 7 gigs with researched keywords, properly used them in my gig, did social media marketing but no clicks no orders I am only getting 40 impression per week or less and no buyer request available. I am also online on my profile 2 hours a day. What could be the problem? Please guide me. Please review my gigs. Need help! Here is my Profile.
  15. Does editing your gig after publishing it does any harm to the profile? I have seen some youtubers say that the profile ranking on fiverr goes down if you edit them after publishing is that true?
  16. How to add an impression, an impressin add depends on what it is and if you click on the gig, is there any other way?
  17. Hello Everyone I got my first order in fiverr so right now to be honest i don't know very much about fiverr but the one thing that I learned is that always have believe in yourself. 😊
  18. Today i will share of some tips for you, how can you get the first order on fiverr 1. Find your best skill wich you know the Very well ( i mean sub category niche, like -> wordpress : sub category is -> wordpress business website 2. Find your 5 low competition keyword like -> wordpress coaching website. 3. Add your gig title specific low keyword and much attractive line. 4. Write a clean description-> gig introduced, services and why you.some unique Services and try put here your main 5 keywords 5. Attached 5 tag keyword 3 low competition keyword and 2 more high competition keyword. 6. Compare your other competitor seller gig image and try do well maximum, must clean and eye catching. 7.try to put 7 gigs on your profile 8. As soon as possible clients response, good communication and do the your best and dedication work for client. And NOW if you following the step, I hope you get a first success very soon! Thank you
  19. Hi everyone! You are all my family so sharing happiness with one another is such a blessing. Today I just Got a order ($5) to a UK Client. he was very Experienced and Friendly. the order was about a retouching image that I have done in couple of hours. the buyer was happy to work with me. that's it.... today I got 1st order 🤩😍🥂✨💖✌😊
  20. Hi there! How are you all? Here, I'm Narayan from Increaseia. We have started an agency base Fiverr profile. We offer SEO and social media marketing service. In a very short time, we got an order from buyer request. So we are really very happy. We have done 100% SEO optimization in our Gig. You can see our Gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/ZLDBD4 Thank you
  21. How to get my first order in fiverr on voiceover?
  22. Hello! My first order is completed! My account was created in June. Two buyers were managed to cheat me, third one went missing before giving me a work, and I failed to do another job. But two weeks ago an American buyer addressed me. I have had problems with studying yet, but it didn't prevent me from succesful making an app for him for 10$. Then he asked me for some additional functions for 5$. Just one of them wasn't done, but he still paid 15$. As you understand, I got 12$. Two weeks later it will be able to be withdrawn with PayPal. Now I'm not going to convert $ to Russian roubles. Last Sunday I spoke to my brother by phone. I said I were going to save dollars to buy presents (notebooks and pens), if I went to Moscow next summer to have relationship. He said It's late to present notebooks as I did at school and I need to buy flowers. So, I'm going to save dollars to buy flowers) Now I know what flowers I will buy. Carnation. According to my plan buying carnation(s) will lead to show my history knowledges. Carnation revolution happened in Portugal in 1974, 6 years later after António de Oliveira Salazar's death. But now my first priority is solving my big problems with studying at university. P.S. VBA is not difficult as it seems. You just have to think a little. If you can't understand it yet you should ask your teacher. He\she got salary for this.
  23. Just started a fiverr account and made a give a few days ago and was wandering how to get clients to see your post or get people’s attention?
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