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  1. I study videogame design and Im trying to earn some money but my gigs have 0 clicks always and its getting me really frustrated. Ive tried making it more attractive and it never changes anything and now that there are no buyer requests I dont know what to do at this moment. 😞
  2. Hi all, I'm a new seller and I'd love some feedback on how I can make my gigs stand out from the pack. Currently, I have 2 gigs going. One for game-ready asset creation, and another for more loose-styled character sculpting. As I am completely new to the freelance game, I'd love to hear what I can edit to these gigs to really make them stand out, or any advice you may have at all about them. As they are right now, I don't believe they would stand out from the numerous others on the category page. Thank you for reading, incidium
  3. Hello everyone, I want to get feedback on the order, I am developing cool advertising designs, who needs it, contact me!
  4. Client Placed Negative Feedback based on Misunderstandings How can he Edit his Feedback as he agreed to change it but saying I can not see the option to change it please?
  5. Hy Fiverr Community, It's Usama! I just wanted to ask how am I doing as a new seller. I have created 4 gigs. You can view my profile (and my gigs) here: My Fiverr Profile URL I appreciate any constructive feedback coming from you as an experienced seller. The feedback can be regarding anything e.g. my profile, description, gig images, profile image etc. And just so you can give me more precise and valuable insights, I'm also attaching my gig analytics screenshots. Best Regards! Edit: Added more search tags.
  6. I am a level one seller, but due to one private negative feedback my gig is effected so badly, first my gig was on the first page and now it is on 23rd page, Is there any idea to while the gig rating is 4.9 is their any idea or solution how to deal with the private negative feedback that i get from my client. Thank you
  7. Hi, thank you very much for being here. Today I want to discuss a special technique for increasing your rank. Do you know the hidden feedback? There are two types of feedback. one feedback is the buyer given after completing the work. Another is the feedback ok that shows some days later when they give the rating. Both feedback is very helpful in getting more orders and getting the rank. But hidden feedback is More essential for getting ranked quickly. a few days ago, I completed 10 orders within 3 days. so my gig rank higher automatically. but some of my cannot give me a review, And some of my orders auto-complete. A couple of days later, my gig disappears on the search result. I got a support ticket and understood that my hidden feedback and rating percentage are low. So I lose my rank on the first page. So if you want to rank higher then you need to focus on the hidden feedback. Because Fiverr Robotic systems measure the percentage of hidden feedback.
  8. Hello dear reader! 👋 I'm a beginner - I do digital media stuff and I recently finished my portfolio website. I just want to hear some professional advice if my portfolio work (under headline 'Portfolio' good enough for applying for jobs like e.g. Junior Digital Designer/Content Creator,... or if it still looks very unprofessional. (I also consider to also be a freelancer for small projects here at fiverr some day.) So, you need to know, I'm from Austria, therefore my website is written only in German language, but it would be very helpful, if you could take a glimpse at my WORK on my site, through DESIGNER / CONTENT CREATOR EYES 😉 & give me a short feedback. --> What I already see through my eyes and not worth mentioning: I know, it's not a really good portfolio site (like one with case studies) and I have to learn the design software and practice. It would be very nice from you!
  9. Hi y'all! I have this awesome client that I have worked with for over a year. He has a steady flow of jobs and is generally nice. The only one problem I have with him is that he lets all the orders auto-approve. I have tried engaging him on the same but he ignores my requests. Funny enough, if I ask anything regarding the order instructions, he'll respond almost immediately. I figured that maybe he doesn't have the time or doesn't want reviews on his page (since you have to review the buyer to see their review), but I told him he can "mark the order as complete" instead. NB: I should mention that I'm in the "Early Payout" program. I can withdraw payment for an order as soon as the buyer leaves a review or marks it complete, as opposed to waiting for 2 weeks. So my question is, could there be any other reason he's ignoring my "simple" request?
  10. 📣 Hey Fiverr Community 📣 On March 8th we commemorate International Women’s Day by celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women everywhere. This year’s global theme is… 🥁 ... #BreakTheBias Whether deliberate or unconscious, biases make it difficult for women to move ahead. Acknowledging biases isn’t enough—we need action to level the playing field. The day marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. The Fiverr Community is enriched with incredibly talented and willful women from all over the world. While our commitment to women’s equality is year-round, we’re honoring International Women’s Day by raising awareness and celebrating your achievements across the entirety of March, and we need your help! We’ll be spotlighting your advice, stories, and achievements, highlighting women across the world throughout March. Have a story to tell? Insight to share? Fill out the form below for the chance to be featured, and stay tuned for 31 days of inspiration. Tell us here → How Do You #BreakTheBias?
  11. Hi, I had a great buying experience lately, and left a great review. However I noticed that in the seller's review profile there is a thumbnail of the work he provided visible for everybody. I would like to know if it is possible to remove the thumbnail, or at least not to show it in the next purchases I do. Thank you.
  12. There is a lot of white on light text in the header, making it harder to read. The Fiverr designers can refer to the Image Guidelines 🤭
  13. Can I ask the buyer for feedback once an order is completed? He liked everything. But for some reason he may have forgotten to give feedback. Does it support fiverr?
  14. Let's say, the buyer has left a review and the seller forgot or doesn't have time to give their own feedback after 10 days... What will happen then? Does this seller still have a chance to leave a review for the buyer, or their chance has expired once the buyer's review has automatically been published? Any real experience with this?
  15. I don't want service reviews from buyers. I always leave it up to them. There is a question: If I don't get a review after completing an order, is there any adverse effect? (Note that: I've completed 50 orders and I got 27 reviews. 🙂 )
  16. I've created a new gig but I need your feedback to improve the flaws that I can't see, Please Let me know what to change or improve and also what should I charge for it, Thank You. https://www.fiverr.com/share/BKBzv1 I'm sorry if Gig links aren't allowed here, Lemme know if that would create a Problem
  17. Alhamdulillah! One more good feedback.
  18. Is it possible to change a feedback when customer want to change? Can i contact on customer support to change it? What should i do? Advance Thanks a lot
  19. I completed the order and I delivered the work but after three days the delivery was automatically marked as complete. If the buyer is willing to give me a feedback and rating is that possible?
  20. I am a level one seller .I have a total of 55 feedback on my account Of these, 54 are good and one is bad This bad feedback has since reduced my workload and at one point I had no work All of these things cause my gig impressions and clicks to decrease naturally. But at present I am constantly completing the order with good feedback the work he got at this time from the old buyer. Even after working, gig impression clicks are not increasing but decreasing day by day. Can't get any knock from any new buyer. If you have any such experience, please share it with me and tell me how to get rid of it. And I have a question about a gig promotion feature I used before but not using now. Could this be a reason for the gig derank?
  21. Hi, there! I've been away from fiverr for a while and I wanted to offer my services here again. So, I'm here because I wanted to ask for your feedback in order to improve my gig and make it more attractive for customers. My gig: I will draw a kawaii chibi for you Do you think the tittle and the description are catching enough for customers? And the reference images, are they attractive enough? Please, feel free to give me your feedback and thank you so much for your help.
  22. I've completed my first order, and I'm not seeing any rating yet, I've messaged the buyer, but she haven't replied yet. I got a clue from this forum that it might be because I've not given any review on my experience with her as a seller, but I can't even found anywhere to do that!
  23. What is hidden feedback? I want to know more about hidden feedback. Is there any article here for these topic? Please suggest me.
  24. Hi there, hopefully you all are having a wonderful day. In August 25 , 2021 I have received a order from a client, for 2 logo + additional 2 business card services. I have made these businesses card and logos as he has instructed but he is not providing me enough feedback to complete the project. It's been 6 days I have trying to get a response from him but no progress . Although he accepted my time extension request twice in the meantime yet didn't provide any feedback ! I know I am a new seller on fiverr also lots to learn , I really not good at handling such situations . Requesting help from you guys. Please give me best suggestions according this situation. Order deadline is about to close tomorrow. Regards Asif
  25. Hey, today is my first day on the forum! I plan on adding an introductory video to my voiceover gigs. This is the script so far and am looking for feedback on it. "Welcome friends, I’m Kevin and I think we can make something special. I will read your scripts with passion and poise. If you have an idea in mind for how your words are read, I am as happy to deliver that read to you as you are to receive it. Work with me and I know it will be a work of art. Thank you."
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